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Monday, August 30, 2010

Jabbey & Co.

Continuing in our exploration of auction house recipe flipping sweet spots we venture forth to the North Eastern corner of Tanaris to Jabbey and his buds, situated along the coast.  This band of quest givers and vendors are a nice little out of the way spot to grab up a bunch of recipes for mailing off to your auction house alt.  Bonus, if you can bring along MOLL-E, lol.  Sorry, plug for us engineers.  Here's what the little guys sell.

        Recipe:  Grilled Squid  1g60s
        Recipe:  Spotted Yellowtail  1g60s 
        Recipe:  Poached Sunscale Salmon  2g
        Recipe:  Nightfin Soup  2g

         (1) Recipe: Undermine Clam Chowder  30s

Haughty Modiste
         (1) Pattern:  Dress Shoes  50s
         Pattern:  Haliscon Pants  50s
         Pattern:  Halison Pants  45s

Haughty has Patterns that sell almost as well as the Patterns for Tuxedo pieces from Undercity.  These cooking recipes are extremely usefull when leveling cooking skill because of the range in which they allow skill-ups.  This is also the quest hub for the pirate slaying quests South along the coast.


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