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Bargain Blues Stockpiling For MoP

Stockpiling WoW Blues For MoP
Hooray For Cheap Blue Gear!
 Bargain Blues Stockpiling

Right now there seems to be a crazy amount of underpriced blue leveling gear showing up on multiple auction houses.  I have been stockpiling a ton of great low level blue weapons and lower level blue gear because I am absolutely positive that I will sell it all for a major profit once Mists of Pandaria launches.  How can I be sure?  I do it every expansion and Mists will be no different.  Well, Mists is bringing us the Monk player class, which means a massive increase in demand on leather items, specifically agility based leather gear and jewelry. Oh yeah, we also get an 11th character slot in Mists.  That means even more new alts being created by those players who've been capped at ten characters for a while.

Why Blue Gear?

Blue gear is worth more than green gear because of increased stats, lower drop rates, less supply on the auction house (which gives more visibility to your blues), and for status effect for socials.  Some players with extra gold will pimp out their alts as they level and other players make low level battleground twinks.  Twinks are looking for best in slot gear and pimped out alts are looking for great blue gear with the stats to either increase survivability or ramp up their damage. 

I have been able to pick up an amazing amount of blue leveling gear pieces off of the auction house.  The majority of these blue items are way underpriced.  I'm snagging the majority of blue gear for under 20 gold apiece with a ton of it listing as stupidly low as 5, 10, and 15 gold.  So I have been buying up all of the good pieces (good as in proper stat combos) and banking them away for the new player rush. 

How To Search For Blue Gear To Stockpile

The ingame WoW auction house and the WoW remote auction house both use the same technique for finding good deals on the leveling blue weapons and gear pieces. 

  1. Select Armor auction group.
  2. Change to rare quality only.
  3. Search required level to 0-29
  4. Check all blue gear results for poor pricing.
  5. Buy the ones that have good stat combos and are poorly priced.
  6. Do the same for Weapons level 0-29.
  7. Then Armor 30-57.
  8. Then Weapons 30-57.
When determining a price point, even if you dont understand which items can sell for a lot more, you should be able to identify that any good stat combo blue item should sell for 75g or more.  So buy out anything at 50g or under that has a good stat combo.  Many of the excellent items will sell for over 100 gold easily and some as high as 300-800 gold if its a best-in-slot twink item. 

You can place extra emphasis on agility based leather gear, rings, and neckpieces because the incoming wave of monks will be easy targets to sell to.  Also place extra emphasis on non-BoA gear slots like Belts, Wrists, Rings, Legs, Neckpieces, & Trinkets. 

Here are some of the crazy stupid low prices I've paid while working on this sure-fire mega profit blue gear stockpile.
  • Cobalt Crushers 5g
  • Axe of Rin'ji - 3 at 7g ea
  • Frostreaver Crown - 12.5g
  • Watchmen's Pauldrons 4 for 5-10g ea
  • Sparkleshell Mantle - 3 for 10g ea
  • River Pride Choker - 12g
  • Yorgen Bracers - 5g
  • Thunderbrow Ring - 12g
  • Tigerstrike Mantle - 20g
As you can see these are top notch items that will sell for 150g minimum easy, but I will be pricing them 200 gold or more due to the demand spike and inflation.  This is just the tip of the iceberg!  I'm snatching tons of good blue gear to sell to the levelers, including the Tarot deck crafted blues that get listed too low.  You should be checking your auction house on your WoW server too! 

Idiot Jewelcrafters Who Just Give Stuff Away

Along the exact same lines, be sure to also keep a watch out for poorly priced jewelcrafting rings.  I've been seeing horribly low priced rings on multiple servers (been using the strat on 2 servers myself), which are obviously some idiot leveling his Jewelcrafting profession and tossing all the rings on the AH for stupid cheap.  They always come in big batches and are all the same price, regardless of stat combo!  That's about as dumb as you can get.  Aquamarine Signets take 3 aquamarines to craft and they sell for more than the foolish JC is listing the completed rings for.  And it's been the same thing with Sapphire Signets, stupid prices and a flat price regardless of stat combos.  These blue rings are being listed on the servers I'm on for 5g, 7.5g, or 10g each, even when they proc the uber stat combos!

Aquamarine Signets are crafted with Jewelcrafting, but 2 of the 3 stats on the rings are randomly determined.  Every ring will have +20 Attack Power, so I buy out the ones with combos that support AP.  I target these types:
  • +Agi/+Sta
  • +Str/+Sta
  • +Agi/+Dodge
Sapphire Signets work the same way.  Why are you selling that +14 Agility ring for 5 gold?  Nevermind, thanks for being so dumb!  I'll make the money you were too foolish to recognize.

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  1. Brilliant sir. With as well as 77-80 Cata greens and 67-69 Wrath greens do for me I should have thought to move down the chain.

    Just did some crazy shopping. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Cold, you were a little (needlessly) condescending with people posting up under value items on the AH. The AH market is a fickle beast at the best of times and people's logic/reasoning for posting at certain price points may not be the same as your own.

    Some people might have different motivation for selling lower than regular market value (market domination for example) or simply because they need liquid gold quickly. Then again, it might simply be a case of not having the same level of market knowledge as your regular Goblin with Auctioneer/TUJ data but it has to be said that lack of market knowledge <> stupidity either.

  3. Listing 400g items for 5g is just dumb Anyway you look at it. Whether the poster is a new player, ignorant, or just plain foolish is irrelevant as the prices are still stupidly low compared to their true value.

    If someone is so broke or impatient that they want to sell me a best in slot twink item for 20g, then I'll take it, but that price is still stupidly low brother. But I guarantee 99% of these items are posted by people ignorant of the true values.

  4. Very nice-

    Here is the TSM list:

    s1@$cobalt crushers;axe of rin;frostreaver crown;watchmens's pauldrons;sparkleshell mantle;river pride choker;yorgen bracers;thunderbrow ring;tigerstrike mantle;aquamarine signet;sapphire signet@


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