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Heroes of the Storm Tutorial: Earn An Easy 1000 Gold

How To Earn An Easy 1000 Gold In Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm Gold Rewards

Here at Cold's Gold Factory, I've already given a lot of tips on how to earn quicker gold in Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard's newly launched MOBA. I've also covered the quest holding strategy to maximize gold earned from HotS daily quests. Today we will talk about a simple, and often overlooked, way of earning a quick and easy 1000 gold for free in Heroes of the Storm.

Get 1000 Gold From The Tutorial In Heroes of the Storm

Since the Technical Alpha period was so long for testing Heroes of the Storm, many of us had already completed the tutorial at least once and maybe even a second time through, to try out the changes that came along with the different patches within the Technical Alpha and Closed Beta phases of testing.

One thing that has been recently overlooked by the older players that have been in Heroes of the Storm for a while is that since the game has officially launched Blizzard has added gold rewards to each of the tutorials in Heroes of the Storm!  Hell it took me a good 3+ weeks to even figure this out myself, since I have no reason to go back and ever do the tutorial after the number of real games I've already been playing. Well, there definitely was a reason for me to go back and repeat the tutorials one last time: To Earn My Free 1000 HotS Gold!

How To Replay The Tutorial In Heroes of the Storm

With all of the changes to the UI displays in the game and can get a little confusing to find the tutorial as an established player. The easiest way to get back to the tutorials is to hit the F10 (Function 10) button on your keyboard. There you can select the tutorials option, which will lead you to the screen show in the header image of this post.

As you can see there are actually 3 separate tutorials (out of the 4) that will all award a small chunk of gold for you to use buying heroes and master skins within the game. 
  1. Introduction - 250 Gold Reward For Completion
  2. Basic - 250 Gold Reward For Completion
  3. Advanced - 500 Gold Reward For Completion
  4. Training - No Gold Rewards
Pro Tip: To make the tutorial games go a lot faster, just stack your hero onto another lane that already has a pair of AI players on your team. The AI is pretty bad in Heroes of the Storm and the tutorial AI is an absolute joke, so stacking your team together and just pushing one lane hard will get you a quicker win and earn those free gold rewards that much faster.

So even if you are a veteran player, don't forget to go back and re-complete the training tutorials to earn your free 1000 gold in Heroes of the Storm. New players should automatically be seeing the tutorials and gold rewards as part of your introduction to the game, but it is easily overlooked by those of us that have been playing for weeks or months already. In order to earn the gold the gold amount must be shown just like in the image. If there is no gold listed, then that means you have already completed that tutorial and already earned the free gold.

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Saturday, January 10, 2015

How To Earn More Gold From Daily Quests in Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of The Storm Daily Quest Gold Strategy

Heroes of the Storm Daily Quests

Gold Gain in Heroes of the Storm

The amount of time you will spend grinding for gold earnings to unlock heroes in Heroes of the Storm will be insane if you plan to spend no money on unlocking heroes. As I discussed in my previous post on Grinding For Gold In Heroes of the Storm, there is a nice chunk of easily obtainable gold that is earned from both leveling up your account and leveling each hero to level 5. However, once those 1 time gold gains are exhausted, you are left with only per match gold rewards and daily quest completion as your two primary source of gold income in HotS.

There is a strategy that you can incorporate into your play time to give yourself a slight advantage in the amount of gold available to be earned from completing the daily quests on Heroes of the Storm. With the Heroes of the Storm closed beta starting soon (Tuesday January 13th, 2015), it is important to keep this daily quest holding strategy in mind to maximize your ability to earn gold in game.

Let's take a look at the Daily Quest Gold Strategy and how it works.

Heroes of the Storm Daily Quest Gold Rewards

There are currently only 9 different options for the daily quests. These daily quests can be held in queue with up to 3 different daily quests at a time. Currently daily quests do not give the option to re-roll any of the daily quests, which are assigned randomly at a rate of 1 per day.

The 9 HotS Daily Quests and Their Gold Rewards

  • Play 8 Games in Any Mode - 800 gold
  • Win 3 Games in Any Mode - 600 gold
  • Play 3 Games as an Assassin Hero - 300 gold
  • Play 3 Games as an Warrior Hero - 300 gold
  • Play 3 Games as an Support Hero - 300 gold
  • Play 3 Games as an Specialist Hero - 300 gold
  • Play 2 Games As a Warcraft Hero - 200 gold
  • Play 2 Games As a Diablo Hero - 200 gold
  • Play 2 Games As a Starcraft Hero - 200 gold

So the daily quests in Heroes of the Storm reward anywhere from 200 gold to 800 gold for completion, which is a large variance in total rewarded gold for a single daily quest completion.

Most players will play the game and either complete their individual dailies each day as they are awarded, or they will save a few and knock out a couple at a time. However,there is a way to increase your odds of being randomly assigned the higher gold reward quests.

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Keeping Quests In Your Hold Bin To Increase Gold Earned

To give yourself a better shot at getting randomly assigned the 600 gold or 800 gold quests, you shouldn't just complete a quest a day. You should actually let all 3 of your quests accumulate and only complete 1 a day, while leaving 2 low paying quests in your hold bin. Ideally, you would want to keep 2 of the 200 gold reward daily quests in your hold queue so that your odds of getting the higher gold quests assigned is improved.

This daily quest holding strategy does work and it will increase your average gold earned over time. The longer you are able to maintain a 2 quests hold bin the better your chance of getting better gold rewarding quests and thus the increase in gold earned over time from daily quests.

If you never keep a daily quest held and always complete your single daily quests every day, then your odds of getting the 800 gold reward are 1 in 9. If you hold any two other quests, your odds increase to 1 in 7 of being awarded the 800 gold quest. This works because there are no duplicate daily quest assignments.

So the ideal option is to hold 2 of the 200 gold quests, but that means you would be only playing heroes from the 3rd expansion (the one of the 3 that you are not keeping held). Obviously, you won't be able to hold 2 200 gold quests forever, because you need to level all heroes to level 5 for optimal gold gain and sometimes you will be forced to finish those quests due to the selection available in the random hero rotation. Even though you can't maintain this strategy forever, the days that you can use it will help to increase your overall gold gain in Heroes of the Storm and should help to slightly decrease the time it takes to unlock your favorites heroes for free.

Another way to look at the numbers are with average possible gold gained per potential daily quest.

If we leave all daily quests slots open, then the average of the assignable quests (9 of them) is 355.55 gold. If you bank 2 200 gold quests, then your gold potential raises to 400 gold on average for your 3rd quest (7 possible now). An easier to maintain option would be banking a 200 gold reward quest and a 300 gold reward quest. This strategy would make your average assignable gold reward to be 385.71 per quest. This is most easily accomplished by hold the 300 gold quest for playing Support Heroes along with the 200 gold reward quest for play a Diablo Hero because there are no Diablo Support Heroes in the game yet!

In Closing

Blizzard has given us enough free and easily earned gold to get us a few of the major heroes in Heroes of the Storm, but we will need to grind out a lot of gold earnings in order to completely play for free and unlock enough heroes to play in ranked and draft modes (10 owned heroes are required, not including free rotation heroes). The easily earned gold is heavily front loaded and the grind will be long and hard to unlock heroes once you have exhausted all of your easily earned gold sources. Then you are left with only game rewards and daily quests as your primary sources of gold income in Heroes of the Storm.

We can use the Daily Quest Hold Strategy in order to increase the potential amount of gold earnable each day through daily quests, as well as allowing us more chances to be assigned the 600 and 800 gold reward quests each day. The grind for free character unlocks is outrageously long (think 160+ hours or 400 versus matches on average (with 50% win rate) so any bonus to gold earned is going to be very rewarding in the long run.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it helped to enlighten you on some of the ways to help increase your odds of getting better daily quests assigned and ways to increase your gold gains in Blizzard's new MOBA, Heroes of the Storm.  Also, if you haven't already, be sure to go back and complete the tutorials for a free 1000 gold in HotS, since they added gold rewards to the tutorials after the game officially launched.