Monday, January 30, 2012

The Lunar Festival Cross Faction Pet Exchange

Lunar Festival Brings New BoE Pets

New Lunar Festival Pets

We have been seeing some fresh changes to the World of Warcraft in game holidays, which have included some nice additions.  Currently, the Lunar Festival is underway throughout all of Azeroth.  The most notable change to this year's Lunar Festival has been the addition of two new companion pets, the Lunar Lantern and the Festival Lantern. 
  • Lunar Lantern - Costs 50 Coins of Ancestry - Alliance
  • Festival Lantern - Costs 50 Coins of Ancestry - Horde
Each of these new companion pets from the Lunar Festival require 50 Coins of Ancestry to purchase from the Lunar Festival vendors.  Each character is only able to purchase one of the pets, as they are restricted by faction.  The Lunar Lantern is only purchasable by Alliance players; the Festival Lantern is only sold to Horde characters.  Both of these pets are Bind on Equip and can be traded, mailed, or sold on the auction house. 

Lunar Festival Cross Faction Pet Exchange

Due to the limiting nature of vendors that only sell specific pets to each of WoW's player factions, these new companion pets make great targets for cross faction exchanges, much like the Enchanting crafted lamps & lanterns.  Just because a Lunar Lantern is only sold to Alliance players, doesn't mean that your Horde character can't have one too.  It is just going to be either harder or more expensive to obtain the Alliance Lantern on a Horde character.  The required time commitment just to obtain the 50 Coins of Ancestry to purchase these pets is also another benefit in raising the value of these items.  If you don't value your time much, you could earn the coins and then buy these pets on multiple characters just to have more to sell on the auction house. A wiser way to profit on these new pets is to transfer them across factions to sell for a nice profitable mark-up.

Using my own server's prices as an example, you can see the large potential profit margins from performing some cross faction arbitrage. 
  • Festival Lantern (Horde) is selling for 8.3k Horde side, but 25k Alliance side.
  • Lunar Lantern (Alliance) is selling for 4k on the Alliance auction house, but 12k on the Horde side.
So simply buying the lanterns on one faction and moving them over to sell on the other faction's auction house should result in some nice profits.  Try to find the pets as the auction house is slightly flooded and the prices are dropping.  The lower you can snatch the pets up for, the more wiggle room you have when setting your prices up for profitting.  The prices of the pets should come down as the holiday nears its end in a week or so, but should rise once the holiday is over and the pets won't be available again until next year's Lunar Festival.  Then the Mists of Pandarian expansion will add the battle pets system and the demand for all pets will explode.  BoE holiday pets like the Sinister Squashling, Lunar & Festival Lanterns, and Winter's Veil pets should all be great items for hedging against the impending new expansion inflation as well.

So make sure you are selling your pets on the auction house that will give you the most profits per sale.  Don't just settle for selling your pets on the same faction that can already buy them anyway.  Move them to the other half of your server for more efficient golden profits.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Random Invite Guild Hits Level 25

WoW Guild Level 25
DING! - Random Guild Level 25

The All Random Invite Guild Experiment

The random invite guild has just achieved the goal I set out to attain within the World of Warcraft Cataclysm experiment.  I didn't get my guild of all random invites rolling until a month or two into the Cataclysm expansion.  The premise for this experiment was simple.  Could I level a guild to the maximum Guild Level 25 from only random invites and just how viable would it be to have a guild earning a passive income?  The notion of earning a passive income with a guild was a new possibility with the addition of the Cataclysm introduced guild leveling and guild perks systems.  So I started on my quest to build a guild full of random invitees and see just how successful it would become.

Taking time to be direct within the guild information was one of the main objectives that helped me fulfill my goal without misleading any of the guild members.  The guild charter showed that the guild was never intended to be an end game guild.  The basic understanding was that the guild was there as a symbiotic relationship.  The guild provides the great guild perks for it's members while they level and in return, the guild earns a small commission through the passive income guild perks.  I also would receive the benefit of having others level the guild for me without performing any real guild master duties.  The guild was pitched as a home to park your alts or to use just for free guild perks.  It was also pitched as the perfect guild for non-social players and soloers who wanted guild perks, but wanted to avoid the drama associated with most guilds. 

The Controversy

The experiment did not come without it's own share of controversy.  I was questioned for this type of experiment, notably all from other bloggers, commentors, and forum dwellers.  Not a single complaint from a single member in the random invite guild.  Sure some players would gripe about getting a random invite, but once in they were cool.  We are now Guild Level 25 and I still have yet to hear a complaint about my guild system from anyone who was or is in the guild itself.  NOT A SINGLE COMPLAINT IN A YEAR. I have actually been thanked by many players for offering a guild up for solo-ers and non-socials to have a place to get guild perks too without the drama.  Yet, the ignorant outsiders looking in have called me:
  • an amoral bastard
  • rude
  • a blood sucking leech
  • a dirty rat
  • dodgy
  • desperate
Questions arose over keeping the guild perk earned gold, but most attacks came from me offering up the 7th guild tab as an exchange tab for member use.  This allowed me to not only collect the Cash Flow perk earned gold, but to also find needed materials on occasion hiding within that 7th guild tab.  Sometimes I would hunt an item on the auction house only to find it bare.  On occasion I would be lucky enough to find the item deposited into the designated guild exchange tab.  In this area, guild members could deposit unwanted items or take items for their own use.  The downside to this exchange tab was the constant maintenance to clear out the garbage just to make space for new items.  It was the earlier guild members that had requested that a guild bank tab be unlocked for guild exchange use.  I would keep it clear of garbage items by doing occasional maintenance on the tabs contents.

The Results

Let's take a look at the final numbers.

Total Liquid Gold In Guild Bank: 11,765 gold.
Total Guild Gold Spent On Self Repairs: 5,223 gold.
(only I have access for repairs)
Total Gold Earned From Guild: 16,988 gold.

Current Guild Roster: 960 Members
Level 85s: 88
Total Guild Challenges Completed: 17

So I made almost 17k from the passive income guild perks and members forming their own guild dungeon groups for guild challenges. I haven't paid out of pocket for repairs since the random invite guild hit guild level 5.  The random invite guild has been a rather easy undertaking and would have been even easier had I started earlier in the expansion or prior to Cataclysm's launch.  An interesting finding has been the number of max level players that stick with the guild once hitting level 85.  I guess they don't want to lose their guild perks and start grinding guild reputation over again.  I am going to keep the members in the guild and continue to let them earn gold for me, as opposed to kicking them all now that the guild is maxed.  Why not let them earn for me into the Mists of Pandaria expansion.  This is a symbiotic relationship worth keeping.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

My Scribe's Favorite WoW Gold Making Spot

Troll Area In New Orgrimmar

February Entry For Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival

The Cold's Gold Factory Blogging Carnival chosen topic for the month of February has been decided.  I've asked everyone to reveal one of their secret or favorite crafting / business / auctioneering / farming hot spots within the World of Warcraft universe.  Today I will explain one of the prime locations for one of my main gold makers in WoW, my scribe.  By now, most WoW Horde WoW players know that the Tauren area in Orgrimmar is a nice spot for conduction auction house business for making gold in WoW.  That area is ideal for any crafters that need use of a forge, anvil, or tailoring materials.  If you are a crafter of another profession, there may be a better suited location for you to conduct your business.  Hopefully, this month's carnival entries will shed some light on some nice efficient areas for operating your gold making alts.  Every ideal alt needs to find their own ideal crafting location.

The Ogrimmar Troll Area - A Horde Scribe's Ideal Location

As a Scribe that makes a lot of gold off of the Inscription profession, I am in need of an efficient area for conducting my auction house gold making business.  The best area I have found for a Horde Scribe is the Troll area in Northwestern Orgrimmar in The Valley Of Spirits.  The perfect location would be a spot that I could access my Inscription vendor, a mailbox, my guild and personal banks, and the auction house without having to move one bit.  Sadly, this perfect area does not exist.  However in the troll area, I can have access to 3 of the 5 without moving, with the other 2 close by.  Let's dig a little deeper.

The Bank & Auction House Hut

The main area of operation in the Troll area in Orgrimmar is the Auction House and Banking Combo Hut.  Located at the top of a troll tribal hut is the Auction House auctioneer.  This troll area auctioneer is housed in the same building as the banks.  This means that you can have access to your bank or guild bank and the auction house at the same time.  This is a plus for any gold makers that tends to use their bank or guild bank for storage.  Being able to store glyphs in my guild bank as a scribe, has been a great time saver in itself.

The Mail Box

Next we need a close mail box location and the Org Troll area has just that.  From within the Troll area bank / auction hut you can look down below (remember you are on the 2nd story of the hut) and see a mail box just a few yards away on the Troll side of the tunnel that leads from The Valley Of Wisdom into The Valley of Spirits.  So it is just a quick jump down, which is super fast and easy with any flying mount.  This is about the typical distance for a mailbox to auctioneer run, but this mailbox very rarely sees any activity.  That is a good thing, because less activity means less lag and less chance of some idiot blocking your access to the mailbox.

The Inscription Vendor

Last but not least, we come to the Inscription vendor.  As a scribe, I purchase a ton of crafting materials off of the Inscription supplies vendors.  Selling Glyphs and Mysterious Fortune Cards means I blow through a TON of parchiment paper.  Having access to a nearby vendor is also a must for any ideal crafting location.  Lucky enough, the Inscription supplies vendor is in the next hut over (to the South).  The Inscription vendor is also located on the top floor of the neighboring hut.  This means a quick mount up and 3 second flight will having you hopping from the vendor hut and the auctioneer / bank hut in no time.

With the Auction House and Banks housed in 1 hut, the Inscription supply vendor in the Troll hut next door, and the bank a short distance on the ground below, you have most everything a Scribe would need all layed out in a nice triangular formation.  This is where Primerib does all of his business, including barking MFCs while I work on glyphs and other Inscription markets.


If you have a secret spot you would like to share, don't forget that anyone can participate in the blogging carnivals.  Check out the 2012 February carnival topic post for the information on posting, as well as a couple of great sites that are willing to host your entries.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

February Topic for Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival

WoW Gold Blogging Carnival

Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival - February 2012 Topic

First of all, I would like to thank all of the participants who submitted entries for the first carnival of the year.  The articles were all excellent additions to the gold blogging carnival.  Even more writers have expressed interest in participating in the monthly gold blogging carnivals here at Cold's Gold Factory.  So thank you to all the bloggers who submitted posts for the January Topic: If you could add one thing to MoP, what would it be?  If you missed the January carnival, be sure to check it out!

What If I Don't Have A Blog And I Want To Participate?

If you don't have your own site, then you can still participate in the gold blogging carnivals.  Sometimes a topic may tickle your fancy or you may have a unique spin on a blogging carnival topic that you would like to have read by others.  Well, you are in luck.  There are main sites that will post and host your content as a guest post.  Just following the normal blogging carnival rules that the others follow and get your post hosted and live prior to the carnival. Then, just submit the link to me for inclusion in the upcoming gold blogging carnival. 

The friendly sites willing to host your content are:
  1. Goldgrub's Goblin Academy - Contact:  Me (Cold)
February 2012 Gold Blogging Carnival
Many of us have multiple alts and multiple crafting characters.  Some of us even have Ideal Alts that are designed for specific purposes.  Either way, creating the perfect alt is only half of the job.  We also like to find the absolute best locations to park our alts.  These may be crafting locations, areas close to the auction house or a specific vendor, a remote spot for the perfect crafting location, etc.  There are many areas for auctioneering and crafting in Azeroth, but each area can be an ideal spot for the perfect profession combination.  Which brings me to the February Topic:

What Is A Favorite Location Of Yours In WoW?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

WoW MoP Battle Pets - Looking Ahead & Determining Value

Battle Pets Are Comin To Mists of Pandaria

Battle Pets Coming In MoP

The upcoming World of Warcraft expansion will be adding the all new WoW Battle Pets system to the game.  We don't know everything about the new WoW Battle Pets system yet, but MMO-Champion has a nice overview post of everything that we do know about the Mists of Pandaria battle pet system.  We should be learning more about the new Battle Pets system within the next few weeks as Blizzard is starting to share more details. 

Undoubtedly, the demand and the value of many of the current companion pets will change.  With companion pets being made account bound, we will no longer see sales to multiple characters.  This should be outweighed by an overall rise in demand for the companion pets to be used as Battle Pets.  The companion pet market as a whole should see a nice rise in demand as the companion pets will no longer be just vanity pets.  The WoW Battle Pets system will create a new use for these pets as trained fighters for head to head battling against other players. 

Determining The Value Of Battle Pets

As WoW gold makers, we are constantly looking ahead for the next big thing and planning out our sales strategy in hopes of making a ton of gold in a short period of time.  As the Battle Pet system will increase demand for all types of companion pets, we must be looking for more information to determine which pets will be the best investments.  Here are a few of the factors that will help shape the value of each individual Batle Pet, as well as a few more things to keep watch for.
  1. Battle Pet Rares - Rare pets are always worth more because they are harder to obtain. Coming in MoP are rare battle pets that obtained in the wild and it has been stated that each zone will be home to at least one unique Battle Pet.  These harder to find pets, will obviously be worth more than their vendor bought counterparts.
  2. Unique Battle Pet Abilities - Each pet will have a combination of 6 abilities, 3 of which can be used per Pet Battle.  It is rumored that each pet will have a single unique ability, which will be a huge factor in determining which pets will be in higher demand because of their unique ability or sweet combination of abilities.  The hidden goldmine for us will be finding the rarer pets that also have a great ability combination.  These will be the Battle Pets that will be worth the most.  On the same notion, the
  3. The Level Of The Battle Pet - The Mists of Pandaria Battle Pet system is also including the ability to level up each of your Battle Pets.  This creates an all new market on top of the regular companion pet / Battle Pet market.  You can sell the pets as level 1 starting Battle Pets, or you can level the pets up through combat experience from battle other Battle Pets.  The leveled pets will be worth more gold than the start pet versions.  A max level 25 Battle Pet will be worth far more than a Level 1 Battle Pet.  You can also sell those pre-leveled pets, which could create a new gold making model for some players.
Battle Pets - Planning Ahead

I will be keeping a close watch on news coming out of Blizzard that is related to detailing information about Mist of Pandaria and the new WoW Battle Pet system.  The combination of the Battle Pet's rarity, level, and ability combination will help to determine the value of each pet.  Currently I, along with my Auction House Junkies co-hosts, have been snagging up cheap rare companion pets and holiday pets.  This is a two-fold approach.  Rare (Hyacynth McCaw, Disgusting Oozeling, Captured Firefly, etc.) and hard to obtain pets (Argent Tournament pets) have always been great items to use to hedge your gold investments as you head into a new patch, which will bring inflation and further devalue each gold piece.  Secondly, these rare and hard to find items will see a demand increase when Battle Pets are added in MoP.  Now we also have been able to start stockpiling up seasonal holiday pets as well, since the BoE change from BoP holiday pets, like the Sinister Squashling.  If some of these rare pets turn out to have awesome pet ability combinations, then we will be making a nice huge profit on top of our initial investments.

So keep your eyes peeled for low priced rare and hard to find pets too, if you want to start thinking ahead also.  Then keep your fingers crossed that the Battle Pet mini-game will be available on iPhone too.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Reader Submission: More 10-14 Twink Items To Craft For Profits

Reader Submissions are always accepted here at Cold's Gold Factory.  If you would like to do a guest post as a blogger or are interested in seeing your own tips in an online blog format, then feel free to send in your submissions.

Hey Cold!

I've been reading your website for quite a long time. I was quite surprised when I realized that you were twinking at 14 - Happily surprised. I'm an extremely long time twink in the 10-14 battleground bracket (Used to play 10-19). My toon is from Burning Crusade. I like this bracket and promote it a lot, so I was happy to see some new faces in our bracket. If you want to play some Exp-Off game, versus twink some times, you should check out Section 10-14. We schedule some Exp-Off games from times to times. It's lots of fun.

Okay, back on topic. Here are some items you can craft to make lots of gold in the 10-14 battleground bracket.
  • Gemmed Copper Gauntlets - BiS for Mail wearers.
  • Colorful Kilt - BiS for several 14 caster classes.
  • Flying Tiger Goggles (Engineering, but was changed from 4stam/4spirit to 4stam/4hit back in 4.2 or 4.3 (No one realized it though, hehe) It's great for those without a BoA head.
  • Simple Kilt - BiS for several 10 casters.
 Gemmed Copper Gauntlets are probably the most valuable.


 To finish here's a crazily good way to make lots of money on low level toon for this bracket:

Stendel's Wedding Band

It's fished from Westfall. It's a level 11 ring, but it's BiS from level 11-14 and probably maybe 15 and 16 twinkers also.

Easily sold for 1000 gold +. So it's an easy way to get some gold on a low level toon. Fishing chance are low, but most people get it between 200-850 catches,which is around 3-4 hours of fishing at worst. I have seen several players who got it in 2 or less hours.



A special thanks to Bankbeauty for the helpful tips on more low level items to craft and sell within the 10-14 WoW twinking niche market.  The new items can be sold in addition to the twink items I have already covered here on the blog.
One thing that is common among players who haven't twinked before is the doubt about how well or how much these types of items can sell for.  Once you have done some twinking yourself, you get a better understanding on the twinking market.  Don't be a naysayer and give a few of these markets a try.

Thanks again, Bankbeauty!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 2012 Blogging Carnival | What Would You Add To Mists Of Pandaria?

Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival Returns

Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival - 2012

Welcome to the 2012 edition of Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival. These carnivals will continue to take place the 11th day of every month and will be hosted here at Cold's Gold Factory. All World of Warcraft bloggers are welcome to participate and feedback both here and on the original authors' sites is strongly encouraged. So show some support and please leave some feedback in the comments section. These bloggers put a lot of time and hard work into these blogging carnival posts so please leave them some comments.

If you would like to be included in the next month's carnival, please review the guidelines for Cold's Gold Blogging Carnivals and submit your live post link via email (ssmith0911 at live dot com) before the 10th of the month. Read up on the benefits of participating in blogging carnivals at my other blog designed to help new bloggers, Blogging Vitals. Articles are listed in the order they are received. Thank you to all the bloggers participating in this months carnival!   If you are not a blogger, you can still participate in the monthly carnivals as you can have a post hosted at  And without further ado, I present to you this month's participants answering the question:

"If you could add 1 item or feature to the Mists of Pandaria expansion, what would it be and why?"

Xsinthis of The Golden Crusade
We Need A New Vendor Mount In Mists of Pandaria

Kyranno of A Whole New WoW
Class, Race, & Profession Based Quests

Alberthus of The Fighting Coin
Real ID Unification

Crusard of Diversa Aurophobia
When I Open Pandaria's Box, I Want A... Kiosk

Epidermuss of Wrags to Riches
We Need A New Profession

GrayzBDF of WoW or Gold
Add These Two Changes In Mists of Pandaria

Cold of Cold's Gold Factory
The BoA Fillable Bag

Thanks for all of the entries and new participants.  See you all again next month!

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Mists of Pandaria Wishes: A BoA Fillable Bag

Here is my own submission into the Cold's Gold Factory Gold Blogging Carnival for January 2011.  If you are interested in participating in this month's gold blogging carnival, be sure to get your carnival entry post written and posted live to your blog today or tommorrow (and email me the link) as the carnivals run on the 11th of each month.

The topic for the January gold blogging carnival is:

"If you could add 1 item or feature to the Mists of Pandaria WoW expansion, what would it be and why?"

There are many ideas that I came up with as possibilities for additions to the Mists of Pandaria expansion of World of Warcraft.  After much thought, the item I would most like to see added to WoW is a Bind-On-Account Fillable Bag, with true cross-server transferability. 

The Bind-On-Account Fillable Bag

We as World of Warcraft players are definately in need of a BoA Fillable Bag.  Currently the BoA system is broken, as you can only mail BoA items to characters on the same account if they are on the same server.  The current BoA items, like Heirlooms and the Satchel of Exotic Mysteries, are technically only Bind-on-Server, so that must be fixed for my BoA Fillable Bag idea to work properly.

Blizzard has been indirectly promoting the playing of alts by making everything so much easier in the game.  Lately we have seen an increase in the number of players that have multiple characters and many of those characters are leveled and geared close behind their main character.  Blizzard has made it easier to level and much easier for those alts to get gear.  With the new announcements of opening battlegrounds and the raid finder to cross server, those alts will have an even easier time finding things to do in game.  That's all fine and dandy, but what about people who play alts on multiple servers or alts on both sides of WoW's factions?

Getting items to your other alts on the opposing faction is a chore.  Unless you have access to a second account, any cross faction exchange through the neutral auction house does come with the risk of our items being sniped out from under you.  Even with a second account it is possible to have your goods bought out from under you, although the second account option makes the risk much lower.  The cross faction Satchel trick is a help, but is still highly limited.  If we had a BoA bag that we could actually add items or gold into, the process would be safe and simple for getting items over to the other faction. 

If we could load up a bag with items, gold, or gear to send to an alt on another server, then we would have a lot more options for redistributing our wealth across multiple servers and characters.  Wouldn't it be great to roll a new character on your friend's server and then have a BoA bag waiting in your mailbox full of the NW Bags, Heirlooms, and starter cash that you need to get started leveling in style?  I doubt Blizzard wants us to do this, as it could be exploited to establish a gold selling business across multiple servers.  Even if gold wasn't allowed to be sent, I would still be excited to be able to send items in a new BoA bag to my alts. 

If a BoA Fillable Bag was introduced into WoW, I'm thinking it would be the type of item that Blizzard would charge real money to purchase.  I'd pay $10 for a 20 slot bag that I could use to mail items and / or gold cross faction and cross server.  It would be much nicer if we got a BoA Fillable Bag introduced into the MoP expansion that was Craftable

Wouldn't a BoA Bag that you can add items into to mail to your alts regardless of their faction or server location be a nice addition to the game?

Be sure to check back here January 11th for the full January edition of the Gold Blogging Carnival.

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Murloc Scale Belt & Slimey Murloc Scales

I have finaly have collected a total of 8 Slimey Murloc Scales for crafting my own Murloc Scale Belt.  Why would I want a Murloc Scale Belt?  For Transmogrification?  Nope.  For Twinking, Duh!  Working on gearing out my level 14 Hunter led me to researching some of the non-heirloom gear slots.  I've already written about the benefits of crafting a couple of great twink neck pieces for this same battleground bracket, the Malachite Pendant and the Voice Amplification Modulator

Looking into the leather gear options for the waist slot of characters in the 10-14 bracket, you will see that there just aren't many options at all.  When it comes to finding a belt with maximal statistics, you have 2 options:  Craft a Murloc Scale Belt, which has +3 Agi & +3 Sta, or cross your fingers and hope to find a level 14 Bandit Cinch with "of the Monkey" suffix on the auction house. 

A Bandit Cinch of the Monkey is actualy second best, since it provides + 2-3 Agi & +2-3 Sta, which means your Bandit Cinch will provide either +2 Agi / +3 Sta or will provide +3 Agi / + 2 Sta.  The craftable Murloc Scale Belt is the top option for Rouges and Hunters alike, as it provides +3 Agility and +3 Stamina.  Sure, it may only be an extra 1 Agility or Stamina, but that's what twinking is all about - completely maximizing ever aspect of your low level character's gear.  Don't forget that 1 extra Agility at level 10-14 is worth far more than 1 Agility at a higher level.

The Murloc Scale Belt is a great item to sell to other twinking characters because it is a very nice belt for the 10-14 bracket, but unlike the Bandit Cinch, the Murloc Scale Belt is also wearable at a full 1 level lower than the cinches.  So you get the better item available at an early level.  Yes, please!

The real problem is finding the materials, mainly the Slimey Murloc Scales.  The leather and thread are easy finds, but the Slimey Murloc Scales can take a while to collect, if you are solely hunting them on the auction house in WoW. 

The Slimey Murloc Scales were one of the items that saw a decrease in the number of creatures that drop them after The Shattering.  From my experiences, they are more readily available on the Alliance side, presumably since the old drop sources were in Alliance territories.  I myself had to cross faction transfer 6 of the 8 Slimey Murloc Scales that I was able to find.  Currently, they are dropping mainly from Murlocs within the Blackfathom Depths instance, with Mutanus (in Wailing Caverns) and Vile Fin Oracles in Silverpine Forest also having a chance to drop them.  The funny thing is that I was paying a few silvers each when I would happen to find them posted on the auction house.  They were worth far more than that to me as I would have easily paid 5 gold per Slimey Murloc Scale, but no one really knows the true value of these crafting materials. 

So if you run across some Slimey Murloc Scales, I recommend crafting some Murloc Scale Belts to sell for 75-150 gold each or you can sell the Slimey Murloc Scales on the auction house.  Just be sure to price them correctly and don't give them away for a few silvers.  You wouldn't sell Spider Silk for silvers, would you?  This is a similar drop type of crafting item and should be priced along the same lines as the Spider Silk.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Population Cycles and Barking MFCs

MFCs Will Never Be Obsolete

Mysterious Fortune Cards Again! Really?

Oh Yes!  Oh Hell Yes!

The best benefit of the Mysterious Fortune Card market is that it will never become an obsolete market.  As a counter-point, the Fortune Cookie market will become obsolete.  The Mysterious Fortune Card gambling phenomenon will never be outdated when a new WoW expansion comes out.  Just like with any market, the MFC market will go through peaks and valleys mostly determined by 2 things.  1) How well you are barking.  2)  WoW in game population cycles.

Population Cycles?

Mysterious Fortune Cards are fun!  MFCs are exciting!  MFCs will give you a rush and draw you to buy more.  At least those are some of the principles that we know bring players back over and over for more shots at getting that Epic 5k Mysterious Fortune Card.  The truth is that eventually most players reach a point at which they do not buy any more fortune cards because they give up at winning.  They may still buy a few here and there, but eventually most players wise up after blowing too much gold chasing the 5k Fortune Card.

So in order to keep sales coming in on a steady basis, we need to be barking and informing new targets about the chances at winning from gambling in the auction house.  Some of the best and most efficient times for barking and making sales are during spikes in the population. Some examples when the population spikes are:

  1. Peak Hours
  2. Tuesdays
  3. Weekends
  4. Patches
  5. Holidays
Cream Of The Christmas Crop

Christmas is one of the best IRL holidays for bringing new players into the World of Warcraft.  Many players just got the game for Christmas and are now a week or so into leveling their first character.  These newer players are prime targets for wasting their hard days earnings on a chance at a quick 5000 gold.  So dust off those Scribes, and get back to barking your Mysterious Fortune Cards.  The sales have seen a huge spike lately on many server as all of the new players are experimenting with the in game gambling phenomenon.  To these new players the rush of playing the MFC game is still fresh, new, and exciting.

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Cold's Gold Factory Birthday Giveaway Results

Cold's Gold Factory Birthday Giveaway Winning Results
  • Grand Prize: Alto  @Altosgold - Won From A Twitter RT
  • First Prize:  Twizz @Twizzletank - Won From A Twitter RT Also
  • Second Prize: Fisherman.Pap - From The Cold's Gold Factory Mailing List
  • Third Prize:  Stephen Townsley - Won From Liking The Facebook Page
  • Mailing List Exclusive Prize:  - SethBlack80 
  • Twitter Followers Exclusive Prize: @tenchikod
Prize Review:
  • Grand Prize:  $50 Gift Card To J!NX :: Clothing for Gamers & Geeks
  • First Prize:  $20 Gift Card To
  • Second Prize:  1 WoW In-Game Sparkle Pony (Celestial Steed) Code
  • Third Prize:  1 WoW In- Game Pandaren Monk Pet Code
  • Mailing List Exclusive Prize:  1 Celestial Steed Mount Code
  • Twitter Followers Exclusive Prize:  1 Pandaren Monk Pet Code
Winners have been contacted for non-bot verification.  If any prizes go unclaimed, I will use them in a new giveaway.  Thanks for participating.  Better luck next time.

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