Saturday, December 26, 2009

Yellow non Epic Gem Goldmines.

Autumn's Glow
Golden Draenite

Both of these Gems have been goldmines for me. I currently sell them Both always at a price of 35g each.

Autumn's Glow i am not sure why this is even selling so high. Only reason I can think of is Autumn's Glow transmuting to King's Amber. It is also a reagant for Sun Scope, Ruby Hare, and an Eng Helm, but I doubt many of these are a major factor in demand of this gem. Maybe people can't find the yellow cut gem they want, so they buy it for 35g and tip someone else to cut it. Must be the reason. If Anyone knows why these are valued so high then, clue me in. On my server though, the uncut versions of yellow non-epic gems sell around 25-38g. I cut a few +Def gems for 38g buyout each, but I have better luck just selling the raw material. Any ideas?

Golden Draenite sells out super fast for 25-35g each as well. These I snatch and relist for easy money, as other people must not understand their real value. Why is this one crappy gem that is prospected from Outlands Ores selling for so much? This one I know: Tailor Only Craftable Mount. So these sell in multiples of 4, for an easy 100g or more since the Flying Carpet takes 4 of these. And many tailors craft both Carpet Mounts as 2 of the 100 for the "Mountain of Mounts" Achievement. Note: The epic Carpet takes 4 Monarch Topaz instead, so check the value of these raw vs cut as well.

On a similar note, Sky Sapphire goes for very very cheap lately on the AH. I am buying out any I see below 10g. Sometimes i get 10 or more bought out at a time! Some idiots have been posting these for 5-6g each. Well, that is just easy gold for any JC. Just snatch em up and cut em all into Solid Sky Sapphire as these sell for anywhere from 18-44g lately. Just grab em up, cut em all to +30 stamina (these by far move faster than any other gem) and just flip em for easy mega profits.

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