Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WoW Patch 4.3 Bugs That Screwed Gold Makers

First Things First:  One thing I love about patches in WoW is all of the great sales bringing me lots of gold.  The second thing I love about patches in WoW is all of the fresh new traffic that the patches bring to the blog.  So welcome new readers! Hope you find my site helpful, informative, and fun.  I hope to see you returning and participating in the comments of posts.  Welcome to gold making in the World of Warcraft!

WoW Patch 4.3 Bugs Are Restricting Gold Making
(Screw You Blizzard - Part 2)

Remember yesterday's post about my plan of attack for gold making in Patch 4.3 and all of the work I crammed into a couple nightly sessions in preparation for the early launch of WoW Patch 4.3?  Well, some of my hard work bit me in the ass, thanks to a couple of bugs that found their way through the WoW Patch 4.3 pipeline.  Thanks a lot Blizzard!

The Soulbound Bug

This one is the more annoying of the two gold making bugs from Patch 4.3.  While posting auctions from the Remote Auction House mobile application, I was getting some errors that I had never seen before.  I was trying to post items onto the AH from my phone and kept getting the error "You can't sell that item".  Can't sell it?  I've been selling these damn things for months and suddenly it is no longer sellable?  What the hell?  I dismissed it as, "It must be a bug with the mobile auction house and patch day."

Once I got home from work and start posting like a madman, I ran into the same issue.  This time, since I was logged into the game, I could see the real issue.  The items I couldn't post were all now Soulbound to my character!  What the hell?  I know I didn't accidentaly equip this BoE epic or this PvP crafted gear.  So I logged over and check other characters in my army of alts.  What the fuck!  My main Deathknight tank has an epic Engineering crafted  BoE gun, the Extreme Impact Hole-Puncher, bound to him and he can't even use ranged weapons.  Oh hell! 

I went to check all of my other alts and found out that every single piece of BoE gear that was in my characters bags were all now soulbound to those characters.  That meant that every item I had pre-crafted or had ready in my bags for posting after the servers came up was now bound to me, untradeable, and unsellable.  What a great reward for working so hard the 2 nights prior to get ready for the last major patch of the Cataclysm expansion.  Screw you Blizzard. 

The Durability Bugs

There are 2 durability bugs that became apparent after exploring my characters and their newly soulbound items.  One is the mailbox durability bug and the other is the equipped item durability bug.  Of course, my characters have been hit with a combination of both!  The mailbox durability bug is not that big of a deal.  Some items in your mailbox will show as having zero durability, which turns the item red.  If you remove the items from your mailbox, then the items will be fixed and the durability will be restored once in your bags.

The equipped item durability bug is the nastier of the two.  Items that you are wearing can have suffered the same fate.  I had just bought new valor gear with my Valor Points the night prior, since I knew that Valor was converting to Justice Points with the release of Patch 4.3.  When I logged in, the items I had just bought from the vendor the night before were all red and down to zero durability.  I just bought these damn things the night before and hadn't even left the city.  The cost to repair an epic item fully from zero can get quite hefty, especially if multiple items are affected.

The Fix Is Coming

I had a nice long chat on multiple characters with one of the WoW GMs after quickly opening a ticket and reporting these issues.  We logged over to multiple characters as I was the guinea pig, showing the GM the bugs and trying to find work arounds for the major issues.  As of now the bugs have not yet been fixed, but the GM assured me that others were reporting similar issues and that a hotfix or patch would be coming to fix the issues.  So here I am stuck with a bunch of soulbound BoEs that I can't sell until they fix them.  I also am waiting for the hotfix before wasting gold repairing items that shouldn't even be at zero durability anyway!  I suggest opening a ticket, if you are also stricken with these same bugs.  The more tickets, the faster the fix will come, I hope.

Maybe it's karma for pushing Mysterious Fortune Cards onto other players and getting them hooked.  Ha ha!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Plan To Make Gold In Patch 4.3

Did You Get Caught With Your Pants On The Ground?

World of Warcraft Patch 4.3 Is Here!
(Screw You Blizzard)

Today is the big day that we have been waiting for as it is Patch 4.3 day in World of Warcraft.  The servers are already up and I am stuck at work still, but I do have my trusty iPhone and the Remote Auction House application working overtime.  Many of us got caught unprepared and are lookin' like fools with our pants on the ground.  I did not expect Patch 4.3 until next week, but Blizzard pulled a fast one on us and dropped the patch into World of Warcraft today, a full week ahead of the anticipated date.  No doubt, the patch is coming early so we can experience the new Darkmoon Faire Island next week, instead of having one more of the old version of the Darkmoon Faire.  Now I am over-stocked on a ton on Dense Grinding Stones for my Arcanite Rod crafting market.  Lol!

Steals and Deals Post Patch 4.3

I was fortunate enough to see some rock bottom prices all weekend long on things like Savage Leather (below 50 gold for once!), Pyrite Ore (39 gold stacks!) Elementium Ore (24 gold stacks!), Pre-cut Rare Red Gems (around 100g each) to add to my Patch 4.3 Stockpile and was lucky enough to snag a nice chunk of pre-cut Inferno Rubies from trade chat the day before.  I have been pretty chatty on Twitter lately (now that I'm single - lol) and have been using the new #goblinism hashtag to discuss steals and deals.  If you are not on twitter, please sign up and come join in on the fun, nonsense, sillyness, and idea sharing that is the WoW twitter community.  Find me @SSmith0911 on twitter and say hey.  Feel free to use my #goblinism hashtag to discuss your own steals, deals, and goblinish wisdom for others to admire and learn from.

Pants On The Ground
I had originally expected the WoW Patch 4.3 next week and had planned to finish getting ready all week long.  I had a lot to do to be fully prepared and was going to slowly and methodically get every crafter and every auctioneer ready for the big day.  I had just bought tons of Ores and tons of leathers as just 2 of the many areas I needed to devote some major attention to.  Then I bought 600+ more stacks of cheap ore when the news came out.  Patch 4.3 was coming today!  I had a day and a half to get ready.  I prospected until my fingers were near bleeding.  I converted Savage Leathers into Heavy Savage Leathers.  I crafted ahead what I knew was going to sell, things like Ebonsteel Belt Buckles, Bags, Rods, Mysterious Fortune Cards, Leg Armors (Tailoring and Leatherworking), amongst many other items.  I did as much as I could to get ready for Patch 4.3.  I didnt have enough time to do everything I wanted, but I felt ready enough to post enough today.  I will continue to craft the items that were unable to be crafted ahead of time (PvP gear), while maintaining my current auctions.
Patch Day Plan Of Attack
I've been furiously monitoring the WoW auction house since the servers came up early today.  The Remote Auction House application for iPhone has already helped me make some serious gold in WoW that I wouldn't have made without it.  Once I am off of work, I have a limited amount of time (can't call in sick tommorrow or I would) to make gold in the auction house.  Since my time is limited, I must have a plan of attack.  Hopefully, I will jog your memory of a task you need to do or give you a new idea.  Good luck tommorrow to all my Brit readers who get the Patch a day after us here in the US.  Here is my Patch 4.3 plan of attack.

  1. Download Patch and Install as needed.  I left the patch screen up when I left for work in hopes that the patch is already downloaded when I return home from work. (Fingers crossed.)
  2. Scribe - Learn the new Glyph of Shadow from Minor Inscription Research and post.
  3. Bark Mysterious Fortune Cards.
  4. Make new PvP Relics and post.
  5. Post Lion's Ink and Moonglow Ink for the informed, Snowfall Ink for the ignorant, all at high prices.
  6. Post normal glyphs with TSM.
  7. Leatherworker - Maintain Leg Armors and craft new PvP gear.
  8. Bark Mysterious Fortune Cards.
  9. Blacksmith - Maintain Ebonsteel Belt Buckles market and Blacksmithing Rods.
  10. Craft Plate and Mail PvP gear and sell on the auction house.
  11. Tailor / Enchanter - Post tons of Enchants for all the gear upgrades.
  12. Bark Mysterious Fortune Cards.
  13. Craft and Post PvP Cloth Gear.
  14. Learn Maelstrom Shatter and check prices of Shards versus Crystals.
  15. Craft More Luxurious Silk Gem Bags (selling these for 3.5k).
  16. Check prices of the newly tradeable Chaos Orbs.
  17. Post all pre-crafted Netherweave Bags.
  18. Engineer - Maintain Scope Market and Pets Markets.
  19. Bark Mysterious Fortune Cards.
  20. Jewelcrafter - Cut and post most profitable gems and meta-gems.
  21. Post all the Nightmare's Tears I have been buying up and flipping for double profits.
  22. Buy Epic Gems cuts from the JC vendor.
  23. Craft and Post new PvP Jewelry.
  24. Check for underpriced BoE Sinister Squashlings and other holiday pets to snatch.
  25. Typical business markets as usual.
  26. Bounce around and check for undercuts, emerging markets, and price spiking trends.
  27. Laugh at people wasting time and gold on Transmogrification.
Damn I have a lot to do!  Good thing, I'm off in 15 minutes and headed out the door for more Patch 4.3 goodness!  Good luck!

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Inferno Ruby Action | What A Steal From Trade Chat

You Have Inferno Rubies For Sale?

The Inferno Ruby Plan

Last night I got a great deal from someone advertising his goods in the trade chat channel.  I always like to look for deals or business in the trade chat channel to make even more gold in WoW.  It doesn't take much effort to monitor the trade chat channel while doing my normal auction routines.  Sometimes in trade you can find a great price or find a supplier for your gold making factory.

Some of the items I am stocking up for WoW Patch 4.3 gold making are the rare red gems (Inferno Rubies) and the big 3 red gem cuts (+Agi, +Int, +Str).  The demand for the gems should explode when Patch 4.3 drops and all of the new gear upgrades start to pour into your server.  With the current pre-patch slump in WoW, sales just aren't coming in as quickly or consistently as the prior weeks.  The cut Inferno Rubies on my server are sitting around 125-150 gold currently.  On reset days, the price can rise up to 200+ per cut and sometimes I make sales as high as 225-250 gold for a single Inferno Ruby cut.  I expect 200+ or higher prices when Patch 4.3 releases.  So you can image my excitement when I saw the following in trade chat last night:
"Selling Bold Inferno Ruby & Brilliant Inferno Ruby 100 gold each."
I've already been buying up gems that get under 125 gold on the auction house.  I've been stocking up on some Inferno Rubies and cut ones as well to get ready for the demand spike in Patch 4.3.  So I quickly contacted the seller and asked how many gems he had for sale.  He responded back tell me "as many as you need."  Ok, great!  So i put in an order for 1000, which was met with a gasp.  "I don't have that many.  Maybe more like 50 or so."  Hahaha.  Ok, little guppie.

The Inferno Ruby Deal

I end up working out a deal to have him cut the rest of the Inferno Rubies he has on him, bringing the total to 60 Bold Inferno Rubies.  So at 100 gold per Inferno Ruby, as stated in his trade chat advertisement, that would bring the total cost to 6000 gold.  I ask for a bulk discount since I am going to be buying him out of his for sale stock of cut red gems.  I'm thinking 5.5k (500 off) would be a nice bulk price discount for saving him the trouble of selling the rest.  He responds back with 3.5k gold for all 60 Bold Inferno Rubies.  Oh WoW!  What a crazy bulk discount, that's almost half off!  So I buy the 60 Bolds for 3.5k gold, which equates to under 59 gold per gem.  Remember, they are currently selling for around 150 gold.  I go ahead and buy all 20 Brilliants Inferno Rubies as well, for a total of 1.2k, another great deal.

I quickly try to get this guy hired and constantly sending me cut gems COD, but he replies with, "I think that's all I should sell you, since I hear the might be used in the next patch."  "Plus I'm tired of farming."

I'll check back in a day or two and see if he's hungry for some more quick gem sales.

Moral of the Story:  Don't write off all of trade chat.  You never know when you will find a great deal you otherwise would have ignored.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Do You Have The WoW Pre-Patch Blues?

The Pre-Patch Slump

It's another slumping time of year again in WoW.  Tons of new games have been released recently, new betas have opened up, and a lot of players are checking out new games and just moonlighting in World of Warcraft.  WoW overall is still seeing a decline in subscriptions.  Patch 4.3 is just around the corner and lately there has been a slump in sales across many markets, specifically the high end item enchancement markets.  Gear upgrades?  Why upgrade your gear or add enchancements to gear, when the new Patch is looming with new dungeons and raids that drop higher item level gear? 

Right now I am tending to sell more goods to thriftier players.  Who needs the best gem or enchant, when its going to be replaced in a few weeks anyway?  Goods for alts leveling professions or gearing up for the new dungeons have been selling decently as well.  Many high end markets are currently selling for much lower than the same items will sell for once Patch 4.3 drops, so be careful.  Don't sell too many items for cheaper now, that you could sell for more after the patch.  You don't want to be that guy kicking yourself when those cut Inferno Rubies you sold for under 80 gold this week are fetching over 200 gold each in Patch 4.3.

Now is the time to start stockpiling for Patch 4.3.  You can stock up on the items and raw materials that are dropping in price during this lull.  Those items and raw crafting materials will be seeking a nice spike in demand after Patch 4.3  So stock up now and you will be locked in with a cheaper crafting cost than anymore who didn't prepare and i stuck crafting from the materials on the auction house.

Plan Ahead, Don't Sell For Too Cheap, & Stockpile For Patch 4.3

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Patch 4.3 Stockpiling To Make Gold In WoW

Patch 4.3 Stockpiling To Make Gold In WoW

WoW Patch 4.3 - Plan Ahead
Patch 4.3 In A Nutshell

World of Warcraft Patch 4.3 will be here in no time as it's expected to go live in early December.  With any major patch comes opportunities to make gold in WoW.  Patch 4.3 will be the final major content patch in the Cataclysm expansion era so this will be the last big chance for making a ton of gold quickly.  Patch 4.3 is bringing in major content upgrades.  The Looking-For-Raid Tool, a new raid, and new dungeons that drop high item level gear will all contribute to a massive spike in demand for item enhancements. 

Craftable PvP gear will also see a nice surge as the PvP patterns get buffed yet again.  We still have no word on where the Alchemy Transmute patterns for Epic Gems will be obtained, but we do know that the Tome of Burning Jewels and the Epic Gems recipe cuts will be available in major cities.  Holiday pets are going from soulbound to BoE; the first one we should see moving hands is the BoE Sinister Squashling.  Inscription is getting 1 new glyph and it is learned from Minor Inscription Research.  Heavenly Shards are going to be more easily acquired thanks to the new Maelstrom Shatter also coming in Patch 4.3.  We also will be seeing the new Darkmoon Faire after Patch 4.3, but not until the January Faire.  Dream of Chaos is being changed to only require 4 Chaos Orbs and Chaos Orbs will be tradeable / sellable after Patch 4.3.  Alchemy Transmutation specialization quests are being updated and will be much more expensive as they will require crafting Cataclysm crafted profession items.

Preparing For Patch 4.3

In Patch 4.3 there are a few ways to make gold in WoW that are going away or changing.  Prior to the big Patch, you should be unloading all of your current Bloodthirsty PvP crafted gear.  The recipes we already have will be getting upgraded, but the already crafted gear will not.  For this reason, you want to dump all the gear you currently have crafted and don't craft anymore unless you know you can sell it prior to the change.  Again, don't craft the new pieces until after Patch 4.3.  Get your materials together and be ready to craft on patch day.

The new Glyph of Shadow will be discovered through Minor Inscription Research, so have your materials ready on your scribe to do 1 day of research.  Also having Lion's Ink (required by the new glyph) ready to craft the new glyph, will save you paying the higher prices that should appear on the AH. 

Patch 4.3 is killing off the old Darkmoon Faire Prize Ticket redemption system and replacing it with an all new system and a new currency.  So use all of your tickets before the fair and if you like to make Dense Grinding Stones for cheap tickets, get on it!  This will be the last chance to use the prizes as a chance at rare recipes and low level blue gear.  I also recommend picking up any of the moderately priced rare recipes that can come from the DMF Prizes.  After the new Faire system is implemented, those rare patterns will be even more rare.  I've already snatched up a few myself.  Hopefully, you have already been liquidating your supplies of DMF cards and trinkets as they are on the decline and will drop even further.

Stuff To Stockpile For Patch 4.3

All of your normal item enhancement materials across the board should see an increase in prices as the demand skyrockets for a couple of weeks after the patch.  Anything used to craft the PvP gear will be good to stockpile so you can craft your sets using the materials from pre-patch prices.

Due to all of the gear upgrades coming from the new content as well as the PvP gear change, I would stock up and plan to sell a lot of high end enchants, all leg armors, All PvP gear (craft post-patch), Flintlocke's Woodchuckers,  Ebonsteel Belt Buckles, Gems (rares should sell best still until we find out more on raw epic gem drop sources), companion pets (always a big seller when more players return for patches), and Mysterious Fortune Cards (patch time brings returning players, so it's another great time to bark for a ton of sales).

I have also been stockpiling cheap Heartblossom in hopes it is required in the red epic gem transmutes.  If not, I can always use it for Glyphs, Dusts, and Mysterious Fortune Cards.

Stocking up these items and you can't go wrong. 
  • Maelstrom Crystals (for enchants and shattering into shards).
  • Embersilk Cloth, Savage Leather, Elementium Ores / Bars, Volatiles.
  • Scopes, Buckles, Enchants, and Gems.
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Crafting Component Manipulation To Scare Off Competition

Crafting Component Manipulation

Today let's go over an advanced technique for making gold in WoW, the manipulation of component pricing.  The whole point of manipulating the price of crafting components is to scare off competition from entering your market.  This is done by falsely making a craftable item appear to be unprofitable.  This technique works on players that can't craft the crafting components themselves and also works on players that use WoW add-ons to tell them what items are profitable and which ones are not.

What Do You Mean By Components?

Crafting components are required in many of the WoW profession crafting recipes.  Any craftable item that is used for another crafting recipe is a crafting component.  Engineering, while my favorite profession overall, is the most annoying as a crafter.  Why?  The majority of the most profitable recipes all have multiple components.  This leads to extra crafting time, more chances for errors, and a wide variety of crafting material requirements.  This is why many Engineers look for the intermediate crafted components on the auction house to save time crafting their finished product.

Here is a great example of a component heavy recipe:  Tranquil Mechanical Yeti.

The Tranquil Mechanical Yeti recipe calls for:
  • 1 Cured Rugged Hide
  • 2 Globe of Water
  • 1 Gold Power Core
  • 4 Thorium Widgets
  • 2 Truesilver Transformers
Four of the 5 required items for the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti are crafting components.

Manipulation Of Component Prices

Add-ons like Little Sparky's Workshop and Tradeskill Master's Crafting Module are great add-ons for judging what items are worth crafting.  These add-ons help you save time researching and adding up the crafting costs yourself.  You can't always trust these add-ons when you are looking at craftable items that take components.  The add-ons are going to look at the cost for the components on the auction house when figuring the crafting cost.  They don't always break down what the costs would be to craft those components yourself.  The Undermine Journal use to do the same thing.  It used to show the total crafting cost from add the materials and components together.  Now you can safely break down each component to see if you can produce your components cheaper than the already crafted ones that are for sale on the auction house.

Hopefully you already are taking steps to ensure that you are using the cheapest crafting methods to help keep your costs down.  Lower costs translate to higher profits and wider profitable pricing options.

A great example of one market I use this strategy in is the Arcanite Rod market. 
  • I sell Arcanite Rods for 150 gold.
  • I sell Arcanite Bars for 75 gold.
  • The Arcanite Rod Recipe requires 3 Arcanite Bars and 1 Dense Grinding Stone.
Doing the quick math based on auction house prices, the Arcanite Rod would not be worth crafting.  Little Sparkey's Workshop would tell you that you would lose gold by crafting this item since your investment of 3 75 gold Arcanite Bars is more than the selling price of the Arcanite Rod.  A smart goblin will see through this false pricing and know that the item is indeed profitable.  By transmuting your own Arcanite Bars with your Alchemist, that price will drop far below the price of buying the component items yourself. 

The true crafting cost for the Arcanite Rod would be the total of:
  • 3 Thorium Ore
  • 3 Arcane Crystals
  • 4 Dense Stone
Breaking those component parts down completely to their raw materials and crafting each component yourself will save you a ton of gold.  That unprofitable Arcanite Rod is now a very profitable option.  Anyone who relies strictly on add-ons or on purchasing components made by others is succeptable to being fooled into passing on this market.  I list a lot of components on the auction house for much higher than they cost to craft, just to skew the data that the add-ons collect and to fool unexperienced players looking to invade my markets.  Engineering pets is a good market to exploit this technique because of the heavy component requirements for the pets. 
Using the earlier example of the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti, you can jack the false market prices up on Gold Power Cores, Truesilver Transformers, and Thorium Widgets to make the Yeti appear unprofitable.  I sell Cured Heavy Hides for 75 gold each as well, to scare others away from my Barbaric Bracer market.  And when another lazy or uninformed player comes along and buys your components at their stupid high prices, you've just created a new market for yourself with a nice high profit margin.
So today I hope you've learned 3 lessons.
  1. Always look to see if it is cheaper to buy a pre-crafted component off the auction house or if it is cheaper to craft the component yourself.
  2. Play around with some component pricing manipulation and see if you can limit the amount of new competition jumping into your markets.
  3. You have to be smarter than your add-ons.  Automation is good, but not always the most accurate.
Check out the post When Auctioneer Lies I Turn A Profit for a similar add-on exploiting tip.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

White Ribbon - Heart of Gold

White Ribbon Campaign
White Ribbon - Heart of Gold

"With one voice, as one community, we are speaking out and working to end 
violence against women."

Links: - the main page for the campaign - list of international campaigns/resources

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Paying For WoW Annual Pass With Diablo 3 And Paypal?

WoW Annual Pass Payments (Click to enlarge)

WoW Annual Pass And Diablo 3 - The Catch With Paypal

WoW Annual Pass

The WoW Annual Pass is a great offer designed to help save subscriptions for Blizzard.  The WoW Annual Pass also is a great reward to the World of Warcraft players that commit.  A Free copy of Diablo 3, A WoW  in game mount, and Mists of Pandaria beta access are offered by Blizzard just for committing to WoW for a single year.

Diablo 3

Diablo 3, which is being offered for free in the WoW Annual Pass, is being released with a dual auction house system.  This system will allow Diablo 3 players to sell items, gear, and characters for real money.  Diablo 3 will have an in-game auction house where you buy items for gold.  Diablo 3 will also have the Real Money Transaction (RMT) auction house where you buy items with real world cash.

Players who get real cash payments will have 2 choices.  They can deposit the cash into a Battlenet account (with an e-balance) or a cash out account.  The e-balance account can be used to purchase Blizzard products like WoW subscriptions, in-game pets, items from the Diablo 3 RMT auction house, etc.  Blizzard will be making money from the set fees to list on the Diablo 3 auction house and Blizzard is also taking a percentage of the end sale of the item.  If you choose to cash out, you will be paying another fee to the 3rd party cash out service partner, Paypal.  The big question is can you make enough real cash selling on the Diablo 3 RMT auction house to support paying for your World of Warcraft subscription fees?


Paypal has been announced as the 3rd party provider that will be handling the cashing out of real world cash from the Diablo 3 cash out account.  At this time it is unknown to the author what the details are for the cash out restrictions.  Paypal usually charges a 3% fee for receiving payments, so the fee should be that or close to it.

Diablo 3 RMT Auction Sales

  1. Will cost you to list the item (whether it sells or not).
  2. Will cost you a percentage to Blizzard when the item sells.
  3. Will cost you a fee to cashout (probably 3%).

Can We Pay For WoW With Our Diablo 3 Cash?

Yes, you can make cash in the Diablo 3 auction house and choose to store it in your e-balance account.  From the e-balance account you can purchase WoW game time.  Any cash that you choose to send to the cash out account will be taxed by the Paypal fee.  If you signed up for the WoW Annual Pass you won't be able to pay for your WoW subscription with your Paypal account balance.  One of the restrictions in the WoW Annual Pass was that Paypal and Bill My Phone were not options for paying for the 1 year WoW subscription.  So if you signed up for the WoW annual pass you need to be careful in how you choose to store your Diablo 3 cash earnings.  Make sure to store enough in your e-balance account to cover your costs for the WoW subscription.  Paypal account balance payments are not allowed for WoW Annual Pass subscribers.  I used to pay with Paypal and I've had to change my method of payment since signing up for the WoW Annual Pass.

Be Careful and Be Smart When Diablo 3 Drops.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Is There A New Profession In The Mists Of Pandaria WoW Expansion?

WoW Expansions And New Professions

The Burning Crusade expansion introduced Jewelcrafting as a new profession.
The Wrath of the Lich King expansion brought us the Inscription profession.
The Cataclysm expansion brought the Archaeology profession to World of Warcraft.

Is there a new profession coming in Mists of Pandaria (MoP)?

"No new professions are planned."

You are getting the pet battle system instead of a new profession.  At least we have another class being added, which will bring extra sales opportunities.  Cooking is supposed to get specializations.  Blizzard has removed most of the other profession specializations.  Now they are adding one, and to Cooking of all things?

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets - One Final Chance To Make Gold

New Darkmoon Faire Coming Soon
Do Not Save Your Old Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets.

The Patch 4.3 new version of the Darkmoon Faire is only a couple of months away.  There will be one more visit of the current Darkmoon Faire before the major rehaul coming in the new WoW Patch 4.3.  The new Darkmoon Faire will be upon us soon.  Don't get stuck with a bunch of the old tickets, that will be useless soon.

Do not save your old Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets.  They will not convert to the new currency.  They will be useless after Patch 4.3, so spend them at the last old school version of the Darkmoon Faire coming at the beginning of December.

The current Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets will become Tattered Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets in Patch 4.3.

The new currency for the Patch 4.3 Darkmoon Faire Island will be the Darkmoon Prize Ticket.  With these new Darkmoon Prize Tickets we will be able to purchase all kinds of new items, old school tier gear for Transmogrification, new companion pets, new mounts, and much more.

Making Gold At The Darkmoon Faire

Since December will bring the last of the old version of the Darkmoon Faire, we must take advantage of all of the options for making gold in WoW that the current Faire allows.  Soon the current quest turn in items (Evil Bat Eyes, Dense Grinding Stones, etc.) will be useless at the new fair, so unload any that you already have.  The old profession quests are being revamped and there are no crafted items required at the new Darkmoon Faire coming in WoW Patch 4.3.  The new quests do however require some basic crafting materials that are easily purchased at npc vendors (basic stuff like dyes, flour, etc.), although there are currently none of the vendors .

The Darkmoon Prizes that are currently purchased with the Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets will no longer be available in the Patch 4.3 Darkmoon Faire update.  So this is your last chance to try for those rare patterns and blue gear items that can be obtained from the various Darkmoon Faire prizes.  Grab all the Dense Stone you can now and get ready for the final Faire, because the Darkmoon Faire Stone Exchange Tactic is going to be obsolete after WoW Patch 4.3. 

A few of the popular gold making tactics are going to remain with the new Darkmoon Faire. 
  1. Lhara is staying so hopefully we can still get cheap materials from her.
  2. Flik will continue to sell his Faire Frogs for flipping.
  3. Jubling pets will still be available from Morja, so the Dark Iron Ale Mugs will still be a possible gold making source.  This may become more popular as the new WoW pet battle system is coming in Mists of Pandaria.
You have been warned.  Now clear out all the prize tickets on all of your alts, so you aren't the one stuck with a bunch of obsolete tickets in Patch 4.3.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

WoW Cross Faction Gold Making: 2 High Profit Recipes To Sell To Alliance

My Cross Faction Trading Motto

WoW Cross Faction Gold Making

If you listen to The Auction House Junkies podcast, then you may have heard of my experiments into the cross faction trading strategy.  I signed up for a second free WoW account for being a dedicated WoW veteran just to experiment with cross faction trading (Arbitrage). 

My main cross faction gold making sales are coming from sending Alliance-only or Horde-only companion pets and cooking recipes to the faction that can't buy them.  A little research on The Undermine Journal today also revealed a rare pattern craftable that is never sold on the Alliance side.  I am the only Horde seller of this rare pattern crafted item, so I will be sending some of these items over to the Alliance side.  The Undermine Journal shows the item hasn't been listed on the Alliance side of my server in over a month!  You know what that means?  Cha-ching!  What item do I speak of?  Rich Purple Silk Shirts.

Two High Profit Recipes To Send From Horde To Alliance

I've started to branch out from selling just companion pets and cooking recipes to the opposing faction.  There are some other good recipes to sell cross faction, but most of them are either rare or are limited spawn recipes from vendors.  Being limited spawn recipes, hampers their ability to sell in large quantities.  Here are two of my favorite easily obtained recipes to buy on the Horde auction house to transfer over to the Alliance for a nice hefty mark up.  I highly recommend looking into both of these if you are a Horde player with access to the Alliance auction house side of your server.

Recipe:  Deviate Delight

Remember how expensive these used to be on the Horde auction house?  They were even more outrageous on the Alliance side back then.  Then came The Shattering and the drop rate went from a super rare Barrens zone drop to a common zone drop.  The prices followed the increase in supply and quickly tanked through the floor.  The Recipe: Deviate Delight that was once selling for close to 1k gold, quickly dropped to under 30 gold overnight.  Months into the Cataclysm expansion and I am constantly finding these recipes on the Horde auction house for 3 gold or less.  What do I do? 

I buy them all out and send them to the Alliance auctioning alt on my second account.  On the Alliance side I can easily sell these from 50-75 gold per Recipe.  This is a huge profit margin and able to be pulled off cheaply and safely since I can use 2 accounts for the cross faction transfer.  Even though the drop rate is way better, many Alliance players still don't quest or spend much time in the Barrens.  So the demand is much higher on the Alliance side, which allows for a gold making opportunity.

Recipe:  Elixir of Giant Growth

The Recipe: Elixir of Giant Growth is another great recipe to snatch up for dirt cheap on the Horde auction house and sell for much higher on the Alliance auction house.  I can find these all day long for just a few silvers on the Horde side and flip them to the Alliance auction house for 10-25 gold each.  Another easy and great item for making gold in WoW.  Check out this recipe on The Undermine Journal.  It shows that 80% of all Elixir of Giant Growth recipes are sold via the Horde auction house, with only 20% appearing on the Alliance side.  The prices on the Alliance side are much much higher, which makes this another great items for cross faction exchange.

Anyone else have any great cross faction recipe ideas?

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Diablo 3 Collector's Edition vs WoW Annual Pass

Diablo 3 Collector's Edition Contents

Diablo 3 Collector's Edition Pre-Orders Are Available
The option to reserve your Collector's Edition of Diablo 3 is now available. I bet they are going to be very limited, so act fast and pre-order your copy today.

What if you signed up for Blizzard's annual WoW pass to get a free digital copy of Diablo 3?

Blizzard has the rules of the WoW Annual Pass set to assist those that want to take advantage of the WoW Annual Pass benefits and still want to get the collector's edition of Diablo 3. You can get the free digital download version of Diablo 3. But if you add a Diablo 3 Collector's Edition to your account, Blizzard will credit your WoW account for 4 months extra game time (the $60 value of the Diablo 3 game). So just because you join the WoW Annual Pass, doesn't mean you have to double pay to get the Diablo 3 Collector's Edition. You will get that extra credit to your account as WoW game time. So a sweet deal just got even sweeter.

Diablo 3 Collector's Edition To Include:
  1. 208 Page Diablo 3 Art Book
  2. 24 Track Diablo 3 Soundtrack CD
  3. Diablo 3 DVD Documentary
  4. 4 GB USB Thumbdrive shaped like a Soulstone w/ Diablo 3 Skull Base
  5. Diablo 3 Full PC Game
  6. Diablo 2 and Lord of Destruction Expansion (On the Soulstone Thumbdrive)
  7. Diablo 3 In Game Cosmetic Bonuses: Glowing Angel Wings, Armor Dye, In Game Banner
  8. WoW Companion Pet Code: Fetish Shaman
  9. Starcraft 2 Unit Decals and Battlenet Portraits
Pre Order: Diablo III: Collector's Edition

Pre-Order: Diablo III

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Use Trade Chat To Make Gold In WoW

Make Gold With Trade Chat Watching

The trade chat (/2) channel in World of Warcraft was designed for players to have a place to hawk their wares.  Trade chat is also where you can seek goods or services in addition to the WoW auction house option.  Trade chat has degraded into a lot of garbage chit chat on most servers ranging from  spam to the typical Chuck Norris jokes, made famous in the now defunct Barrens Chat.  Trade chat is so bad sometimes that many WoW players ignore it altogether or have a blind eye for most trade chat messages.  If you are ignoring your WoW server's trade chat channel, then you are missing out on some nice and quick ways to make extra gold in WoW.

When dealing with trade chat bartering you will occasionally run into a player that knows his markets and his pricing, with a good intellegent expectation for the potential deal.  Oftens times though, you are going to be dealing with ignorant and uninformed players, or players that are desperate for specific items.  Sometimes you will see players searching for items that are available on the auction house already.  Sometimes they don't even understand how to search the auction house.  Other times, the item they are looking for is unavailable on the auction house, so they turn to trade chat to look for the item.  These are great times to take advantage of another players demand or desire for a specific item. 

Many of these deals I have found from trade chat clients end up being quite profitable because:
  • The buyer is willing to pay more to be finished and done with whatever task, quest, or goal they have.
  • The buyer is ignorant of the true value of the item.
  • The buyer is ignorant of another option for indirectly getting the same item from the auction house.
  • The buyer is unable to create the item themself.
Here are a few examples of some of the recent profitable deals I have worked from the WoW trade chat.  Remember these deals get even sweeter when you can avoid the auction house fees completely.
  1. Got a 20 gold tip for Sundering 1 Primal Fire into 10 Motes of Fire.
  2. Sold a buyer 2 Felsteel Bars for 150 gold.
  3. Sold a quest completer 1 Khorium Power Core and 1 Adamantite Frame for 400 gold.
  4. Sold 5 stacks of Cobalt Bars for 650 gold, when market value was 100 gold per stack.
Share your latest highway robberies from trade chat in the comments.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Savage Leather, Pristine Hide, & Epic LW Leg Armors

Epic Cataclysm LW Leg Armors
525 Leather Working Profession Finally!

So I finally got around to getting my leather worker to maximum skill 525 Leatherworking.  What took me so long?  My leatherworker is not a skinner, so I have to buy all of my Savage Leather or farm it on an Ideal Alt with skinning.  The prices of Savage Leather have been outrageous the entire Cataclysm expansion, commonly over 100 gold per stack.  I have been monitoring the Savage Leather prices on the auction house for most of the expansion.  As prices would dip down, I would snatch the Savage Leather off the auction house and use it for leveling my Leatherworking profession.  Now that the Savage Leather prices are trending downward and the prices of Volatile Fire and Volatile Earth have crashed, I wanted to push to maxing my LW skill to start focusing on some of the now more viable gold making options in Leatherworking.

Last night I finally found a nice supply of Savage Leather at 50 gold per stack.  The server average is 72 gold per stack of 20 Savage Leather, so I snatch up every single piece off of the auction house leaving it completely empty of Savage Leather.  I had only purchased 1 or 2 patterns with the Heavy Savage Leather exchange as required for leveling to 525 because I already had an idea in mind for making gold in WoW once I hit the 525 Leather working skill cap.  I was going to start off selling epic Leatherworking Leg Armors.  There appears to be little competition in this Epic Leg Armor market as the gold profits are already rolling in.  I sold all 6 of the various Epic Leg Armors that I crafted on the first night just to test the waters.  Now it is time to set up another extension of my gold making factory.  I hope to find a supplier of Savage Leather outside of the auction house. 

Cataclysm Epic Leg Armors

The 3 Cataclysm Leatherworking crafted Epic Leg Armors and their materials are:
  1. Drakehide Leg Armor (+145 Sta / +55 Dodge) - 1 Pristine Hide + 20 Volatile Earth
  2. Charscale Leg Armor (+145 Sta / +55 Agi) - 1 Pristine Hide + 20 Volatile Fire
  3. Dragonscale Leg Armor (+190 AP / +55 Crit) - 1 Pristine Hide + 20 Blackened Dragonscale
Things to watch for on the AH and snatch when cheap are:
  • Savage Leather
  • Savage Leather Scraps (if the conversion price is cheaper than buying the leathers)
  • Volatile Earth
  • Volatile Fire
  • Blackened Dragonscale
  • Pristine Hide (only if the prices dip below the cost of 50 Savage Leathers or 10 Heavy Savage Leathers)
Even if you are not able to make gold in WoW by selling the epic leg armors, you can still profit from conversion exchanges.  The Pristine Hide can be obtained for 10 Heavy Savage Leather from the LW Supplies vendors in major cities.  Each single Heavy Savage Leather takes 5 Savage Leather, so 1 Pristine Hide is equal to 10 Heavy Savage Leather or 50 Savage Leather.  Therefore, if the price of 1 Pristine Hide is more than 2.5 stacks of Savage Leather, you can buy some Savage Leather to convert to Heavy Savage Leather and then trade for a Pristine Hide.  Currently on my server a Pristine Hide is selling for over 400 gold, while the 2.5 stacks of Savage Leather will cost around 150 gold.  That's a hefty potential gold profit just from doing a conversion and vendor trade. 

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Recap Of Top October WoW Gold Making Posts

October - Popular Posts From Cold's Gold Factory

Welcome to all of my new and returning readers! Each month I do a recap of the month before and highlight gold posts that appeared during the month prior. I highlight the top 5 most popular and the posts with the most comments / best discussion.  Be sure to check these gold making articles out, if you missed them when they went live.

Make sure to Google +1 any posts you like and share them with your friends and followers.

WoW Gold Post And Guides Recap

Top 5 Most Popular Posts From October

Top  Most Discussed Posts From October
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Enjoy The Posts Here at Cold's Gold Factory? Check Out Cold's Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery Gold Making Guide To Get You Started. Also Check Out The Teenager's Gold Guide To Get Started With Learning The Auction House As A Younger Player Or Check Out My New Favorite All Around WoW Gold Making Guide.