Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ultimate Zombie Lovers Gift Guide - Part 2

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Zombie Night Before Christmas
The Ultimate Zombie Lovers Gift Guide has been one of the most popular Gifts for Gamers posts that I have done, so I decided to write a follow-up as there are now a bunch of really awesome new gifts for zombie fans available.  As always, you can hover over the links to see images of the products, just click the links for pricing and item details.

Ultimate Zombie Lover's Gift Guide - Part 2

Toys For Little Zombie Lovers:
Clothing & Accessories For The Ultimate Zombie Fan:

Zombie Items For The Home:
  • Zombie Hand Toilet Topper - A sticker to add a zombie hand in a pool of blood to your toilet lid!
  • Bleeding Zombie Bowl - This bowl looks like a zombie head and you dig into his cranium and pull out your favorite snacks or sweets.  Perfect for your next Halloween party!
  • Zombie Kittens Poster - The perfect gift for the zombie / cat lover!

Zombie & Zombie Apocolypse Inspired Car Accessories:

Zombie Foods:

Zombie Games:
Zombie Books:  How friggin' awesome are these titles!?!

If you enjoyed this Zombie Gift Guide, be sure to check out the original Ultimate Zombie Lovers Gift Guide for even more zombie gift ideas.

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