Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Plan To Make Gold In Patch 4.3

Did You Get Caught With Your Pants On The Ground?

World of Warcraft Patch 4.3 Is Here!
(Screw You Blizzard)

Today is the big day that we have been waiting for as it is Patch 4.3 day in World of Warcraft.  The servers are already up and I am stuck at work still, but I do have my trusty iPhone and the Remote Auction House application working overtime.  Many of us got caught unprepared and are lookin' like fools with our pants on the ground.  I did not expect Patch 4.3 until next week, but Blizzard pulled a fast one on us and dropped the patch into World of Warcraft today, a full week ahead of the anticipated date.  No doubt, the patch is coming early so we can experience the new Darkmoon Faire Island next week, instead of having one more of the old version of the Darkmoon Faire.  Now I am over-stocked on a ton on Dense Grinding Stones for my Arcanite Rod crafting market.  Lol!

Steals and Deals Post Patch 4.3

I was fortunate enough to see some rock bottom prices all weekend long on things like Savage Leather (below 50 gold for once!), Pyrite Ore (39 gold stacks!) Elementium Ore (24 gold stacks!), Pre-cut Rare Red Gems (around 100g each) to add to my Patch 4.3 Stockpile and was lucky enough to snag a nice chunk of pre-cut Inferno Rubies from trade chat the day before.  I have been pretty chatty on Twitter lately (now that I'm single - lol) and have been using the new #goblinism hashtag to discuss steals and deals.  If you are not on twitter, please sign up and come join in on the fun, nonsense, sillyness, and idea sharing that is the WoW twitter community.  Find me @SSmith0911 on twitter and say hey.  Feel free to use my #goblinism hashtag to discuss your own steals, deals, and goblinish wisdom for others to admire and learn from.

Pants On The Ground
I had originally expected the WoW Patch 4.3 next week and had planned to finish getting ready all week long.  I had a lot to do to be fully prepared and was going to slowly and methodically get every crafter and every auctioneer ready for the big day.  I had just bought tons of Ores and tons of leathers as just 2 of the many areas I needed to devote some major attention to.  Then I bought 600+ more stacks of cheap ore when the news came out.  Patch 4.3 was coming today!  I had a day and a half to get ready.  I prospected until my fingers were near bleeding.  I converted Savage Leathers into Heavy Savage Leathers.  I crafted ahead what I knew was going to sell, things like Ebonsteel Belt Buckles, Bags, Rods, Mysterious Fortune Cards, Leg Armors (Tailoring and Leatherworking), amongst many other items.  I did as much as I could to get ready for Patch 4.3.  I didnt have enough time to do everything I wanted, but I felt ready enough to post enough today.  I will continue to craft the items that were unable to be crafted ahead of time (PvP gear), while maintaining my current auctions.
Patch Day Plan Of Attack
I've been furiously monitoring the WoW auction house since the servers came up early today.  The Remote Auction House application for iPhone has already helped me make some serious gold in WoW that I wouldn't have made without it.  Once I am off of work, I have a limited amount of time (can't call in sick tommorrow or I would) to make gold in the auction house.  Since my time is limited, I must have a plan of attack.  Hopefully, I will jog your memory of a task you need to do or give you a new idea.  Good luck tommorrow to all my Brit readers who get the Patch a day after us here in the US.  Here is my Patch 4.3 plan of attack.

  1. Download Patch and Install as needed.  I left the patch screen up when I left for work in hopes that the patch is already downloaded when I return home from work. (Fingers crossed.)
  2. Scribe - Learn the new Glyph of Shadow from Minor Inscription Research and post.
  3. Bark Mysterious Fortune Cards.
  4. Make new PvP Relics and post.
  5. Post Lion's Ink and Moonglow Ink for the informed, Snowfall Ink for the ignorant, all at high prices.
  6. Post normal glyphs with TSM.
  7. Leatherworker - Maintain Leg Armors and craft new PvP gear.
  8. Bark Mysterious Fortune Cards.
  9. Blacksmith - Maintain Ebonsteel Belt Buckles market and Blacksmithing Rods.
  10. Craft Plate and Mail PvP gear and sell on the auction house.
  11. Tailor / Enchanter - Post tons of Enchants for all the gear upgrades.
  12. Bark Mysterious Fortune Cards.
  13. Craft and Post PvP Cloth Gear.
  14. Learn Maelstrom Shatter and check prices of Shards versus Crystals.
  15. Craft More Luxurious Silk Gem Bags (selling these for 3.5k).
  16. Check prices of the newly tradeable Chaos Orbs.
  17. Post all pre-crafted Netherweave Bags.
  18. Engineer - Maintain Scope Market and Pets Markets.
  19. Bark Mysterious Fortune Cards.
  20. Jewelcrafter - Cut and post most profitable gems and meta-gems.
  21. Post all the Nightmare's Tears I have been buying up and flipping for double profits.
  22. Buy Epic Gems cuts from the JC vendor.
  23. Craft and Post new PvP Jewelry.
  24. Check for underpriced BoE Sinister Squashlings and other holiday pets to snatch.
  25. Typical business markets as usual.
  26. Bounce around and check for undercuts, emerging markets, and price spiking trends.
  27. Laugh at people wasting time and gold on Transmogrification.
Damn I have a lot to do!  Good thing, I'm off in 15 minutes and headed out the door for more Patch 4.3 goodness!  Good luck!

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  1. Nice post, Cold.
    Have you had any issues with the remote auction house on the US servers?
    On the EU it doesn't seem to be updated to include new 4.3 items e.g. Chaos Orbs / Pvp Relics. Posted 5 of each type in game before going to work, but the RAH has no record of and new items, including my auctions.

  2. A little off topic but I just got 10 resends of cold e-mail. May want to look into that.

  3. Sorry Nigel
    When aweber does an update there is a bug that batch sends the last ten emails,

  4. @kamperkaze

    Seems ok on the us remote auction house. Try again after the patch in uk and it should've updated.

  5. Whoa! Sinister Squashlings were BoE?!? I deleted so many of those! :-(

  6. @harold

    I guess you missed the post when I warned they were turning Boe in patch 4.3. I deleted about 10 or 12 myself before I realized they were going to be going Unbound.

  7. O.......M..........G. That makes me very very sad.


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