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Friday, August 27, 2010

Booty Bay: Resale Central

Booty Bay is just that, Re-Sale Central.  This little cove in Southern Stranglethorn Valley is an excellent place to get your start flipping vendor items on the auction house for major profits.  Booty Bay also houses the neutral auction house.  I always tend to have an with either a hearthstone set to Booty Bay, or just leave an alt parked there.  Mainly to look for deals on the neutral auction house that alliance players are selling to the horde side.  This is where I get a lot of the vendor pets that are only sold by Alliance vendors, like kittens and owls.  Sometimes I'll find cheap Alliance only vendor cooking recipes, which also transfer and sell well on the Horde auction house.  Don't just visit the neutral auction house and call it day!  There are plenty of opportunities awaiting the auction house flipper within this town of Booty Bay.  Let's dive right in.

Here is a list of vendors and the items they sell.  Everything can be flipped for a profit onto the auction house.  There are so many vendors that sell limited quantity recipes in town, that you are a fool, if you just let them sit unbought.  Here we go:

Any items marked (1) means it has a limited quantity of 1.  You can only purchase 1 at a time, if it is available and no one else has bought it recently.  If the item is not available, you must wait for it to "respawn" on the vendor.

Vendor Name///<Vendor Title>
(Limited Qty)///Item Name///Vendor Cost

Blixrez Goodstitch <Leatherworking Supplies> 
(1) Pattern:  Murloc Scale Bracers  28s
(1) Pattern:  Thick Murloc Armor   6s50c
Cowardly Crosby <Tailoring Supplies> in the Pirate Camp outside of town.
(1) Pattern:  Admiral's Hat 70s
Crazk Sparks <Fireworks Merchant>
(1) Schematic:  Green Firework 18s  (Great for leveling Enchanting)
Glyx Brewright <Alchemy Supplies>
(1) Recipe:  Frost Protection Potion  20s
(1) Recipe:  Nature Protection Potion  20s
Gnaz Blunderflame <Engineering Supplies>
(1) Schematic:  Mechanical Dragonling 1g
Jutak <Blade Trader>
(1) Plans:  Hardened Iron Swortsword  30s
Kelsey Yance <Cook>
Recipe:  Cooked Glossy Mightfish  1g60s
Recipe:  Filet of Redgill  1g60s
Recipe:  Giant Clam Scorcho  50s
Recipe:  Hot Smoked Bass  1g 60s
Recipe:  Rockscale Cod  22s
Recipe:  Sagefish Delight  50s
Recipe:  Smoked Sagefish  5s
Narkk <Pirate Supplies>
(1) Pattern:  Black Swashbuckler's Shirt  15s
Parrot Cage: Cockatiel  40s
Parrot Cage: Senegal  40s
Old Man Heming <Fishing Supplies>
(1) Strong Fishing Pole  9s2c
Rikqiz <Leatherworking Supplies>
(1) Pattern:  Gem-Studded Leather Belt  30s
(1) Pattern:  Shadowskin Gloves  35s
Xizk Goodstitch <Tailoring Supplies>
(1) Crimson Silk Cloak  12s
(1) Enchanter's Cowl  20s
Zarena Cromwind <Superior Weaponsmith> (Required for Weaponsmith Specialty Profession Quests)
(1) Plans:  Moonsteel Broadsword  44s

These are almost all under a single gold each, many just a few silver pieces.  There is no reason not to be flipping these for easy profits.  What you sell them for depends on your server and competition.  Example:  I sell (1) Pattern:  Admiral's Hat 70s purchase for 35g on the auction house.  The fishing rod I flip for 5g each.  Not shabby at all!  What I do is send an alt to camp in Booty Bay for the auction house as well as to gather all of the recipes that are in stock and mail them to another auction house alt of mine.  I send a full mail load of 12 of each cooking recipe, so I have a nice stock to sell out of my mailbox.  Then when I log in to check the neutral AH for steals, pets, and recipes I will run around and gather and mail off the limited quantity recipes back to the auctioneer in the major city.  Quick, Easy, & Profitable.

Are you trading with the goblins and pirates of Booty Bay?


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