Monday, August 30, 2010

Everlook: Limited Quantity Recipes Galore

And the tour of goblin settlements with excellent resale options lands here in Everlook.  This pair of goblins have the best deals anywhere!  There items are almost all limited quantity and are items that are needed for quests, profession levelling, or common use items.  That mean that many of these will fetch you 25-35g per recipe.  And since there is a neutral auction house located within the walls of Everlook, this is an excellent place to camp one of your alts to both gather limited quantity recipes and also grab faction specific pets and recipes off of the neutral auction house.  Here's what these little green guys have to offer:

          Recipe:  Monster Omelet  1g20s

          (1) Design:  Necklace of the Diamond Tower  1g35s
          (1) Formula:  Enchant Chest - Major Health  1g60s
          (1) Pattern:  Frostsaber Boots  1g 60s
          (1) Pattern:  Runecloth Bag  1g20s
          Pattern:  Mooncloth  2g

Xizzer Fizzbolt
          (1) Schematic:  Delicate Arcanite Converter  2g
          (1) Schematic:  Fused Wiring  1g60s
          (1) Schematic:  Gyrofreeze Ice Reflector  1g20s
          (1) Schematic:  Masterwork Target Dummy  1g60s
          (1) Schematic:  Powerful Seaforium Charge  1g60s

Can you identify the big time sellers in this list?  Or have you been neglecting the excellent choices for auction house flipping that lay within the walls of Everlook?  So as you can already tell, the goblins are our friends, or at the least, our suppliers.  So when the lands is split and the skys fall, we can become them as players.  Then we too can offer "The Best Deals Anywhere!"

Jabbey & Co.

Continuing in our exploration of auction house recipe flipping sweet spots we venture forth to the North Eastern corner of Tanaris to Jabbey and his buds, situated along the coast.  This band of quest givers and vendors are a nice little out of the way spot to grab up a bunch of recipes for mailing off to your auction house alt.  Bonus, if you can bring along MOLL-E, lol.  Sorry, plug for us engineers.  Here's what the little guys sell.

        Recipe:  Grilled Squid  1g60s
        Recipe:  Spotted Yellowtail  1g60s 
        Recipe:  Poached Sunscale Salmon  2g
        Recipe:  Nightfin Soup  2g

         (1) Recipe: Undermine Clam Chowder  30s

Haughty Modiste
         (1) Pattern:  Dress Shoes  50s
         Pattern:  Haliscon Pants  50s
         Pattern:  Halison Pants  45s

Haughty has Patterns that sell almost as well as the Patterns for Tuxedo pieces from Undercity.  These cooking recipes are extremely usefull when leveling cooking skill because of the range in which they allow skill-ups.  This is also the quest hub for the pirate slaying quests South along the coast.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A New Article of Mine That is a Must Read: Anti-Websense

Just finished a new Article that is a must read for anyone who has problems accessing content due to restrictive programs such as Websense, Net Nanny, Barracude, etc.  This explains how I circumvent Websense at my current job.  Great advise for those with similar issues.

Check it out at

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Terokk the BoE Loot Pinata


Terrok, the undead leader of the Arrakoa in Skettis, Terrokar Forest is a loot pinata.  This guy is summonable after the required quests are completed to unlock him.  He drops amazing loot that is mostly BoE.  This loot consists of Blue BoE gear with , but unlock world drops, these random stats are very good and correct combinations making them viable for resale.  He also drops 2 BoE epic cloaks that are good as well.  But the best item he drops is BOP, the rare Time-Lost Figurine.  This dandy little trinket will turn you into a random Arrakoa for 5 minutes!  Brr'awk!  Check out his Loot List.

Here is how you unlock Terrok.  In Skettis (flying mount required), grab the quest to gather Shadow Dusts from the Arrakoa around Skettis.  You turn 6 Shadow dust in to the npc Severin to receive an Elixir of Shadows.  Imbibing the Elixir of Shadows allows you to see more mobs around Skettis, the Talonpriests and the Time-Lost Arrokoas.  These now viewable mobs will drop Time Lost Scrolls.  It takes 10 Time Lost Scrolls to summon one of the 4 mini-bosses at the skull piles around Skettis.  These mini-bosses are Karrog, Gezzarak the Huntress, Darkscreecher Akkarai, Vakkiz the Windrager.  Each of these min-bosses drop an item.  When you collect all 4 your turn them in to get the item used to summon Terrokar.  He can be summoned once every 15 minutes, but does require you to gather the other mini-boss items again.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Booty Bay: Resale Central

Booty Bay is just that, Re-Sale Central.  This little cove in Southern Stranglethorn Valley is an excellent place to get your start flipping vendor items on the auction house for major profits.  Booty Bay also houses the neutral auction house.  I always tend to have an with either a hearthstone set to Booty Bay, or just leave an alt parked there.  Mainly to look for deals on the neutral auction house that alliance players are selling to the horde side.  This is where I get a lot of the vendor pets that are only sold by Alliance vendors, like kittens and owls.  Sometimes I'll find cheap Alliance only vendor cooking recipes, which also transfer and sell well on the Horde auction house.  Don't just visit the neutral auction house and call it day!  There are plenty of opportunities awaiting the auction house flipper within this town of Booty Bay.  Let's dive right in.

Here is a list of vendors and the items they sell.  Everything can be flipped for a profit onto the auction house.  There are so many vendors that sell limited quantity recipes in town, that you are a fool, if you just let them sit unbought.  Here we go:

Any items marked (1) means it has a limited quantity of 1.  You can only purchase 1 at a time, if it is available and no one else has bought it recently.  If the item is not available, you must wait for it to "respawn" on the vendor.

Vendor Name///<Vendor Title>
(Limited Qty)///Item Name///Vendor Cost

Blixrez Goodstitch <Leatherworking Supplies> 
(1) Pattern:  Murloc Scale Bracers  28s
(1) Pattern:  Thick Murloc Armor   6s50c
Cowardly Crosby <Tailoring Supplies> in the Pirate Camp outside of town.
(1) Pattern:  Admiral's Hat 70s
Crazk Sparks <Fireworks Merchant>
(1) Schematic:  Green Firework 18s  (Great for leveling Enchanting)
Glyx Brewright <Alchemy Supplies>
(1) Recipe:  Frost Protection Potion  20s
(1) Recipe:  Nature Protection Potion  20s
Gnaz Blunderflame <Engineering Supplies>
(1) Schematic:  Mechanical Dragonling 1g
Jutak <Blade Trader>
(1) Plans:  Hardened Iron Swortsword  30s
Kelsey Yance <Cook>
Recipe:  Cooked Glossy Mightfish  1g60s
Recipe:  Filet of Redgill  1g60s
Recipe:  Giant Clam Scorcho  50s
Recipe:  Hot Smoked Bass  1g 60s
Recipe:  Rockscale Cod  22s
Recipe:  Sagefish Delight  50s
Recipe:  Smoked Sagefish  5s
Narkk <Pirate Supplies>
(1) Pattern:  Black Swashbuckler's Shirt  15s
Parrot Cage: Cockatiel  40s
Parrot Cage: Senegal  40s
Old Man Heming <Fishing Supplies>
(1) Strong Fishing Pole  9s2c
Rikqiz <Leatherworking Supplies>
(1) Pattern:  Gem-Studded Leather Belt  30s
(1) Pattern:  Shadowskin Gloves  35s
Xizk Goodstitch <Tailoring Supplies>
(1) Crimson Silk Cloak  12s
(1) Enchanter's Cowl  20s
Zarena Cromwind <Superior Weaponsmith> (Required for Weaponsmith Specialty Profession Quests)
(1) Plans:  Moonsteel Broadsword  44s

These are almost all under a single gold each, many just a few silver pieces.  There is no reason not to be flipping these for easy profits.  What you sell them for depends on your server and competition.  Example:  I sell (1) Pattern:  Admiral's Hat 70s purchase for 35g on the auction house.  The fishing rod I flip for 5g each.  Not shabby at all!  What I do is send an alt to camp in Booty Bay for the auction house as well as to gather all of the recipes that are in stock and mail them to another auction house alt of mine.  I send a full mail load of 12 of each cooking recipe, so I have a nice stock to sell out of my mailbox.  Then when I log in to check the neutral AH for steals, pets, and recipes I will run around and gather and mail off the limited quantity recipes back to the auctioneer in the major city.  Quick, Easy, & Profitable.

Are you trading with the goblins and pirates of Booty Bay?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How To Farm Tome of Polymorph: Turtle

Tome of Polymorph Turtle is a vanity item that allows a Mage to "turtle" a mob or opponent, rather than the boring "sheep" that is the standard cast.  These bad boys sell for upper hundreds to lower thousands.  And it takes very little time to get a shot at one.  Wowhead lists the drop rate at 14%, but I am 3 for 3 in getting these to drop, so I believe the drop rate has been increased, or I am very lucky.

Anyways, the Tome drops off of the optional boss, Gahz'ranka, in the raid instance Zul'Gurub.  There is a pre-requisite chain that must be completed before you can "fish" up Gahz'ranka for your chance at this gold fetching item.

First off, to do this solo you must be at least level 58 to start the quest chain.  Although I have not tested this, I believe the old fishing skill requirements of 330 buffed no longer apply since the patch that allows fishing in pools of fish at any skill level.  And since this is a raid, you just need to invite someone, make a raid, then kick them once you are inside the raid instance.  Or better yet, this is what I do when possible.  Find an enchanter that is just in town, etc, and make a raid and stay in it for the free disenchants to save bag space and time.  Don't forget to tip the helpful enchanter.  Yup, thats right!  In case you don't already know, you can get the disenchant option int he loot box just for being grouped with an enchanter.  They need not be near you.

When in ZG, you are looking for Pagle's Point, an obvious campground with boxes and free jugs of liquor to get your quest item to strat the chain.  Pagle's Point is in the NE corner of the ring of water around Hakkar's platform.  Just enter the raid, jump in the water and make your way to Pagle's Point.  Once there look for the sparkling box or turn on low-level quests tracking.  Grab the Battered Tackle Box, open it up, and retrieve the quest chain starter item Nat's Measuring Tape.  Now make your way to Nat Pagle at Tidefury Cove, which is South of Theramore Isle in Dustwallow Marsh (on the coast).  Turn the quest in to Nat and he will now sell you Mudskunk Lures, which are used to summon Gahz'ranka inside Zul'Gurub.  Buy a stack and head back to ZG.

Make your way back to the water as before and circle around the water looking for Muddy Churning Waters, which appear and sounds like regular fish pools.  They also are identified on your mini-map, if you enable fish finding.  Each pool will only yield 2-3 Zulian Mudskunks, but there are 5 Muddy Churning Water pools, so gathering the needed 5 Mudskunks is no problem at all.  Once you have gathered 5 Zulian Mudskunks, combine them with a Mudskunk Lure and toss the created item into the waters.  You must be back at Pagle's Point for this to work.  As soon as you toss the Lure, you will get credit for the "Deadliest Catch" achievement and Gahz'ranka will begin to emerge from the waters.  Note: you don't need your fishing rod out to summon him, just toss the baited lure into the water.  Most classes can solo him at 80, and at level 70 a decent healer and tank combo is plenty to 2 man him.

Gahz'ranka is rather easy.  Fight him in the water so you take minimal damage from his geyser attack that tosses you high into the air and damages you on impact to the ground.  Kill him and loot your Tome of Polymorph Turtle.  Note:  The Mudskunk Lures from Nat Pagle are not soulbound, so you can mail these to other characters as well without them needing to do the quest chain.  The chain is super easy, its just very time consuming getting from ZG to Dustwallow and back again.  thats also why you should pick up a stack of the Mudskunk Lures while you are out there.  Just to save time for later attempts.  Gahz'ranka can only be summoned once per raid lockout.

Now either head to the auction house to make your gold or continue on to Farm the Rest of Zul'Gurub.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Multiple Accounts & the Neutral Auction House: Reader Submission

"Hey man. Let me start out by saying I very much enjoy your blog. I have been playing WoW for a long time, and have always been into having tons and tons of alts. Always been broke with no gold, no professions. Lately, professions and making gold seem like a fun thing to do/aim for instead of mindlessly leveling alts and gearing them and wasting more gold. I decided to have 3 toons in Cata. 
Hunter - 450 JC/Mining
Druid - 450 Enchanting/?(Suggestion for this profession)?
Warlock - 450 Alchemy/Herb
Anyway, here is a gold strat I have thought about. Let me know what you think.
I have 2 wow accounts. My plan would be...
Example 1
Account A buy as many primordial saronites as I can at the lowest going rate on my faction (horde), which is around 410g. Say I buy 10 of them. I would spend 4,100g. Then make my way to the neutral AH, and put the 10 orbs up for 1 copper. Then quickly grab them off the AH on Account B, on my alliance toon. Then sell them on my alliance side for the going rate, which is about 480g. This would make around 4,800g minus the 4,100g i spent on them originally. Which would net me about 700g for little to no work? Does this seem like a strategy that could work for a long time, if I'm willing to pay the subscription. Because no matter what, prices on different factions are ALWAYS going to be different. 




Thanks Deathvalley for the submission.  Anyone else have suggestions or ideas, feel free to comment as well.  Here's my take:

I have 10 characters on the same server so I understand the expense in leveling and gearing alts.  Mine all have epic flight and cold weather flight and maxed professions, so it is attainable.  With the end of the expansion nearing, I wouldn't focus much on gearing your alts, unless its from dungeon drops.  Once the expansion drops, we will get quest gear that out levels our raiding /  badge gear, as is the case every expansion.  So don't waste gold gearing up now.  

As far as your druid's second profession.  Druids make the best gatherers with their instant flying mount, especially Herbalism as you can herb in flightform without leaving form.  If you want something good to pair with enchanting, JC and BS are great, especially if you are looking for cheap enchanting mats.  Both professions have nice BOP craftables that can be disenchanted for better profit than the typical tailor/ enchanting combos.

Cross-faction trading is a great way to get gold.  I would tend to shy away from Primordial Saronites right now, as the pricing is falling daily.  What I would focus on are the big 4 for starters:
     Wool Cloth from Alliance to Horde
     Silk Cloth from Horde to Alliance
     Faction Specific Cooking Recipes (especially Moongraze Tenderloin and other quest earned ones.)
     Faction Specific Vanity Pets (Mainly Kittens and especially White Kittens)

The Vanity Pet Market is awesome for both sides, but especially Alliance to Horde.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Farming in ZG

Banish Da Heart of Hakkar Mon!

Had a lot of time on my hands yesterday, so I decided to start on a project of farming Zul'Gurub solo.  I killed every boss, except for the Madness boss as I'm not an alchemist on Cold.  Basically what I am doing is gathering Bijous and Coins to send off to my priest so she can get to exhaulted to get the recipe for Living Action Potion, as well as the other recipes.  In the process, I got the Tome of Polymorph: Turtle (from fishing up the underwater boss Gahz'Ranka, lots of BoE blues that I will save until Cataclysm to sell to levellers, tons of greens to send to my enchanter to disenchant, Bijous and Coins Galore (using on alts, not selling), the Heart of Hakkar (banishing it in the above pic) for the Quest credit, around 1k gold from vendored trash and BoPs, an ass-ton of Runecloth (saving for Cata), oddball raw materials, and a bunch of stacks of Thorium Ore.  It took me about 5 hours total, not counting the 30 minute hiatus for the Stranglethorn Fishing Derby (got beat by 7 tastyfish, but did get the rare fish to add and extra +5 fishing from the high test line to my Ku'luak Pole - yay!).  Took me a long time because I was farming trash mobs over and over after respawns, just trying to get more loot and a chance at the raptor pet (fail).  Neither of the rare mounts dropped either.  Was an absolute blast to solo the entire thing.  Why is Jin'do the Hexxer harder than Hakkar?  Lots of gold to be made in ZG, if you are looking for something new to try.  Especially if you are not using the coins and bijous and are just going to sell them outright.

Also be sure to Check out my Guest Post over at Markco's site, JMTC.  Be sure to leave some comments over there too.  Thanks all!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Most Hated Drops

Just a quick one today.  I pose this question:

What are your most hated mob drops in the game for whatever reason?

Me:  I can't stand [Shiny Fish Scales] and [Fish Oil].
Don't know why, but I just hate it when I loot em.  Garbage PsOS they are.

Friday, August 20, 2010

OMG U Got That Pattern?!?!?

Formula: Enchant Gloves - Superior Agility
Binds when picked up
Enchanting (300)
Item Level 70
Keepers of Time - Exalted
Use: Teaches you how to permanently enchant gloves to increase Agility by 15.

Finally!  After much hassle and grief, I've finally reached Exhaulted Reputation with the Keepers of Time on my enchanter.  I would like to give a shout out to my Felguard.  Without him, this wouldn't have been possible.  After way too many runs of CoT: Old Hillsbrad and CoT: Dark Portal, I can finally start to sell these sexy glove enchants.  I am banking on selling a boat load of these to twinks once they start taking over in Cataclysm.  Back in the days of vanilla this enchant was a B#tch to find and even after it being added during BC to the KoT quartermaster, it was still just as rare.  These days it is even more rare as people are just not running old content (especially CoT), the few people that had the enchant have quit, and twinking was all but killed off completely,  so there wasn't much demand for it.  With the return of twinks, this enchant will be one of the hardest to find and will rake in huge sales as +15 agility is Humongous on a level 19 Rogue or Hunter.  And these 2 classes were by far the most common before twinking died.  Do you have the enchanting patterns that the twinks will be seeking?  

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blacksmith LockPicking

We all see the people in trade chat looking for a rogue to pick their newly found locked boxes.  And always offering tips.  Why leave all the easy tips to just the rogues?  Blacksmiths have a perfect viable source of income that I bet you never even gave a second chance. Well let's take a look at this idea. Blacksmith Lockpickers For Tips or Fees. 

Titanium Skeleton Key

Requires Blacksmithing (430)
Item Level 80
Use: Allows opening of locks that require up to 400 lockpicking skill.
The skeleton key is consumed in the process.

The recipe is 4 Saronite Bars and 1 Titanium Bar.  Here's the kicker though.  Each Craft creats a Stack of 20x Titanium Skeleton Key.  So now let's do the math.  As I showed yesterday, turn 8 Saronite Bars into that Titanium Bar via an Alchemist.  So we will need a total of 24 Saronite Ore per set of 20 Lockpicks.  Right now Saronite Ore is at 14g per stack on my server.  It takes 1.2 stacks of Saronite Ore at 14g per stack for a total of 16.8g per stack of 20 Titanium Skeleton Keys. 

So it would costs less than 1g per box opened (84 silver actually).  Think tips would be able to cover that?  Hell Yes!  On my rogue I get tips of 5g per box almost standard without even mentioning anything.  Some people tip 10g or more for a single box.  And sometimes you will get 100g from someone for a opening a few they have been saving up.

Well, this wouldn't be a major source of income, but it is free, easy, quick money.  So don't let those people in trade chat go away unhappy or to a rogue.  Use your Titanium Skeleton Key to turn a nice profit and dip into those rogues pockets for a change!

Be sure to check out Part 2 of this series on Blacksmith Lockpicking.
Blacksmith Lockpicking - Revisited

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How I Turn 1000g Into 2000g

Markco over at JMTC has proposed the following question to the gold blogging community as the topic for the 2nd blogging carnival.

How Would You Turn 1000 Gold Into 2000 Gold?

I would utilize my Miner/Engineer, then my Alchemist, and finally my Blacksmith to create the end product.  Engineer makes the exchange with Frozo fast and easy, but anyone can do it.  If you have a Miner/Blacksmith you can do this with just the Alchemist and the Miner/Blacksmith.

My Miner/Engineer would purchase all the basic raw materials (32 Frozen Orbs, 22 stacks of Saronite Ore, 8 Eternal Shadows, and 8 Eternal Earths) in Dalaran and then trade with Frozo in Dalaran thru The Eternals Exchange to get 4 Crusader's Orbs (which go straight to the Blacksmith) and 8 Eternal Fires, which he keeps along with the other Eternals.  He smelts the Saronite Ores and mails 20 Saronite Bars to the blacksmith and the rest to the Alchemist, who in turn transmutes them into 24 Titanium Bars.  She then mails the Titanium Bars to the Miner who creates the Titansteel Bars and sends them to the Blacksmith, who creates the end product, Saronite Swordbreakers, from the final products of 8 Titansteel Bars, 20 Saronite Bars, and 4 Crusader Orbs.

Lets take a look at the costs:

 8 Titansteel Bars, 20 Saronite Bars, and 4 Crusader Orbs are the materials needed, but we arrive at those by using the following starting raw materials:

424 Saronite Ore, 8 Eternal Shadow, 8 Eternal Earth, 32 Frozen Orbs.

These calculations are basic costs NOT including any bonus savings from alchemy transmutation procs for extra Titanium Bars.

424 Saronite Ore x 12g-14g per stack = (21.2 stacks)  254g 40s - 296g 80s
8 Eternal Shadow x 6g-10g each = 48g - 80g
8 Eternal Earth x 2g-4g each = 16g - 32g
32 Frozen Orbs x 18g-20g each = 576g - 640g

Total = 894.4g - 1048.8g

I sell these for 2200-2500g each easily.  This is a great seller because tanking wrists are not a common drop and the easy ones to get from badges are only item level 213.  Even without any procs from transmutation this is very profitable.  Any procs would be more profit for you.  Hell, you don't even need an alchemist or a blacksmith to do this, if you just tip someone to do the transmutes, smelts, and crafting and you can still gain a nice profit when including tips.

You can make even more profit, if you find some Crusader Orbs for 120g or less.  You can either trade Frozo 6 Frozen Orbs for one Crusader Orb or buy them outright, whichever is cheaper.  Titanium Spikeguards can also be crafted following the same processes for similar profits.  I also do this with Titanium Razorplate and Breastplate of the White Knight, but those 2 costs a significant deal more to invest.  

So thats my take on turning 1k gold into 2k gold.  I hope you see the significance of using multiple professions to make a better profit.  

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Loremaster Gets Easier & 2 more Gbank Tabs in Cataclysm

New Guild Achievement in Cataclysm:

 •Guild Vault (wip) - Purchased all 8 guild bank tabs.

So looks like we are getting 2 more Guildbank tabs in Cataclysm.


•Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms and Loremaster of Kalimdor no longer requires you to complete a given amount of quests anymore. You now have to complete the achievements for each zone to get the Loremaster title.

•All the WoW classic zones now have their own quests achievement: Arathi Highlands Quests, Badlands Quests, Blasted Lands Quests, Burning Steppes Quests, etc ...
So Loremaster will be a ton easier since each zone will have its on checklist like current day Burning Crusade and Northrend zones already do.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Fishing for Gold and Goodies

The Dalaran Fishing Dalies are a great way to get a chance at some high cash items as well as some great BoP items.  Fishing is probably the most hated prefession of all, but it can be a very lucrative profession.  This post won't touch on those topics.  This post is geared towards the Dalaran Fishing Daily Rewards.

There are 5 random fishing dalies.  Each requires you to be level 70 and they all reward 250 Kirin Tor Reputation, 12650-23980 XP or Gold (if 80) and 1 Bag of Fishing Treasures.
Some of these are easier and faster to do than the others.  The 3 easy ones are for the ghostfish, severed arm (thankfully changed in a recent patch), and the sewer quests.  Terrorfish is easy as well being in Wintergrasp, and the only far one is Blood is thicker, which is super easy and fast its just farther away.  Any of your eligible characters should be doing this daily or at least the ones in town when they are up in the rotation.  Some quick easy money with the chance for some awesome rewards in your bag.

This Bag of Fishing Treasures is the real reward here.  Each one has a chance to drop some great items such as Epic Gems, Unique Fishing Poles, Vendor trash, Deviate Fish, and all sorts of goodies.  After researching this topic, I just learned that there is a chance to get a Vanity Pet that I didn't even know about.  Hell, there are even vendor trash items that can be sold for 100g!

Here's the list of loot from the Bag of Fishing Treasures.  And if you get really lucky (0.2% chance) you may find a Tiny Titanium Lockbox, which can contain gems, stormjewels, green or blue BoE jewelry with random stats, or the epic BoE Ring:  The 5 Ring.  The 5 Ring (epic), The Lost Ring (blue), and Forgotten Necklace (blue) are all BoEs that only come from the Tiny Titanium Lockbox.  Good luck though the 5 ring has a 3% chance of being in the Tiny Titanium Lockbox which is only a 0.2% chance to be in the Bag of Fishing Treasures.  

The real key here is it takes just a few minutes to get the quest completed and get your reward bag to see whats in it.  Look at the list of goodies that can be in there.  Some of the greys like Diamond tipped Cane can be auctioned off as well.  They are sought by bank alts.  Who doesn't love vendor trash that sells for hundreds.  Maybe you get lucky and get a Sealed Vial of Poison or a  Waterlogged Recipe.  These are both worth hundreds.  While these dailies aren't guaranteed great gold, they do have a chance to be very rewarding for just a few minutes of work.  Also of note, they changed the horrible quest to get the severed arm from out in Borean Tundra fish pools to the area to fish for it being right outside the Violet Hold in Dalaran just yards from the quest giver.  These same waters are also great for fishing for a new tank food, Slippery Eel, which was added recently.  This little snack gives 40 dodge rating for 1 hour.

So get fishing!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I have received no less that 4 attempts to phish and lead to fake websites.  Fake Battlenet and Fake blizzard mails / pages.  So everyone please be careful and dont enter your log in / passowrd info anywhere except the official battlenet page which u can safely get to by linking from the wow main community portal.

Heads up!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Quick Notes

Just a quick note here today.

I've been looking into the fellow bloggers featured on Markco's Blogging Carnival and have been in contact with a few.  I have submitted a couple of guest posts to fellow gold bloggers, so be on the lookout for guest posts at JMTC and Workersgoldrush.  The blogging carnival has been great for my blogs visits and page views.  Thanks again Markco.  If you were left out of the first one, the new topic is "How would you turn 1000g into 2000g?"

A few of the blogs I have recently discovered and have been enjoying:

GnomishCoin    //  BlingingWoW (Fellow St. Louisan here) //  LePetitGoblin  //  The Gold Pavilion //  Worker's Gold Rush

And one non-gold related site that is absolutely hillarious :

People of Walmart

Should keep you busy for a bit.  Enjoy the weekend and the new readings.
Thanks all!


Friday, August 13, 2010

Follow Up From the Exploring Your Farmers

This is a follow-up to my last post Exploring Your Trade Chat Dealers.

So I had hoped to log in, jump on my skinner, and run straight to the mailbox to see how many stacks of Borean Leather I had COD to me.  Lo and Behold there wasn't a single Stack in the mail.  *sigh*

I hope that our offer still stands and that he is just gathering more before he bulk mails them out.  All in all, at least I tried to set something up.  Dealing with potential suppliers is such a wavering relationship because at any time, they can find someone else who will pay more.  Or they wise up to the prices they are setting.  Or they decide to use the items themselves to make even more profit.  Man I love it when I have cheap goods coming in daily.  It makes crafting for profit so much easier.

Oh well, at least I tried.  Maybe I will be surprised tonight when I log in.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Exploring Your Trade Chat Dealers

Always be on the lookout for people selling materials in trade chat.  You can get some really good deals because usually the people advertising in trade are wanting a quick sale.  Try to feel them out and get an idea, if they will let you.  Maybe you can set up something where they will continue to sell to you.  For example, this was the basics of a player I met this morning in trade chat.

Him:  /2 WTS 4x Frozen Orb.
   I usually buy these out 20g and under and flip to Eternal Fire and sell for 30-35g per.  AH had the Orbs at 26g at the time.  So instead of offering him an amount...
Me:  How much would you take for all 4?
Him:  80g
Me:  I will give you 75g for all 4.
Him:  Ok
  Score.  I just got 4 for less than I usually buy them out.  Big deal, right?  Now I continued to explore him.
Me:  Do have any other good deals?
Him:  I have stacks of Borean Leather and 1 Arctic Fur.
Me:  How much for your stacks of Borean Leather?
Him:  5g per stack.  50g for the Fur.
    5 per stack is super low, these stay over 12-14g per stack, almost always on the AH.
Me:  I'll take all your stacks of Borean for 5g each.
   So he sold me 9 stacks of Borean for 5g each and tossed in a stack of 18 Borean Leathers as a "bonus" as he called it.
  So thinking ahead, I explored it a little further.
Me:  So are you a skinner?
Him:  Sure am!
Me:  Nice, are you going to be selling anymore skins?  If so I will continue to pay for 5g per stack, and you can COD them too me anytime, any amount and I will buy same day or next.
Him:  Sweet!  Sounds good.  I'm going to go farm some more right now.  I can probably get you 50 or so stacks today and I will Send them to you tonight.
Me:  Sounds great.
Him:  Added you to friends and will send them tonight.  Thank you Very Much!
Me:  Thank you too!

Can't wait to see if he becomes a reliable source.
Lesson Learned?  Don't just get your good deal and move on.  With a little exploration, you just might find even better deals or, better yet, you may find yourself a low priced supplier.  Just remember to be courteous, polite, and fair.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Servers Up

Servers are Up today and its Tuesday.  Hrm...Maybe there will be less patching / tuesday downtimes from here on out.  That means we need to modify our posting / bidding strategies, since there is no black hole on the days the server stays up.  Just pay attention to the news window on Mondays to see if the servers will be up or down on Tuesday mornings.  Love these times when people expect the servers to be down and don't post / log in until the afternoon, so those of us that are on can get a lot of farmer spots to yourself as well as control the markets much easier during the morning.  Ok, heading to the Auction house as we speak.  Good luck and Get in Game, We are Live!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Twink Items : Guest Post By Markco of JMTC

Guest Post by Markco of Just My Two Copper

Hey Cold, thank you for the opportunity to post on your blog. Here is my answer to your question:

"What boe's can I flip once twinking becomes crazy in cataclysm?"

Well first off, let me explain WHY twinking will be so popular in cataclysm. For one, you will have far more abilities at level 19 than ever before with the revamp to all classes. As early as level 10 each player will get the core abilities that define their class towards the beginning of their play experience with a character. Mortal strike, earth shield, mind flay, etc will all be seen in level 19 battles now instead of the three or so buttons we get today. Twinking fights will be more complicated and far more interesting. Secondly, players will be leveling up new characters and twinks will want to run around killing these goblins or worgens (avoiding the hassle of only fighting other xp restricted players in bgs). What's more, bgs may have a new system where twink guilds can face off against other twink guilds in death match style battles.

When you ask the question "What boe's can I flip once twinking becomes crazy in cataclysm?", my answer will probably shock you. I'm going to say NONE. I'm personally not going to stockpile any chest pieces, weapons or shoulders as most twinks will simply use boa gear instead of purchasing X9 blues. What I will stockpile are the item enhancements, engineering leveling mats and potions most lowbie twinks will want to get their hands on. Speed pots and free action potions are the most popular alchemy items to sell to twinks, followed closely by mana and healing pots. For engineering I'll want to have bolts, bars, cloth, mechanical items, etc all ready for the new levelers since engineering is the most popular twinking profession. Some blue rings are extremely valuable to twinks and I'll try to stockpile those along with item enhancements including armor kits, enchanting scrolls, shield spikes and iron counterweights. I'll be sure to have cloth ready to be sold for those looking to create bandages and for the really serious twinks I'll prepare copious amounts of anti venom.

There will supposedly be new best in slot craftable gear (betting the farm on this) for levelers which will be far more expensive than any of the current bis X9 twinking gear. You'll want to utilize your own professions to craft blue gear with +random stats until you find the right combination to make the most profit from twinks.

That's my thoughts on twinking in cataclysm, thanks for letting me post.

Markco of Just My Two Copper

Thank you to Markco for his take on what to sell to the twinks.  I will also be working up some posts on profiting and stockpiling to tap into the re-emerging twink market.  I used to have a lvl 29 Tauren Warrior twink that was just a Beast in his 20-29 battleground bracket.  Having thousands of hit points at level 29  killing players with a few hundred hitpoints in 1 or 2 hits was just plain disgusting.  I made an Arms Warrior to combat against all the dang hunters and rogues, and he was of course an engineer as well.  I HIGHLY recommend Twinking to anyone looking to have a ton of fun in PvP at lower brackets.  Get a group of friends to twink as well and it gets even funner when you all queue together.  Give it a try.  -Cold

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Just a quick tip here:

Recently, while trying to gather guild signatures for a new alt guildbank, I found that (on my server at least) it was much easier to gather the signatures by randomly spamming guildless characters with the guild charter than it was to actually shout in trade chat that I was paying for signatures.  I was offering 5g and later on 10g and was getting no one to bait that way. So I ended up paying less than my original expectations as I listed on my Guild Bank Pricing Chart

Saturday, August 7, 2010

World of Warcraft 60 Day Pre-Paid Time Card

Did you know that it is cheaper to pay for Game Time with a Pre-Paid Game Time Card than to pay month to month with a recurring billing cycle?   Why?  Taxes, thats why.   I usually get my prepaid cards at Best Buy or Wal-Mart, but I have just found them online at, so grab a World of Warcraft 60 Day Pre-Paid Time Card for much cheaper.

These are only $28.99 (scroll down to find the best price) with NO SHIPPING and NO TAX.  When using recurring billing that 14.99 per month turns into over $16 after taxes, maybe even more depending on what state you live in.   So would you rather pay over $32 every 2 months or $28.99 every 2 months?

Check out the savings and share with your friends, because I'm not sure if this price is permanent.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Couple of New Blogs

Been working on a couple of new sites for the other 2 games that I play.

Fun With Shakes and Fidget - For the Play From Work Browser Based Game - If you aren't playing, why not?  This game is soo fun and I have a guide full of WoW Goblins that made it into the game through Cold's Gold Factory.  So the in-game chat tends to have some gold making question and answers as a bonus.

Faction Grinders - A Free to Play Guide for DDO with links, guides, charts, etc. to make the Dungeons & Dragons Online Experience a little easier to understand.  I'm currently trying to unlock all content without spending a dime!  Let me know when you sign up and we can meet up in game.

Sorry for the shameless self-plugs of the new blogs, but I am having terrible writers block today and yesterday.  Comments or additions would be very appreciated.  Stop by and check them out please.  Hell, check out the Shakes and Fidget Blog if for nothing else, check out the cooler than cooler header I have up there.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How To Be An Evil Goblin

Guaranteed to get you flamed, hate-mailed, reported, and cursed.  Use at your own risk.  So I present the devious ways to make gold in WoW.

1)  SINGLE ARROWS - We all know about the posting 1 arrow or 1 bullet for the price of a full stack.
2)  MISSPELLED ALT - Ever been sending in-game mail to another of your alts and accidentally mailed it to the wrong character?  Ever got lucky and got the error- you cannot send mail to opposing factions?  Well it happens to us all, so lets be evil and take advantage of others mistakes.  Got a major AH competitor named Greedy.  Well make a bank alt named Gredy and see if anything shows up in your mail that was meant for him.  Stick to altering the names to letter keys that are next to each other on the keyboard and can be easily juxtaposed.  a-s, g-h, m-n, t-y  are probably the most common.

3)  SNEAK ONE IN - Similar to the single ammo concept, but more devious.  Find something that is purchased in large quantities, like Netherweave Cloth that also has a large amount listed on the Auction House.
Look through the price listings of stacks and find where the prices break within the list.  Then post a stack of 2 NW Cloth for the exact same price as the higher priced stack of the price break.  Anyone quickly grabbing up mats could risk getting caught snagging that 2 stack for the price of a 20 stack.  Example:

20x NW Cloth 5g
20x NW Cloth 5g
20x NW Cloth 5g
 (Price Break)      <--------Post a 2 stack for 5g50s
20x NW Cloth 5g.50s
20x NW Cloth 5g.50s
20x NW Cloth 5g.50s

Now don't do this over and over in the same spot.  Throw up your sneaky break fillers in all the different price breaks through the whole list.  Now laugh as multiples get bought for crazy prices per item sold.

4)  FALSE PRICE MANIPULATION - Post a rare item over and over and over for 30 days at an insanely high price that is extremely overvalued.  Re-list this same item every day for 30-60 days.  Then one day suddenly drop it down to a still extremely overinflated price that also is a good cut lower than your insane pricing.  This can trick add-on users into getting fooled that there is an item posted for much lower than it is worth, because for 30-60 days you have been falsely elevating its value and now it appears to be on-sale and may get snatched right up by an add-on user.  This works best for rare items that are very rarely listed on the auction house.  (Like a Firefly non-combat pet.)

5) KILL EM ALL - If you see a player two boxing on the neutral auction house or someone is beating you to all the deals.  Just log onto your Bloodsail Admiral and kill off the auctioneers in the town.  Then head over to another auction house and grab his stuff he posted to transfer or buy your cross faction items in peace.  Love decimating the entire town of Booty Bay!

6)  COD PLEASE - Many players have no idea what I am talking about when I ask if they will COD the item the are selling in trade chat to me.  After I explain what it is and how to do it some still get it wrong.  When you go to open your mailbox, not only will you have the items you requested be sent COD, but more times than you would imagine, these idiots will send you the items and send you the gold, instead of COD mailing it with a COD charge to retrieve the items!  So always ask if they will COD to you first.

7)  SPECIAL DELIVERY - Wrap some lame items in gift wrap and send them to random people COD and see how many take the bait.  This may be a ban-able offense.  Do it at your own risk.

8)  LOOTED LOOTS - Take looted items that are also containers, like Clam Shells, Heavy Junk Boxes, etc, and turn off the auto-loot feature in your characters UI.   Now loot all the goodies and leave the junk behind.  Example:  Searching all your Big-Mouth Clams for Golden Pearls, but leaving in all the clam meat.  Then sell the Big-Mouth Clams on the AH instead of the Clam Meat.  People hoping to get a pearl out of the clam will buy it up, not knowing you already took out all the goodies.  (has been hotfixed - no longer possible)

Leave some comments here if you have other ideas on the same topic or leave some notes, if you get any of these things working for you.  Enjoy you greedy evil little bastards.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Character Name Generator

The Character Name Generator is a nice little tool I found that helps you think of a new characters name.  We all know how hard it is to think of a name only to find that someone else has already taken it!  So let this little tool help you out.  

Designed for  DDO, but can be used for any game or at least to get your brain thinking to help with the possibly frustrating naming process.  On Free to Play games, naming is a super son-of-a-whore.  So hope this helps.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Old Hillsbrad Secrets.

Shhhhh!  It's a secret to everybody.

The Burning Crusade Instance Old Hillsbrad: Durnholde Keep has a few notable items.  If you are newer to WoW, you may not know these tips, or hell, you probably haven't even done the Caverns of Time: Durnholde or Dark Portal Instances.  

Quick Aside: Inside the Caverns of Time instance The Dark Portal is THE BEST Spot for farming Netherweb Spider Silk, if you need those you can farm there solo and get tons, then reset the instance and farm away more.

Back to Durnholde Keep...

Inside the instance itself you are transformed into a human disguised player and can enter the old world version of Southshore.  Inside the Inn there is a vendor named, Barkeep Kelly.  Barkeep Kelly sells various alcohols, but she also sells Rumsey Rum Black Label for 2 silver each.  Great little cheap way to get +15 sta for 15 minutes.  This is a great cheap buff for PvP.  yeah its only 15 stamina but for 2silver you can use one every rezz and not feel like your wasting your good buff foods.

Also inside CoT:OHB:DK  is a vendor named, Thomas Yance - Travelling Salesman.  Mr Yance sells noob starter clothings for vanity items, but he also is the ONLY vendor of the limited quantity (1) leather working Pattern: Riding Crop for 5g.  Yeah the item it makes can only be used by level 70+, but is not usuable by Over level 70s.  LOL.
But, at 5g it is well worth a flip to a leather worker.  

And last, but definately not least, is the Aged Dalaran Wizard.  He is a vendor that travels East to West along the road.  As soon as you enter just go due East towards the road, once you hit the road follow it East until your path crosses his. Just look for his Dalaran Mage Outfit.   He sells in limited quantity (1) Formula: Enchant Shield Intellect for only 6g.  This pattern can be flipped for 60-80g each.  Again this is the ONLY vendor that sells this formula.

So whether you are new or old to the game, remember to hit up CoT:OHB:DP, while you are in there area, for some easy flip items.  Also any kills in the OHB or DP Instances will earn you reputation towards the Keepers of Time, which in turn will get your enchanter the +15 Agility to Gloves enchant once you reach Exhaulted.  I predict this to be a huge profit and great seller once guild only BoA items are introduced in Cataclysm.  This enchant was always looked for when twinking was viable and not hardly anyone had this enchant back then, and far far far less have it now.

Check out other BiS BoA enchant possibilities"> HERE