Sunday, August 8, 2010


Just a quick tip here:

Recently, while trying to gather guild signatures for a new alt guildbank, I found that (on my server at least) it was much easier to gather the signatures by randomly spamming guildless characters with the guild charter than it was to actually shout in trade chat that I was paying for signatures.  I was offering 5g and later on 10g and was getting no one to bait that way. So I ended up paying less than my original expectations as I listed on my Guild Bank Pricing Chart


  1. I ran into the same problem and ended up doing the same thing. 20 minutes of spamming I was paying 10g per sig netted me 2 sigs. 20 more minutes of randomly spamming guildless people and my charter was turned in.

  2. run around a starter zone and find new toons. Give them a netherweave bag for signatures. I got mine done in 15min it's crazy effective.

  3. @Shirtflight

    Excellent Idea! I had never thought of that one! Of course they would join for a NW Bag instead of being stuck with next to no bag space at all!


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