Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kara Loots 4 Me

A couple of days ago I saw a request in /trade looking for more people for a Kara run. As I was hoping for a shot at the enchanting formula for Mongoose, I decided to log onto my enchanter for the shot at the formula drop. Well as a group of 8 80s and 2 77s, we destroyed Moroes rather quickly and formula dropped (it's 100% drop rate now). No one rolled against me so I won. Yay!

We continued to blow through the entire instance in less than an hour. Not only did I get the Mongoose Formula, but I also got Surefooted, Soulfire, & Soulfrost Formulas as well. Awesome! Made my first Mongoose Scroll and it sold overnight for 500g. Time to start making a Soulfire and a Soulfrost and see if I can start moving these as well. Surefooted has some low materials requirements and I can get rid of all the dang large prismatic shards that I have. Yay!

So don't forget to go along on some of those easy Achievement runs for old content. You may get some Formulas and Patterns that you can use to turn a nice profit as well.

Have a Safe and Happy New Year!!! I may not post tommorrow, as I will probably be recovering.

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