Friday, August 31, 2012

Are You A Goblin Or Just A Lowly Kobold?

Goblinism vs Koboldism
You No Take Big Profits!
 Are You A True Goblin Or Just A Lowly Kobold?

It's been pretty evident lately on many World of Warcraft servers that we have a new kind of gold maker trying their luck at making gold in the WoW auction houses of Azeroth.  For years the WoW auction house has been dominated by the goblin personas, but recently we've had to deal with a less intelligent, foolish breed of competition invading our markets, the lowly kobolds. 

Kobold is the perfect descriptor for this new breed of auctioneer. 

Kobolds are less intelligent goblinoids that tend to fear the other races and are typically just a nuisance, but can be a serious problem when encountered in large numbers.  Due to their lesser intelligence, their tactics often leave much to be desired and they often try to overwhelm opponents with numbers, as opposed to using sheer cunning.  Kobolds also are known for trading their hard earned resources to goblins for just the basic minimums they need to survive, often bargaining away higher value items for basic necessities.  Sound familiar?

The Kobold Invasion

Every major patch or new expansion release within World of Warcraft is the time for all true goblins to shine.  We seek great profits by using our cunning and intelligence to plan ahead and take advantage of major market spikes.  That is until some lowly kobolds get in the way and ruin that plan.  These dumb kobolds will move into your highly profitable market and undercut you to the ground because of their stupidty and willingness to craft and sell for little to no profit.  Some kobolds are so stupid that they will actually sell crafted products for less than the cost of the individual materials! 

And in today's markets, the sheer volume of kobolds who continue to undercut blindly and drive prices down even lower only add to the problem.  There are far too many kobolds in far too many of my markets to be able to buy up everything that they are willing to list for hardly any profits.  Then when you do buy up all the underpriced goods, there are even more moronic kobolds there to take their place and continue posting at absurdly low prices. 

If you think you farmed the materials yourself and therefore they cost you no crafting cost, you are a kobold!

If you thinking walling glyphs down in batches of 10s and 20s for only 6-15 gold each is wise, then you too are a kobold!

If the demand spiked glyph market is seeing sales at 300 gold or higher per glyph and you decide to post 20 of each glyph at 20g each, then you are a kobold.

If you think selling crafted items for less than the sum of the required materials is a good profit strategy, then you are a kobold!
With so many kobolds in so many markets post Patch 5.0.4, the demand spike can't handle all of their foolishness.  Usually the spike in demand can absorb the lowball prices easily because of the ability to buy them out and just flip their items for the correct prices.  Lately the major markets seemed to becoming more and more saturated with so much stupidity that the demand can't keep up.  Even my Potion of Treasure Finding Barking Strategy is near useless thanks to the kobolds crashing my market prices from 225 gold per potion (and selling) down to 80 gold per and the prices are dropping daily.  The required Heartblossoms alone can barely be purchased for that price!

So when you have a horde of kobolds invading the major markets, it's time to fall back onto our niche markets to bring in more for our gold making strategies.  That is until some foolish kobold finds out about it and comes and trashes that market too.  Maybe a better option is to just hang onto our items that will sell for great profits until after the expansion launches when the even bigger demand spike will be able to absorb more higher prices and more sales volume.

Are there Kobolds invading your auction house markets?


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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Inscription Vendor Mats In Demand Again

Making WoW Gold With Inscription Vendor Mats (Again)

The demand has returned for the Inscription vendor purchasable crafting materials that are only available from the Inscription vendors out in Twilight Highlands.  You remember Casandra Downs and Una Kobuna, right?  These Inscription vendors were the only ones spared from the Twilight Highlands vendor nerf that hit every other profession vendor in Patch 4.1. 

Prior to Patch 4.1, your crafters were locked behind a gated wall that required being level 84 minimum and quest chain completion to unlock the vendors in your faction's city in Twilight Highlands.  The Inscription vendors are STILL locked behind this gate, but the items they sell are still BoE.  So you can take a higher level character out to shop for your Inscription materials and send them to your Scribe via the mail.  You can also sell these same recipe required items back on your local auction house for a nice mark up.  You targeted buyers are Scribes who haven't completed the quest chain, players not high enough level to get them themselves with an alt, the ignorant and clueless, as well as the downright lazy. 

The Inscription Vendor Materials Sold Only In Twilight Highlands:
  • Bleached Jawbone - NOW JUNK!
  • Deathwing Scale Fragment - Used in new staff recipe.
  • Preserved Ogre Eye - Used in new staff recipe.
  • Scavenged Dragon Horn - NOW JUNK!
  • Silver Charm Bracelet - Used in new staff recipe.
These materials are increasing in demand as they are also required for many of the new Inscription staff recipes that have been added in WoW Patch 5.0.4.  I've already been selling the 6g purchased Deathwing Scale Fragments for an easy 125 gold pieces each since the Patch 5.0.4 dropped.  These new blue staffs are great options for getting a nice 3-5 point increase when leveling your Inscription profession.  And with the crazy prices on many servers for glyphs, we can expect to see more fledgling Scribes rushing to level their Inscription profession up too.  Make it easy on them and sell them these materials for crazy mark ups like I do. 

Plain Wooden Staff

Plain Wooden Staff is now a new reagant required for most staffs as well, including the blue staffs that are pre-cursors to the epic MoP staffs craftable with the Inscription profession. The Plain Wooden Staff is a vendor purchased item available from many vendors throughout the world.  This is another BoE crafting material that can be sold on the auction house.

The New Blue Staffs Using Inscription Vendor Mats
Rosethorn Staff - Plain Wooden Staff, Inferno Ink x12, Volatile Life x36, Volatile Water x12, Preserved Ogre Eye

Silver Inlaid Staff - Plain Wooden Staff, Inferno Ink x12, Volatile Life x36, Volatile Air x12, Silver Charmed Bracelet

Runed Staff - Plain Wooden Staff, Inferno Ink x8, Volatile Life x24, Volatile Fire x6, Deathwing Scale Fragment

And another positive benefit of most of the new craftable Staffs is that we finally have another use for Inferno Inks, so hopefully we can sell off a few more of these darn things.  I know many of you are still swimming in Inferno Inks too.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

WoW TCG Loot Card Codes - Vanity Items

Disco Inferno! WoW TCG Rare
WoW Loot Card D.I.S.C.O. Ball

WoW Trading Card Game Vanity Item Loot Codes

Having already done posts on both WoW Pet Loot Cards and WoW Mount Loot Cards, it was only natural to follow those WoW Trading Card Game loot posts with the final category of loot cards.  The Vanity Items offered from the WoW Trading Card Game are almost all strictly for aesthetic purposes.  The pets and mounts both are seeing increases in value since they will be usable on all of your WoW characters on your account.  Unfortunately at this time, the WoW TCG Vanity Items are still restricted to the character that redeems the code.  There are plenty of cool gizmos and gadgets that you can use to enhance your character visually.

I myself have had my eye on the D.I.S.C.O. ball, which is the coolest vanity item from the WoW TCG in my opinion.  The Grim Campfire is a pretty neat campfire upgrade as well that allows you to cook over glowing flaming skulls.  Another of my favorites is the Fool's Gold item, which places a fake mining node on the ground.  Anyone who attempts to mine the ore, gets a Kobold that follows them around.  "You No Take Copper!"

So I present this list for you research and your amusement.  Some of these items are rather rare and expensive, while others are only a few bucks.

Loot Code ItemLoot CardExpansion
Tabard of FlameLandro's LongshotHeroes of Azeroth
Imp In A BallFortune TellingThrough the Dark Portal
Picnic BasketRest and RelaxationThrough the Dark Portal
Goblin Gumbo KettleGoblin GumboFires of Outland
Fishing ChairGone Fishin'Fires of Outland
Paper Flying Machine KitPaper AirplaneMarch of the Legion
Papa Hummel's Old Fashioned Pet BiscuitsPapa Hummel's Old Fashioned Pet BiscuitsServants of the Betrayer
Goblin Weather Machine - Prototype 01-BPersonal Weather MakerServants of the Betrayer
D.I.S.C.O.Disco BallThe Hunt for Illidan
Path of IllidanFootsteps of IllidanThe Hunt for Illidan
The Flag of OwnershipOwned!Drums of War
Party G.R.E.N.A.D.E.SlashdanceDrums of War
Epic Purple ShirtCenter of AttentionBlood of Gladiators
Foam Sword RackFoam Sword RackBlood of Gladiators
Sandbox TigerSandbox TigerBlood of Gladiators
Path of CenarusPath of CenarusFields of Honor
Ogre PinataPinataFields of Honor
Little White Stallion BridleTinyScourgewar
Landro's Gift BoxLandro's GiftWrath Gate
Instant Statue PedestalStatue GeneratorWrath Gate
Paint BombPaint BombIcecrown
Ethereal PortalPortal StoneIcecrown
Grim CampfireGrim CampfireWorldbreaker
War Party Hitching PostWar Party Hitching PostWar of the Elements
Fool's GoldFool's GoldTwilight of the Dragons
Sack of StarfishThrowing StarfishThrone of the Tides
Magical Ogre IdolMagical Ogre IdolCrown of the Heavens
Spurious SarcophagusSpurious SarcophagusTomb of the Forgotten
Dark PortalDark Portal HearthstoneBetrayal of the Guardian
Demon Hunter's AspectDemon Hunters AspectWar of the Ancients

NOTE:  Timewalkers: Reign of Fire Expansion

The Reign of Fire expansion for the WoW trading card game has released on July 23rd, 2013.  The Reign of Fire expansion contains no new loot cards, instead this new expansions includes every loot card every previously released!  And they have upped the drop rates of the loot cards, so you have even better chances to pull loot codes out of the boosters!

Find out more about: The Reign of Fire WoW TCG boosters.

You can also Check eBay for TCG Loot Codes!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Treasure Finding / AoE Looting Barking Strat For Patch 5.0.4

AoE Looting and Treasure Finding In WoW Patch 5.0.4
  • Tonight is the last night to get all of your Blackfallow Inks converted.
  • Tonight is the last night to craft Enchanted Thorium Blades for cheap Greater Eternal Essences and Illusion Dust.
The market value of Cataclysm Herbs is about to take a giant nose dive.  The Inscription Ink traders will no longer be accepting the Blackfallow Inks for trading down to other inks.  This leaves Cataclysm Herbs with not much use outside of Alchemy and a few Inscription markets.  So we can all expect a nice crash in the prices of the Cataclysm Herbs as botters and players alike starting dumping mass amounts of Cataclysm Herbs. 
Be on the lookout for a few specific herbs as the prices drop and you too can make gold off of the Herb price crash.
Get Ready To Make Gold With Potion Of Treasure Finding
Other than making gold with Glyphs, another great area to target for increased gold making post Patch 5.0.4 is the Potion of Treasure Finding.  It's time to dust off that Potion Specialized Alchemist.  With the coming crash to Cata Herbs, be on the lookout for the materials required to make the Potion of Treasure Finding.  With the new Area-of-Effect (AoE) Looting addition coming in Patch 5.0.4, the demand for the best potion for Farming in Cataclysm Zones should explode.  We will have a full month to play around with the AoE Looting and find those uber farming spots prior to the actual launch of Mists of Pandaria.  And there is even an AoE Farming Contest organized over at Alt:ernative Chat.
AoE Looting + Potion of Treasure Finding = Faster Loots and More Tiny Treasure Chests Per Hour!

Potion of Treasure Finding - Required Materials:
  • 4 Stormvine
  • 6 Heartblossom
  • 8 Cinderbloom
  • 4 Whiptail
The demand should naturally increase, but be sure to start barking to sell even more of the wonderful Tiny Treasure Chest creating Potions of Treasure Finding.  You will probably be in town relisting Glyphs, crafting items, snatching up cheap Cata Herbs, and looking for more items to craft.  While standing around in town, Getch Yo Bark On!
Barking Treasure Finding Potions 
First off, if you are planning on doing any barking at all, do yourself a favor and download the WoW add-on, Announce It.  Check out that earlier post for more info on the Announce It Add-On.  This will be a great time to put your Barking skills to use and rake in the gold from selling the Potion of Treasure Finding.  Give the barking a try, while you are in town.  You may be shocked at how effective it is, especially if you use a creative barking rotation.  Have fun with it and watch the gold pour in.  I've got a batch of these potions waiting to start barking as soon as I log in to start my Glyph crafting and posting tommorrow.  Do you?
Here are a few example Barks:

AoE Looting Is Finally Here! Grab Some [Potion of Treasure Finding] off the AH and Make The Most of Your AoE Looting!
Headed Out To Test The New AoE Looting? Don't Forget To Getch Yo Drink On! [Potion of Treasure Finding] Available On The AH Now!
[Potion of Treasure Finding] Available For Sale. AoE Loot Those [Tiny Treasure Chest]s! Extra Gold Pieces and Eternals and Embersilk Cloth! Oh My!

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Remote Auction House Tips For New Users

Remote Auction House Tips
WoW Remote Auction House Now Free

Remote Auction House Is Now Free

Gone are the $2.99/ month fees associated with the Remote Auction House.  As of yesterday, 08/23/12, Blizzard has announced that the World of Warcraft Remote application is now free to all WoW subscribers.  Both the Remote AH and the Guild Chat features are now free and usable by all. 

This Remote Auction House change comes just a week or so after I had chosen the next month's Gold Blogging Carnival topic to be the Remote Auction House.  So be sure to check back for multiple articles from a variety of bloggers with tips and tricks on using the remote auction house for making gold in WoW.

While this is a positive change that allows us to not have to pay for the remote services, there are still drawbacks to having the access be free.  For starters, you will have more competition with easier access to undercut you as well as there being more sets of eyes out hunting for bargains and sniping auctions.  I've already started to see an impact in some markets that I am a big purchaser through the Remote AH, especially with my Bargain Blues Stockpile Strategy For MoP.  More hands in the pot, means less treats for us all.
One thing I can't stress enough for brand new users of the WoW Remote AH.

Double Check Your Postings Until You Get The Hang Of It!
Make Sure To Double Check:
  1. Quantity Being Posted
  2. Price Per Item
  3. Price Per Stack
It is very easy to accidentally post a full stack of goods for the price of a single item, if you aren't familiar with the Remote AH interface.  We've all done it, so I'm trying to warn you ahead of time.  On the flipside, be watching for any erroneously priced goods the next few weeks as new players and new users are bound to screw up their postings.  Keep an eye out for steals!

Here are 3 previous articles that I have written about the Remote Auction House In WoW.  These are worth a second read, or first if you ignored them the first time, since now everyone can use the free remote application.
 Enjoy the free remote auction house, but be careful not to list stuff for the wrong prices.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Top 4 Items To Unload Before WoW Patch 5.0.4

Items To Get Rid Of Before WoW Patch 5.0.4

The Mists of Pandaria pre-patch is less than a week away and Patch 5.0.4 will be updated to live WoW servers on Tuesday, August 28th.  That leaves us with less than 6 days to continue to prepare for the big changes coming with the new patch.  As gold makers in WoW, we need to be on the ball and take special care to unload some of the items that are going to see a massive drop in value or are going to become completely worthless because of these new changes.  Let's take a look at some stuff to unload ahead of the big pre-patch.

1)  Blackfallow Ink - Convert all of your Blackfallow Ink into all of the other inks that are using for Glyph crafting.  With the pre-patch comes the change to the Inscription ink traders, so don't get caught with a bunch of Blackfallow Ink and no way to trade them down.  This change will reward those of us who prepared ahead of time and will penalize those who didn't.  Even if you plan on selling crafted items that require Blackfallow Ink, you should still convert all that you have.  Once the vendor no longer takes those inks for converting down to the other inks, the prices are going to drop even farther. 

2)  Relics, Librams, Idols, Hunter Melee Weapons & Non-Hunter Ranged Slot Items - The Relic, Libram, Idol, Wand, Ranged Weapon slot is being removed.  Wands are moving to the main hand weapon slot and Hunters will still use ranged weapons, but will no longer have melee weapons as well.  Don't get tricked into grabbing those nice + agility items, as part of your Bargain Blues Stockpiling, that won't be able to be equipped by Rogues, Monks, or Druids.  If you have been crafting relics or other items to disenchant, make sure to get them all disenchanted prior to the patch.  If you don't disenchant them ahead of time, you run the risk of the items turning grey or being removed alltogether.  Plan ahead.  Also get rid of any ranged weapons (crossbow, bow, gun) that you were hoping to sell to levelers, unless they are useable by Hunters.  No one else will have a ranged weapon slot, so those tanking guns are going to be useless.  Dump them or Disenchant them.  Then when the patch drops, keep an eye out for good Disenchant fodder as any crossbow, bow, or gun without Hunter stats will be worthless as gear.

3)  Enchanted Thorium Blades - Along the same lines as those items above, but worth it's own mention.  Enchanted Thorium Blades have long been the go to craftable item from producing our own Greater Eternal Essences and Illusion Dust.  Get them made and Disenchanted ahead of the patch so you don't run the risk of being stuck with a bunch of near useless Enchanted Thorium Bars or Enchanted Thorium Blades that may turn grey on Patch day.  Also keep an eye out for plummeting Enchanted Thorium Bars on the auction house after the patch, if you have a use for them.  I will be buying up the cheap Enchanted Thorium that gets dumped to use for a niche market of mine, Whitesoul Helms (for dungeon running Paladin Healers).

4)  Nightmare's Tear - With the removal of the Relic slots, the Nightmare's Tear is going to pretty much worthless.  There won't be any more prismatic gem slots to fool players into foolishly slotting them with Nightmare's Tears.  Dump all your Nightmare's Tears and Dragon's Eyes now. 

So these are the top 4 things I'm making sure to dump prior to the big pre-patch 5.0.4 on this coming Tuesday.  You have been warned too, so don't get caught with your pants on the ground!

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Flawless Draenethyst Sphere

Blasted Lands Quest Turn Ins
Flawless Draenethyst Sphere & Imperfect Draenethyst Fragment
 Flawless Draenethyst Spheres and Imperfect Draenethyst Fragments

The Flawless Draenethyst Sphere and Imperfect Draenethyst Fragment are a couple of interesting quest items.  I'm writing about these today because they have been showing up on the auction house on my server at silly low prices.  Of course, I buy the Flawless Draenethyst Spheres and turn them in for the rewards. I then add the resulting blue gear to my Mists of Pandaria stockpile of blue weapons and gear I'm flipping to leveling characters in Mists of Pandaria.  It's just another aspect of my bargain blues stockpiling for Mists.
What Are These Draenethyst Items?

Any creature killed within the entire Blasted Lands zone in WoW, has a chance to drop either of the Draenethyst quest items.  The Sphere is more rare and drops much less often than the Fragments.  Although, if you kill one of the rare spawns within the Blasted Lands, you have a better chance at receiving one of the rarer Flawless Dranethyst Spheres. 

They are both repeatable quest turn ins that are given to the npc, Kum'isha, also located in Blasted Lands.  For each Flawless Draenethyst Sphere turned in, Kum'isha will award you with a container that when opened will award you a guaranteed rare blue item (weapon or gear) or possibly an epic purple item.  There is also a chance to get a second green item or a recipe within the same container awarded for the rare turn in.  So if you look up the Flwless Draenethyst Sphere on and see that the awarded container does contain green items, don't be fooled.  Those green items can appear in addition to the guaranteed rare blue item.  The Imperfect Draenethyst Fragment will award you a green item or two once turned in to Kum'isha.

If you are out and about questing or farming within the Blasted Lands zone, you will probably obtain a few of these items.  Make sure that you turn them in to Kum'isha yourself and get a shot at the epic items that can sell for a nice chunk of gold.  A few days ago, I found a pair of the Flawless Draenethyst Spheres on the auction house for 10 gold each.  I took the portal (which is found in any major city) out to the Blasted Lands zone and turned in both of the Spheres.  With those two turn ins I was awarded a nice rare item that I commonly sell for a few hundred gold and another that is a nice blue ranged weapon with +Agility that should bring a hefty price from a leveling hunter in Mists of Pandaria.  While I was in the area, I also noticed and killed another rare spawn, which also dropped a Flawless Draenethyst Sphere.  This one also awarded me a nice item to sell once the Mists expansion launches.

Even though there is a small gamble involved, I would add the Flawless Draenethyst Sphere to your snatch list and buy out any that you find for 25 gold and under and take the chance at getting the rare epic items, nice blue gear to sell on the auction house, or a chance at a rare recipe. 

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Bargain Blues Stockpiling For MoP

Stockpiling WoW Blues For MoP
Hooray For Cheap Blue Gear!
 Bargain Blues Stockpiling

Right now there seems to be a crazy amount of underpriced blue leveling gear showing up on multiple auction houses.  I have been stockpiling a ton of great low level blue weapons and lower level blue gear because I am absolutely positive that I will sell it all for a major profit once Mists of Pandaria launches.  How can I be sure?  I do it every expansion and Mists will be no different.  Well, Mists is bringing us the Monk player class, which means a massive increase in demand on leather items, specifically agility based leather gear and jewelry. Oh yeah, we also get an 11th character slot in Mists.  That means even more new alts being created by those players who've been capped at ten characters for a while.

Why Blue Gear?

Blue gear is worth more than green gear because of increased stats, lower drop rates, less supply on the auction house (which gives more visibility to your blues), and for status effect for socials.  Some players with extra gold will pimp out their alts as they level and other players make low level battleground twinks.  Twinks are looking for best in slot gear and pimped out alts are looking for great blue gear with the stats to either increase survivability or ramp up their damage. 

I have been able to pick up an amazing amount of blue leveling gear pieces off of the auction house.  The majority of these blue items are way underpriced.  I'm snagging the majority of blue gear for under 20 gold apiece with a ton of it listing as stupidly low as 5, 10, and 15 gold.  So I have been buying up all of the good pieces (good as in proper stat combos) and banking them away for the new player rush. 

How To Search For Blue Gear To Stockpile

The ingame WoW auction house and the WoW remote auction house both use the same technique for finding good deals on the leveling blue weapons and gear pieces. 

  1. Select Armor auction group.
  2. Change to rare quality only.
  3. Search required level to 0-29
  4. Check all blue gear results for poor pricing.
  5. Buy the ones that have good stat combos and are poorly priced.
  6. Do the same for Weapons level 0-29.
  7. Then Armor 30-57.
  8. Then Weapons 30-57.
When determining a price point, even if you dont understand which items can sell for a lot more, you should be able to identify that any good stat combo blue item should sell for 75g or more.  So buy out anything at 50g or under that has a good stat combo.  Many of the excellent items will sell for over 100 gold easily and some as high as 300-800 gold if its a best-in-slot twink item. 

You can place extra emphasis on agility based leather gear, rings, and neckpieces because the incoming wave of monks will be easy targets to sell to.  Also place extra emphasis on non-BoA gear slots like Belts, Wrists, Rings, Legs, Neckpieces, & Trinkets. 

Here are some of the crazy stupid low prices I've paid while working on this sure-fire mega profit blue gear stockpile.
  • Cobalt Crushers 5g
  • Axe of Rin'ji - 3 at 7g ea
  • Frostreaver Crown - 12.5g
  • Watchmen's Pauldrons 4 for 5-10g ea
  • Sparkleshell Mantle - 3 for 10g ea
  • River Pride Choker - 12g
  • Yorgen Bracers - 5g
  • Thunderbrow Ring - 12g
  • Tigerstrike Mantle - 20g
As you can see these are top notch items that will sell for 150g minimum easy, but I will be pricing them 200 gold or more due to the demand spike and inflation.  This is just the tip of the iceberg!  I'm snatching tons of good blue gear to sell to the levelers, including the Tarot deck crafted blues that get listed too low.  You should be checking your auction house on your WoW server too! 

Idiot Jewelcrafters Who Just Give Stuff Away

Along the exact same lines, be sure to also keep a watch out for poorly priced jewelcrafting rings.  I've been seeing horribly low priced rings on multiple servers (been using the strat on 2 servers myself), which are obviously some idiot leveling his Jewelcrafting profession and tossing all the rings on the AH for stupid cheap.  They always come in big batches and are all the same price, regardless of stat combo!  That's about as dumb as you can get.  Aquamarine Signets take 3 aquamarines to craft and they sell for more than the foolish JC is listing the completed rings for.  And it's been the same thing with Sapphire Signets, stupid prices and a flat price regardless of stat combos.  These blue rings are being listed on the servers I'm on for 5g, 7.5g, or 10g each, even when they proc the uber stat combos!

Aquamarine Signets are crafted with Jewelcrafting, but 2 of the 3 stats on the rings are randomly determined.  Every ring will have +20 Attack Power, so I buy out the ones with combos that support AP.  I target these types:
  • +Agi/+Sta
  • +Str/+Sta
  • +Agi/+Dodge
Sapphire Signets work the same way.  Why are you selling that +14 Agility ring for 5 gold?  Nevermind, thanks for being so dumb!  I'll make the money you were too foolish to recognize.

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Tarot Deck Strategy For MoP Monks, Rerolls, & Alts

Goblin Tarot Deck Crafting Strat
My Tarot Deck Strategy

Monks, Pandas & Other New Characters

You don't have to be a mind reader to know when to sell certain items to make gold in WoW.  It's no secret that with the next World of Warcraft expansion we will be seeing a major influx of new pandarian characters, new monks, re-rolls, fresh alts, and brand new players altogether.  This creates a myriad of options for profiting off of these new players and characters.  Even the brand new players will be targets for making gold. 

You may think that brand new players aren't worth targeting, because they won't have much gold to spend anyway.  Wrong!  Many players these days join a specific server because they know some on that server in real life.  Those brand new players are often the recipient of a nice chunk of gold to get them started.  So you will have brand new players with a nice chunk of gold burning a whole in their pocket.  That's where we goblins come in, to help provide the items that they are going to be wanting on the auction house.

I will be going into more detail in an upcoming post about what items to be looking for to snatch and flip for new players, but today I will be focusing on a strategy I have been working on.  I highly recommend getting started on this same strategy ASAP, if you are interested, because as soon as the new pre-MoP Patch 5.04 drops, it will be much harder to find the required herbs at cheap prices. 

Patch 5.04 brings the Inscription Ink Vendor change, which will increase the demand and prices for the older inks, so get stocked up now!

Every time we have an influx of new players and new characters, I turn to profitting off of the various Tarot Decks as once of my methods of making gold in WoW.  This startegy works well when there are new players entering the game.  The top 3 times to sell these items for leveling characters are:
  1. New Expansion Releases
  2. Christmas Break (Christmas Noobs)
  3. Schools Out For Summer

Tarot Decks And What They Make

Tarot decks are created by Scribes (don't let any fool convince you they are called Inscriptionists or Scribblers) with the Inscription Profession.  There are 4 different Tarot Decks and they are each created from combining the required Tarot Cards.  Why target these Tarot cards and decks for new players?  Because you get some killer gear that you can sell for a nice profit when you turn in the completed Tarot Decks.  Every expansion I always run short on these items, even though I try to stock up and make as many as I can.  The demand is just too great to meet the spike brought on by the new player influx. 

The Cards for the Tarot Decks are created using the rare inks that are obtained while milling.  This is one of the reasons I don't just convert Blackfallow Ink or the current top level ink at the Inscription ink trader.  If you aren't milling the low level herbs, then you won't be getting any of the rare pigments.  You can find the rare inks and pigments listed on the auction house sometimes, probably from Scribes that don't understand their value. 

There are 4 types of Tarot Cards and Decks
  1. Mysterious Tarot (of Rogues) - Crafted with Hunter's Ink (Verdant Pigment)
  2. Strange Tarot (of Swords) - Crafted with Dawnstar Ink (Burnt Pigment)
  3. Arcane Tarot (of Mages) - Crafted with Royal Ink (Indigo Pigment)
  4. Shadowy Tarot (of Demons) - Crafted with Fiery Ink (Ruby Pigment)
Mysterious Tarot / Deck of Rogues - These are an absolute goldmine!  Once you turn in the deck (at anytime - the Darkmoon Faire is not required for any of these 4 Tarot Decks), you have the choice of 3 items.  You pick which reward you would like, the Robe (cloth), Vest (leather), or Chain Shirt (mail).  These are wearable at level 15 and rival gear much higher level.  These chest peices are favorites of low level twinks and leveling characters alike.  These Darkmoon chest pieces can also be snatched up off of the auction house and sold for a nice chunk of gold.  I tend to sell them for 75 gold each.  The stats given to the pieces are random, so you will have some duds with a goofy stat combo, but those can still sell for an easy 25 gold.  The best stat combos can sell for over 100 gold each.

Strange Tarot / Deck of Swords - My favorite of all the decks because of the speed at which the awarded gear flies off of the auction house.  These Swords Decks award level 20 blue shoulders.  Low level shoulders are great items to sell because many low level players won't fill their shoulder gear slot by questing alone.  You have 3 choices of awards again: Azure Shoulderguards (Mail), Cloaked Shoulderpads (Leather), and Darkcloth Shoulders (Cloth).  Again the stats are random, but the combinations are pretty good and the great stat combinations can sell for hefty prices to twinks and levelers.

Arcane Tarot / Deck of Mages - These decks award the choice of 1 of two neck pieces that are equipable at level 30.  The Darkmoon Necklace has +5 Sta / +8 Int / +5 Crit, while the Darkmoon Pendant has +6 Agi / +11 Sta.  With the onslaught of incoming Monks, I will be stocking up on the Pendants to sell to the Monks, Rogues, Druids, & Hunters.

Shadowy Tarot / Deck of Demons - These are excellent items to use to make gold as well.  Equipable at level 40, you can choose from 3 different weapon rewards to sell on the auction house.  There is a +Agility Dagger, a +Intellect Staff, and a +Attack Power 2 handed Axe.  I have had the most success selling the Dagger and the Staff, with little success with the Attack Power Axe.

What Herbs To Look Out For For Tarot Decks

Here is a quick reference list of which herbs will have a chance to create the required rare inks when milled by a Scribe, as well as which Pigments to search for.

Hunter's Ink for Rogues Decks
  • Bruiseweed
  • Stranglekelp
  • Briarthorn
  • Mageroyal
  • Swiftthistle
  • (Verdant Pigment)
Dawnstar Ink for Swords Decks
  • Kingsblood
  • Liferoot
  • Grave Moss
  • Wild Steelbloom
  • (Burnt Pigment)
Royal Ink For Mages Decks
  • Khadgar's Whisker
  • Dragon's Teeth
  • Goldthorn
  • Fadeleaf
  • (Indigo Pigment)
Fiery Ink For Demons Decks
  • Ghost Mushroom
  • Gromsblood
  • Blindweed
  • Arthas' Tears
  • Firebloom
  • Sungrass
  • Purple Lotus
  • (Ruby Pigment)
So don't forget to stock up on these raw low level Vanilla WoW Herbs prior to the big Mists of Pandaria pre-patch 5.04.  These will become much harder to find and much more expensive as unprepared Scribes will be forced to turn to milling the lower level herbs for the proper inks, once the vendor won't accept Blackfallow trading anymore.

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Finally A Way To Turn Gold Into Dollars?

Savage Raptor WoW TCG Mount Card
Turning Your Gold Into Dollars With TCG Mounts
 Turning Your Gold Into Dollars

The Mists of Pandaria expansion is bringing a lot of changes to what we have grown accustomed to in World of Warcraft.  With these changes we are seeing a complete overhaul to both the pet and mount systems.  These changes are opening the pathways to some new and different avenues of profiting both in and out of the game. 

Euripides already wrote about the possibilities of transferring wealth between servers with battle pets.  It's a novel idea, but I have no interest in having gold on multiple servers or playing the markets on multiple servers.  Hell, it's hard enough to maintain both the Horde and Alliance auction houses on my own server, much less having to look for deals on other servers.  So, I won't be participating in trying to move around caged battle pets.  I will however, be very interested in utilizing the changes to the mount system to make real life profits.

Making Money With WoW TCG Mounts

I was chatting on Twitter with a fellow goldmaker, Farli from The Overcut, earlier today after I saw him tweet that he had just snatched up a rare WoW Trading Card Game mount that he is planning on flipping for extra gold once Mists of Pandaria comes out.  Then I had a revelation.  Why sell it for gold, when you can sell it for cash? It's going to be entirely possible with the new changes coming to how the mounts work.

In Mists of Pandaria, all of your mounts will be Account Wide instead of just on the character that learned the mount.  This announcement alone has already led to increased demand and continually increasing prices for all of the WoW TCG Mount Loot Codes.  Similarly, the WoW TCG Pet Loot Codes are also selling quickly and are also seeing the prices increase as they are going account bound in MoP as well.  And when we say Account Bound, it's truely account bound.  Any character, regardless of server, will have access to the same pets and mounts collection that will be accessed through the new Pet & Mount UI tabs.

So obviously this makes purchasing a WoW TCG mount more valuable, since every character of yours will be able to flaunt that mount, even any new characters that you create on any server!

Using WoW TCG mounts to purchase gold in a roundabout way has always been legit.  Blizzard made changes to allow the WoW TCG mounts to create a BoE mount that you can trade on the auction house to prevent getting ripped off.  You can spend money on a loot code, then get the item to sell in game.  The end result is that you paid money for Warcraft gold legally. 

Now we will finally be able to turn the tables and turn our hard earned gold into real life money, using this same system in reverse.  The biggest drawback to the mount code change of creating BoE mounts has been that you pretty much needed to find a buyer on your current server.  If you chose to sell the TCG mount to another player, that player either needed to already be on your server, or one of you would face extra charges of transferring a character to deliver the mount. 

Well, that will no longer be a limiting factor once the new mount UI is implemented.  Which means you can sell those rare mounts to anyone within your region (Us/Oceanic/EU only) or shop for a rare mount on any server you have gold on.  How so?

Getting Paid For Your Gold Making
  1. Find a WoW TCG Mount on your server, Spectral Tiger as an example.
  2. Buy the Spectral Tiger off AH with gold.
  3. Find a buyer for the Spectral Tiger (eBay, Craigslist, Forums, Blogs, etc)
  4. Buyer makes an Alt on your server.
  5. Show Spectral Tiger to buyer and receive payment from buyer.
  6. Trade Spectral Tiger to buyer.
  7. Buyer learns Spectral Tiger on new alt.
  8. Now all of the buyer's characters can mount the Spectral Tiger, regardless of server.
Note: If you do decide to sell your mounts for real money and use Paypal to complete the sale, be sure to document and screenshot the entire transaction for your safety as Paypal leaves the burden of proof on the seller should an issue arise.  I would have the buyer create the alt on your server first and require that the character's name be included in the payment he sends to help validate screenshots you take of the transaction.

I'm unsure of whether this would technically be allowed or disallowed by the Terms of Service, but it really isn't much different than selling the physical WOW TCG loot cards, except that the code has already been redeemed for the in-game item.  This is safer than blindly buying loot codes from other players that may or may not have already been used. 

Why flip for gold when you can flip for cash!?!

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WoW TCG Mount Loot Codes

WoW TCG Mount Loot Codes

With the Mists of Pandaria expansion just around the corner, the demand for the WoW Trading Card Game Pet Codes and the WoW Trading Card Game Mount Codes have skyrocketed.  While the pets are going account wide through the new battle pets system, player mounts are also going to become useable account wide.  This is wonderful news when you consider that those hefty priced WoW TCG mounts are going to be able to be used on all of your characters.  Instead of paying $700 for a Swift Spectral Tiger for your main character, each and every character of yours will be able to flaunt that super rare and highly desired mount for all of Azeroth to see.

The prices of the WoW TCG mounts have steadily been on the rise.  The demand is continuing to increase as more and more players learn of the account wide mounts conversion coming in Mists of Pandaria.  Hover over the links below and you will see that some of the prices are already crazy.  Amazon is currently sold out of the most expensive WoW TCG mount card, the Swift Spectral Tiger.  I can't even fathom spending that kind of real life cash on an in game item myself.  If you are looking to obtain some of the WoW TCG mounts, don't hesitate because the prices are climbing and I'm sure they will jump even higher once Mists of Pandaria launches and more players return to the game. 

Current WoW Trading Card Game Mounts

Riding Turtle Saltwater Snapjaw Heroes of Azeroth
Spectral Tiger Spectral Tiger Fires of Outland
Swift Spectral Tiger Swift Spectral Tiger Fires of Outland 
Savage Raptor Savage Raptor War of the Elements 
Swift Shorestrider Wasteland TallstriderThrone of the Tides
X-51 Nether-Rocket X-51 Nether Rocket Servants of the Betrayer
X-51 Nether-Rocket
X-51 Nether Rocket X-tremeServants of the Betrayer 
Blazing Hippogryph Flaming Hippogryph Wrathgate 
Corupted Hippogryph Corrupted HippogryphCrown of the Heavens 
White Riding Camel White Camel Tomb of the Forgotten
Big Battle Bear The Red Bearon Drums of War
Wooly White Rhino Wooly White Rhino Icecrown 
Magic Rooster El Pollo Grande Fields of Honor 
Mottled Drake Mottled Drake Worldbreaker 
Amani Dragonhawk Amani Dragonhawk Twilight of the Dragons 
Ghostly ChargerGhastly Charger SkullBetrayal of the Guardian
FeldrakeFeldrakeWar of the Ancients

Are You Willing To Gamble?

When hunting for WoW TCG mounts you have 2 options.  You can purchase the mount cards themselves (US/Oceanic and EU realms only) or you can purchase the WoW TCG Booster Packs or Booster Boxes.  Cryptozoic has taken over the production of all the WoW TCG sets and currently many of the older booster packs are on sale, some for as low as $2 per pack!  So it's a great time to clean up on some cheaper WoW TCG booster packs and boxes.  The table above links to the associated booster packs that can contain the specific mounts.

Landro's Gift Box

There is also the gamble of the Landro's Gift Box loot card.  This code will award you with a gift box that when opened will reveal a random TCG item.  The Landro's Gift Box will contain one of the following:
  1. Papa Hummel's Old Fashioned Pet Biscuits (50 Stack)
  2. Sandbox Tiger (50 Stack)
  3. Path of Cenarius (50 Stack)
  4. Riding Turtle
  5. Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger
  6. Reins of the Spectral Tiger
  7. Big Battle Bear
  8. X-51 Nether Rocket
  9. X-51 Nether Rocket X-treme
Remember the Landro's Gift Box is a gamble, you are not guaranteed to get one of the mounts.  You may be hoping for a Spectral Tiger and get only Pet Biscuits, but if you get lucky, you can get a super expensive mount for a fraction of the cost.

Archives Boosters

The Archives Booster Packs and Archives Booster Boxes are another great way to get some of those classic favorites as this set is a "Best of" from the previous WoW TCG expansions.  This gives you a chance to get some of the most sought after pets and mounts and these packs are dirt cheap! 

Archives Boosters can contain:
  1. Spectral Tiger
  2. X-51 Nether Rocket
  3. Riding Turtle
  4. Big Battle Bear
Have fun and gamble safely! 

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Don't forget to check eBay for loot codes as well.

NOTE:  Timewalkers: Reign of Fire Expansion

The Reign of Fire expansion for the WoW trading card game has released on July 23rd, 2013.  The Reign of Fire expansion contains no new loot cards, instead this new expansions includes every loot card every previously released!  And they have upped the drop rates of the loot cards, so you have even better chances to pull loot codes out of the boosters!

Find out more about: The Reign of Fire WoW TCG boosters.

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