Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ultimate Zombie Lovers Gift Guide - Part 2

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Zombie Night Before Christmas
The Ultimate Zombie Lovers Gift Guide has been one of the most popular Gifts for Gamers posts that I have done, so I decided to write a follow-up as there are now a bunch of really awesome new gifts for zombie fans available.  As always, you can hover over the links to see images of the products, just click the links for pricing and item details.

Ultimate Zombie Lover's Gift Guide - Part 2

Toys For Little Zombie Lovers:
Clothing & Accessories For The Ultimate Zombie Fan:

Zombie Items For The Home:
  • Zombie Hand Toilet Topper - A sticker to add a zombie hand in a pool of blood to your toilet lid!
  • Bleeding Zombie Bowl - This bowl looks like a zombie head and you dig into his cranium and pull out your favorite snacks or sweets.  Perfect for your next Halloween party!
  • Zombie Kittens Poster - The perfect gift for the zombie / cat lover!

Zombie & Zombie Apocolypse Inspired Car Accessories:

Zombie Foods:

Zombie Games:
Zombie Books:  How friggin' awesome are these titles!?!

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Gifts For Gamers: JVC Xtreme-Xplosivs Headphones (My Favorites)

Gifts For Gamers:

JVC Xtreme-Xplosivs In Ear Headphones

Everyone needs a pair of good quality headphones.  Whether you are listening to music, playing video games, using Skype on your smartphone, or listening to your favorite podcasts (like Eviscerated or Electronic Education), you should have a nice sounding, durable pair of headphones.

After getting my iPhone, I needed to replace the next to no bass response basic iPhone earbuds asap.  I searched long and hard for a pair of heavy hitting bass response earbuds that were affordable and had a durable build to them.  After a lot of comparing, pricing, and reading owner comments, I settled on a pair of JVC Xtreme Xplosivs Earbud Headphones and I have never been more satisfied with my decision.

I highly recommend the Xtreme Xplosivs by JVC.  The highs, mids, and bass all sound excellent.  They are super durable with nice thick cords, have plenty of cord length, and are very comfortable to wear.  If you enjoy bass heavy music or bass gaming explosions then these are truly awesome headphones for under $20! Many reviewers even stated that these are better than Beats by Dre and for a tiny fraction of the price of those over-hyped Beats.  I've gotta say if you bought Beats by Dre then you got suckered and coulda had the same thing (if not better) for $20 instead of $200.  Sorry R9z!

Xtreme-Xplosives by JVC
(Not as huge as they look)

These headphones are the best earbuds that I have ever owned.  I'm so happy with my purchase that I've referred them on to other gamers and music fans as well.  Nic (@BoneandArrow13), from the earlier episodes of Eviscerated, purchased a pair off of my recommendation and this is what he has to say about the JVC Xtreme-Xplosivs that he also purchased:

The JVC Xtreme-Xplosives are an awesome set of headphones. I have been happy with them since day one. The best thing about this set of headphones is that they get better with time. The bass starts to get better as more hours of music are put through these headphones. I am glad that I found such a great pair of headphones for such a small amount of money. Although they look kind of clunky in the pictures, they are extremely light and feel great once they are put in your ears. I was surprised a lot by this; I couldn’t believe that these were so light. Another thing is these headphones just look plain awesome when you wear them. If you want something with great bass at an affordable price then look no further than the JVC Xtreme-Xplosives! 
- Nic
Check Out The JVC Xtreme Xplosivs Now

You can also now get them in a variety of colors and can also get them with or without and in-line microphone.  Check out all the Xtreme Xplosives options on Amazon.

Right now is June Audio Month at Amazon and there are a ton of specials on all sorts of audio gear including headphones, speakers, home audio & theater, and gaming audio and headphones as well.

Check out the June Audio Specials at Amazon before the end of the month!