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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Multiple Accounts & the Neutral Auction House: Reader Submission

"Hey man. Let me start out by saying I very much enjoy your blog. I have been playing WoW for a long time, and have always been into having tons and tons of alts. Always been broke with no gold, no professions. Lately, professions and making gold seem like a fun thing to do/aim for instead of mindlessly leveling alts and gearing them and wasting more gold. I decided to have 3 toons in Cata. 
Hunter - 450 JC/Mining
Druid - 450 Enchanting/?(Suggestion for this profession)?
Warlock - 450 Alchemy/Herb
Anyway, here is a gold strat I have thought about. Let me know what you think.
I have 2 wow accounts. My plan would be...
Example 1
Account A buy as many primordial saronites as I can at the lowest going rate on my faction (horde), which is around 410g. Say I buy 10 of them. I would spend 4,100g. Then make my way to the neutral AH, and put the 10 orbs up for 1 copper. Then quickly grab them off the AH on Account B, on my alliance toon. Then sell them on my alliance side for the going rate, which is about 480g. This would make around 4,800g minus the 4,100g i spent on them originally. Which would net me about 700g for little to no work? Does this seem like a strategy that could work for a long time, if I'm willing to pay the subscription. Because no matter what, prices on different factions are ALWAYS going to be different. 




Thanks Deathvalley for the submission.  Anyone else have suggestions or ideas, feel free to comment as well.  Here's my take:

I have 10 characters on the same server so I understand the expense in leveling and gearing alts.  Mine all have epic flight and cold weather flight and maxed professions, so it is attainable.  With the end of the expansion nearing, I wouldn't focus much on gearing your alts, unless its from dungeon drops.  Once the expansion drops, we will get quest gear that out levels our raiding /  badge gear, as is the case every expansion.  So don't waste gold gearing up now.  

As far as your druid's second profession.  Druids make the best gatherers with their instant flying mount, especially Herbalism as you can herb in flightform without leaving form.  If you want something good to pair with enchanting, JC and BS are great, especially if you are looking for cheap enchanting mats.  Both professions have nice BOP craftables that can be disenchanted for better profit than the typical tailor/ enchanting combos.

Cross-faction trading is a great way to get gold.  I would tend to shy away from Primordial Saronites right now, as the pricing is falling daily.  What I would focus on are the big 4 for starters:
     Wool Cloth from Alliance to Horde
     Silk Cloth from Horde to Alliance
     Faction Specific Cooking Recipes (especially Moongraze Tenderloin and other quest earned ones.)
     Faction Specific Vanity Pets (Mainly Kittens and especially White Kittens)

The Vanity Pet Market is awesome for both sides, but especially Alliance to Horde.


  1. Hello everyone, its Deathvalley! Want to say thanks to Cold for posting my question, and thanks for the amazing blog he runs!

    I plan on leveling my druid first. I would go Enchanting/?. Herbalism I think would be nice because I could send all my herbs to my lvl 80 lock and power level alchemy with them, even though he is lvl 80, i think you can do that right? Or, I could go with something like BS, since my hunter already has JC. With BS, I could DE a ton of stuff and BS is always a good money maker.

    I will try the things you posted for the neutral AH. Thanks again!

  2. As long as you are mailing them to the same faction you can mail them all yes. It's a lot easier, but not cheaper to set up a community guild bank for all your alts though.

  3. In your example with the crusader orbs, don't forget the AH cut (not for the neutral one since you're putting all up for 1 copper but the alliance one).

    Should you go forward with using the neutral AH I would suggest you put items up one by one and pick them up before putting up the next one. You never know who's watching along and it would be very annoying if your trade got intercepted by someone else.

    I'd lvl herbalism on the druid and drop it on the warlock for BS'ing.

    Like Cold already suggested, do things both ways, in general there are more ppl putting stuff from horde over to alliance but alot less the other way around.


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