Saturday, August 21, 2010

Most Hated Drops

Just a quick one today.  I pose this question:

What are your most hated mob drops in the game for whatever reason?

Me:  I can't stand [Shiny Fish Scales] and [Fish Oil].
Don't know why, but I just hate it when I loot em.  Garbage PsOS they are.


  1. Yeah I hate them to and another is Stone Chip's.

  2. Those fish scales and fish oil would be useful for Shaman's wouldn't they? Don't think they sell for much but I'm sure there would be at least one person on a realm possibly buying them for water-walking and underwater breathing if levelling rather than getting inscriptions for them.

    Maybe it's worth hoarding a few and testing...

    I'm not too fussy about the bad grey drops now anyway, Get a load of them and they sell to a vendor for a fair bit ^^

  3. All grey drops should just be converted to gold imo.

    Not sure if this counts as a "hated" drop, but the Mongoose enchant is the bane of my enchanter - from zero to exalted in Kara and not once did it drop.

  4. Everyone hates that damn Fish Scales and Fish Oil! I started to hate them back in vanilla even if my shaman had at least a little use for them.

    I also hate all that stuff elementals drop, they mostly drop like 5 different types of junk that only stacks to 5 or 10, spamming my inventory

  5. Troll sweat. Ugh.


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