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Using Inflation To Make More Gold In WoW

Inflation in WoW - Prepare or Lose
Inflation Basics In WoW
Inflation is a term that describes the erosion in purchasing power of a currency.  As more currency (gold in WoW) is readily available, prices tend to go up.  The resulting problem is that the value of that currency gets weaker as the same amount of currency can't buy as much as it used to be able to buy.  Inflation is a great threat to the value of your stockpile of liquid gold in World of Warcraft.  If you just sit on your gold from expansion to expansion, it loses value.  The same amount of gold will be able to buy you less in the future.

In·fla·tion - A persistent, substantial rise in the general level of prices related to an increase in the volume of money and resulting in the loss of value of currency (opposed to deflation).

In World of Warcraft, the inflation gets worse as more expansions are released.  Quests give more gold, looted items sell for more, higher level character corpses loot for more coin, bosses and creatures drop more gold, and these all help contributed to more gold being more easily attainable.  Players start to have more personal gold than before, even if they are not using any ways to make gold in the auction house or with professions.  It's just simply easier to get more gold.  Since players can easily obtain more gold, they are able to spend more on the same items. 

Using Inflation To Make Extra Gold

Combating inflation is a strategy we must prepare for at the end of an expansion.  Liquid gold is affected most by inflation.  The value of the gold piece will continue to go down.  To combat the devaluing of the currency, we have to invest more of our liquid gold into commodities.  We can make an inflation hedge by buying commodities that we know will increase in value.  If we buy at today's price and sell at a future inflated price, we can not only make a profit, but we have protected that invested gold from the devaluing effects on inflation.  The key is to make inflation hedges with commodities that will rise in value.  Good examples are hard to obtain pets (think Argent Tourney pets), farmed commodities, rare mounts, etc.  Before the new expansion drops, we will be devoting an entire episode of Auction House Junkies to inflation and inflation hedging. 

The formula for using inflation to your own advantage is pretty straightforward.
Buy Materials Now At Today's Prices, Then Sell Your Crafted Goods At A Later Date At The Inflated Rate.
I will use my own Netherweave Bag stockpile as an example.

I stockpiled around 7-8 entire guild tabs full of Bolts of Netherweave Cloth during mid-Wrath of the Lich King.  I paid around 4-6 gold average per stack of Netherweave Cloth when I made the stockpile.  At the time Netherweave Bags were selling for 9-11 gold each.  Today, at Cataclysm's end I am still working off of that same massive stockpile that cost me much less than the current value of 8-12 gold per stack of Netherweave cloth.  Currently Netherweave Bags are selling for 15-25 gold each on my server.  So by forming a prepatch stockpile, I was able to lock in my crafting costs at the older cheaper rate.  I was (and still am) able to sell the resulting crafted items at the current new inflated rate.  And I can also undercut deeper than competitors who are stuck crafting from the current inflated materials rate. 

So have you started to think ahead to Mists of Pandaria and what items to be buying as your inflation hedges?

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March Topic For Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival

Cold's Gold Blogging Carnivals
Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival - March 2012 Topic

A big thanks to all of the participants who submitted entries for last month's blogging carnival. Hopefully you will continue to participate in the monthly shared topics.  Participation from newer bloggers is also highly encouraged.  Everyone is welcome to write a post for the blogging carnivals at Cold's Gold Factory.  Again, thank you to all the bloggers who submitted posts for the February Topic: Favorite Locations In WoW.  If you missed the Februay carnival, be sure to check it out!

What If I Don't Have A Blog And I Want To Participate?

 If you don't have your own site, then you can still participate in the gold blogging carnivals. Sometimes a topic may tickle your fancy or you may have a unique spin on a blogging carnival topic that you would like to have read by others. Well, you are in luck. There are main sites that will post and host your content as a guest post. Just following the normal blogging carnival rules that the others follow and get your post hosted and live prior to the carnival. Then, just submit the link to me for inclusion in the upcoming gold blogging carnival.

The friendly sites willing to host your content are:
March 2012 Gold Blogging Carnival Topic

We've all went through those phases of learning the ins and outs of becoming a successful gold maker in World of Warcraft.  A lot of us were self taught or learned on the basis of trial and error.  As more experienced auctioneers, we all have realizations of things we used to do that may seem silly or inefficient when compared to our current strategies.  Which brings me to the March Topic:

Using your knowledge that you have gained from auction house experience:  If you were starting over as a gold maker, what is one thing you would do differently than the first time, and why?

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Goblinism From The Early Years And Beyond

Born A Hustler

Goblin Through And Through

While talking with a peer over Skype the other day, I realized something spectacular.  I have been a goblin for much longer than I have been playing World of Warcraft.  I've pretty much practised the art of goblinism most of my life, including both adulthood and adolescence.  I learned some of the strategies for haggling, marketing, barking, sales, and pricing way back early on in my childhood.  I have always been one to look for chances to profit by providing desired goods or services when I see a demand arise.  Let's take a look back through some of my past real life goblinism ideas and strategies.

2nd Grade Playground Hustler

One of my earliest grade school memories, brings me back to the early adolescent years.  In 2nd grade (at age 6), I got my first sense of running my own business as my mother set me up to hawk her homemade crochet items and pencil toppers to other children at school.  She would craft up a batch of little fuzzy animals, flowers, or cartoon characters and I would take them in my book bag and try to sell them to the other kids on the playground.  We then expanded to selling crocheted book marks and crosses as well.  This lasted for a few months, until the school principal confiscated my goods one day, called my mom into the school, and I was banned from "soliciting items for sale on school grounds".  Well, it wasn't like we were even turning a profit on these sales.  I think my mother was just coming up with an interesting way for me to be interactive with the other kids at school.  This playground hustling did give me some early exposure to the wheeling and dealing of crafted items for real world coins.

The Candy Man

In 5th and 6th grades, I remember a great money making project that I underwent. One day while with my father at the local automotive parts supplier, I noticed a box of candy bars on the front counter.  The sign said these Heath Bars were on sale 5 for $1 and my 9 year old brain immediately thought of how much profit I could make selling these candy bars at school.  The candy bars in the vending machine were 60 cents each and I could get these for only 20 cents each.  Cha-ching!  So I convinced my dad to buy me $5 worth of these Heath bars.  I then took them to school and sold them out of my backpack for 50 cents apiece.  Netting me almost 30 cents per sale, for a 20 cent investment.  Once the first batch sold, I went back to the store and re-invested all of my profits into buying more candy bars.  This worked well until everyone got sick of eating the same Heath bars, as they longed for variety.  So more lessons in goblinism were learned.  You can over saturate your market and lower the demand for your product.  Diversification is also a must because when the demand dries up in your market, you need another market to fall back on.

Sales Competition Dominater

All throughout my years of schooling, I have been damn near unstoppable when it came to school sale contests.  I always had a nature for completing the sales and I owe it all to my ability to come up with creative and persuasive ways to sell the fund raising products.  This was the earliest forms of learning the art of barking that is so prevalent in my MFC sales in WoW.  I had worked up a system that had strangers wanting to help me complete the sale.  How?  It's all in the wording.

While other kids were selling "candy bars for $1 to raise funds for the school", I was doing much better than that lame sales pitch.  My sales pitch was this:

"Would you like to buy a candy bar to help the school band?"  It's harder to say no to "helping the band" than it is to "wanna buy a candy bar".  Then when they would say, "Sure, how much?" I would respond, "Two for two dollars!"  Guess how many I would sell?  Yup, 2 or more per customer.  Genius right?  Well, my pitch was so good, even diabetics and people who hated candy would hand me cash donations or buy the candy bar and then give it to me to eat. 

While other kids were wasting their time walking door to door trying to sell their candy, I had a better set-up.  I camped out on the sidewalk in front of the US Post Office.  I had far more potential customers cross my path in front of the Post Office, than when I foolishly was going door to door.  So make sure to position yourself for the most potential for exposure to buyers.

The School Supply Fence

In Junior High School (6-8th), I set up my own business operating as a fence.  Other students would come to me with orders for items they wanted or needed and I would procure them through a network of thieves, then sell them to the other students at a cheaper than retail price.  So when someone needed a scientific calculator, a protractor, or compass, etc they would put their order in and I would fill it the next morning.  This was fine and dandy until I got caught shoplifting from the local grocery store.  Well, that idea was bad to begin with, but growing up poor will stretch your moral limits.  I did learn a lesson though.  You can't break the rules or you will get caught no matter how crafty you think you are.

The Car Trunk Pack Dealer

Continuing on with hustling ideas while in college, I came up with another great idea.  I was a huge Magic the Gathering player in high school, college, and graduate school.  I was even ranked as high as 17th in the World in Type 1 (called Legendary now).  To support my gaming purchases, I would buy cases of unopened Magic cards at the discounted case rate.  I would then sell the individual sealed packs to all of my friends (and even strangers too) for cheaper than the cost of buying the packs for retail price.  Was a nice was to support my own gaming addiction within elements of the game itself.  Eventually I built up enough stock that I had various booster packs and starter packs filling the trunk of my car.  I would approach shoppers I saw in stores and invite them out to my trunk store to take a look for cheaper prices and tax free buying!  Win-win for everyone.  Another important lesson learned too.  Why not remove a member of the supply chain to make more profit yourself?

I've also been a black market item hustler from within the Diablo 2 scene on eBay and a bulk vinyl buyer who broke lots into singles for massive profit gains when I was into spinning records and DJing myself.  I've talked about both of those previously, so I won't go over them again here.  I've learned a lot from real life hustling that I have been able to apply my WoW gold making tactics and I've also learned a lot of ways to apply my gold making skills to real life.

Have you learned anything in 1 world that you've applied in the other? (virtual vs real worlds)

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-Bangkok Bill


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Zygor has long been the best leveling guide out there!

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Feb 2012 Gold Blogging Carnival - Favorite Locations In WoW

Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival - 2012
Welcome to another 2012 edition of Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival. These carnivals will continue to take place the 11th day of every month and will be hosted here at Cold's Gold Factory. All World of Warcraft bloggers are welcome to participate and feedback both here and on the original authors' sites is strongly encouraged. So show some support and please leave some feedback in the comments section. These bloggers put a lot of time and hard work into these blogging carnival posts so please leave them some comments.

If you would like to be included in the next month's carnival, please review the guidelines for Cold's Gold Blogging Carnivals and submit your live post link via email (ssmith0911 at live dot com) before the 10th of the month. Read up on the benefits of participating in blogging carnivals at my other blog designed to help new bloggers, Blogging Vitals. Articles are listed in the order they are received. Thank you to all the bloggers participating in this months carnival! If you are not a blogger, you can still participate in the monthly carnivals as you can have a post hosted at And without further ado, I present to you this month's participants answering the question:

What Is A Favorite Location Of Yours In WoW?

Epidermuss of Wrags To Riches
City of Peace / Forged In The Heat Of A Furnace

Vile of Vile's Golden Auctions
Vile's Bread N Butter

Cold of Cold's Gold Factory
My Scribe's Favorite WoW Gold Making Spot

Maxi of Maximoney's Gold Blog
Strategically Sound Toon Placement

George of The Mana Cooler Podcast
That Hit The Spot

Thanks for all of the entries and new participants. Glad to have ya back, George.  See you all again next month!  Send in your carnival topic ideas - bloggers and readers alike!

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Making Gold With Lovely Charm Farming | How Many Lovebird Mounts Can You Buy For 2700 Charms?

Making Gold With Lovely Charms

Tons of players are out looking for the best spots for farming the Lovely Charms.  Since both the new Swift Lovebird mount and the Truesilver-Shafter Arrow Peddlefeet companion pet are able to be sold to other players, the Love Is In The Air holiday provides a couple of new ways to make gold in WoW. 
Since the new mount costs 270 Love Tokens, just how many Lovely Charms do you need to farm?
If you answered 2700, then you are wrong.  Sure, you could farm up 2700 Lovely Charms and convert them to 270 Lovely Charm Bracelets, then covert the Bracelets at a 1:1 ratio into Lovely Tokens.  That is the craziest, most wasteful shit I have ever heard of though!  Well, TIME TIME TO GET YOUR LEARN ON.  This post is to help all of you that haven't done your homework on just how many Lovely Charms you should be farming to get the new Swift Lovebird mount.

It is a common misconception that I have seen all over twitter, on other's blogs, and in forum posts that it takes 2700 Lovely Charms to get a mount.  Yeah, if you want to earn your mount the most inefficient way possible!  It really takes far less Lovely Charms than that to get the new Swift Lovebird mount. Way less actually!

Let's dig into the numbers a little deeper.
  • 10 Lovely Charms Make 1 Lovely Charm Bracelet.
  • 1 Lovely Charm Bracelet Trades For 1 Love Token.
  • The Swift Lovebird Mount Costs 270 Love Tokens.
  • There Are 6 Daily Quests That Each Award 5 Love Tokens.
  • 4 Of These Quests Are Capital City Turn Ins That Require 1 Lovely Charm Bracelet.
  • You Can Earn 30 Love Tokens Per Day Just Doing The Dailies.
  • Love Is In The Air Runs For 15 Days (Feb 5th - Feb 19th)
  • The Holiday Boss Reward, Heart Shaped Box has a chance to contain 10 Love Tokens.
Using the above facts, care to rethink your answer?  It's not 2700 Lovely Charms per Swift Lovebird, if you do it the smart way.  Isn't goblinism about finding the best and cheapest ways to make the most profit the most efficiently?  Leave the most inefficient ways to the ignorant, uninformed, or the downright lazy.

30 Love Tokens per day from the 6 Dailies, which only require 4 Lovely Charm Bracelets per day, means you only need to farm up 360 Lovely Charms if you only did the Daily Quests.  It would take 9 days of doing nothing but the daily quests to get the Swift Lovebird mount that costs 270 Love Tokens.  When you add in running the daily holiday boss, you can shorten that time for each 10 pack of Love Tokens you get out of your Heart Shaped Box.

So the answer to "How Many Lovely Charms Do I Need To Farm For The Swift Lovebird Mount?" is 360 Lovely Charms maximum.  Take 10 off of that total for every Heart Shaped Box that awards you the 10 Love Tokens.

360 vs 2700 is quite the difference.  So while the fool is buying 1 mount for 2700 Lovely Charms, the wise man is buying 7 Swift Lovebirds on 7 different alts for the same price with enough leftovers to get 4 Truesilver-Shafted Arrows as well.  So don't listen to the fools out there.  Listen to this wise man!

Random Tips for Selling Multiple Lovebird Mounts
  • You only need 1 Lovely Charm farming character (not required to farm on each alt).
  • You can transfer Lovely Charm Bracelets through your guild bank.
  • Lovely Charm Bracelets cannot be mailed.
  • Lovely Charm Bracelets wrapped in wrapping paper CAN be mailed!
  • Any level character can do the dailies. (A joke on a Mage with ports.)
  • You must be 84 to join the holiday dungeon queue to try for extra Love Tokens.
  • Don't be a fool and sell the mounts and pets during the holiday.
  • The value will be higher once they are no longer obtainable (for a year).
I hope this post helps you save some time and effort in your Lovely Charm farming strategy.  Be sure to check out my favorite spot to farm Lovely Charms, which also lists tons of great spots in the comments as well.

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Best Place To Farm Lovely Charms - WoW 2012

Best Place To Farm Lovely Charms - Slags In Halls of Lightning
Love Is In The Air - New Ways To Make Gold In WoW

The World of Warcraft annual Valentine's Day holiday event is now live on WoW's servers.  This year the Love Is In The Air event has brought us a couple of great new ways to make gold in WoW.  Mage's can make some easy gold selling portals to all of the players traveling to each of the major cities for the daily quest turn ins, but that is chump change compared to the other 2 ways to make gold in WoW.

Following suit after all of the other recent holiday changes, the Truesilver Shafted Arrow (awards Peddlefeet companion pet) is now BoE and tradable / sellable on the auction house.  The Toxic Wasteling, which has a chance to drop from your heart shaped box that is awarded from the Apothecaries holiday boss, has not been changed to BoE.  There has also been a new addition to the holiday vendors.  They now sell a new BoE sellable mount, the Swift Lovebird.  With a bit of a time investment you can purchase pets and mounts to sell on the auction house.  The Peddlefeet pet costs 40 Love Tokens and the new mount costs 270 Love Tokens.

Lovely Charms & Lovely Charms Bracelets

The Love Tokens that are used as the holiday currency for purchasing the companion pets and mounts are awarded from completing the daily holiday quests.  Each day you need to do the 5 daily quests. Each quest awards 5 Love Tokens.  There is 1 random daily and once quest for each of the 4 capital cities leaders to turn in a Lovely Charm Bracelet.  Each Bracelet requires 10 Lovely Charms.  You can farm the Lovely Charms to create your own Bracelets or you can buy the completed Bracelets from other players.  You can also exchange 1 Lovely Charm Bracelet for a single Love Token at the vendor, but this is a very inefficient use of your Lovely Charms.

Best Place to Farm Lovely Charms

When you ask most players "Where is the best place to farm for Lovely Charms?", the majority of players will  reply that Icecrown is the best zone for farming the Lovely Charms.  Sure, there are a lot of great areas with tightly packed creatures to kill for Lovely Charms, but there is a major drawback to farming charms in Icecrown.  Icecrown is riddled with competition.  Everyone else is there farming Lovely Charms too, which leads to inefficient farming.  Let's look at a private better place to farm for Lovely Charms:  the Halls of Lightning dungeon from Wrath of the Lich King.

Farming Lovely Charms 2012 - Slags In Halls Of Lightning
SLAGS - In Halls of Lightning - Normal Mode

The Slags, within the dungeon Halls of Lightning, make the ideal targets for farming for Lovely Charms.  These guys are located just past the 1st boss, which is easily accessible to any level 85.  On regular dungeon mode these Slags are only level 79, which is the lowest level a creature can be to appear as green and still award Lovely Charms to a level 85 character.  These slags die super easy since they each have less than 16k health total, as they are non-elites.  The slags respawn rate is super fast, fast enough that you can almost go non-stop killing them.  The downside is that there is no loot on their corpses, but that's actually a benefit to me as I don't get slowed down by looting.

After clearing my way to the Slag pit I farmed the Slags for Lovely Charms non-stop for an entire hour.  I collected 281 Lovely Charms in just 1 solid hour of farming!  One tip I can share about farming these the Slags in HoL is that even though they may be spread out all over the room, the majority of them tend to spawn from specific spawns points that surround the center column in the room.  They spawn in at these spawn points and then move to their patrol points.  So if you have an AoE effect, make sure you are dropping it over top of these spawn points.  That way you will pick up respawns as soon as they pop up, which increases your speed and efficiency at farming the Lovely Charms.

My current plan is to use my Deathknight main to farm the Slags in Halls of Lightning to get a ton of the Lovely Charms.  Then I will send sets of Lovely Charm Bracelets to multiple alts to complete the holiday dailies each day.  When I have enough Love Tokens, I will hopefully be able to purchase multiple mounts and pets for sale on the WoW auction house.  I will hang on to the companion pets until Mists of Pandaria brings us the Battle Pet System when the companion pet market value will peak, and will wait to unload the holiday mounts until they are no longer attainable.

Don't miss the post on Just How Many Mounts Can I Buy For 2700 Lovely Charms? You may be shocked at the answer.

Anyone else already working on a similar plan?

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Top Blog Posts From January 2012

Recap Of Popular January Posts

Here is a look back into some of the most popular posts from January 2012 here at Cold's Gold Factory.

The Random Invite Guild Hits Guild Level 25 - The anti-social all random invite guild reaches the guild cap and passively earns me 17,000 gold along the way.  In a follow-up post, I discuss how promoting Guild Challenges for gold making could have greatly increased those earnings from the guild.

My Scribe's Favorite WoW Gold Making Spot - As an entry into the February Gold Blogging Carnival, I go over one of my secret spots for efficient gold making in World of Warcraft, the Orgrimmar Troll Auction Hut.  A location every Horde Scribe should know and love thanks to the close proximity of all things Inscription.

Looking Ahead To Battle Pets In WoW's Mists of Pandaria - Looking ahead to WoW's upcoming expansion, Mists of Pandaria, and what will be some of the determining factors in placing value on companion pets and the Battle Pet System.

Population Cycles and Mysterious Fortune Card Barking - Touching back on barking and selling Mysterious Fortune Cards and looking at times that sales will spike to coincide with population spikes.  Mysterious Fortune Cards will never become obsolete, but some times they sell much better than others.

The Lunar Festival Cross Faction Exchange Markets - The Lunar Festival brings in both Horde and Alliance Lanterns.  Selling them to the faction that can earn and purchase them is foolish, while selling them cross faction brings major profits.

Murloc Scale Belts & Slimy Murloc Scales - Bringing attention to a rare crafting material used for a Best-in-Slot twink belt.  Funny thing is that players who have never twinked are pretty clueless about twinking gear and the respective twink markets. 

These were the most popular posts from last month.  If you missed them the first go around, be sure to check them out now as there are some great articles in this batch. 

On another note:  Be sure to check out the Auction House Junkies staff photo, now hosted at for a good laugh.  :)


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Guild Challenges & Random Invite Guild Reflections

Make More Gold With Guild Challenges

The Passive Income Random Invite Guild - Looking Back

The original plan for the all random invite guild was to be as hands off as possible.  Outside of performing the random invites while already performing my auction house duties, I didn't no much at all to promote ways for the guild to make extra income.  I was trying to see just how much passive gold I could make with a completely hands off approach.  I didn't really promote any ways to have the guild earning me extra gold.

I made a modest 17k gold from my random invite guild as it leveled to guild level 25.  The 17k gold was a nice bonus, but the real motivation and main benefit was the accumulation of all the guild perks.  These days there are some guild perks, like Bountiful Bags, that a serious gold maker needs to obtain to remain competitive with other sellers.  My true goal was to level my own pre-existing guild to level 25 on the work of the random invitees.  The passive income experiment, was just a bonus to see how much extra gold I could make at the same time.  Now what if I wanted to try to get as much income out of the guild as possible while it leveled. What would I do different?

Getting More Gold Out Of Your Guild

One of the first things I would change to promote more earning of gold by guild members for the guild bank, would be to promote the guild challenges.  The guild challenges were added in WoW Patch 4.1 and are awesome for your guild in both the gold and guild experience departments.  In order to get gold from the guild challenges, your guild must be at least guild level 5 and the challenge participants must be at least honored reputation with the guild.  Each completed guild challenge awards a nice chunk of gold and an amazing chunk of guild experience.  So promoting guild challenges helps with earning gold into the guild bank as well as helping the guild to level up faster.   Faster guild leveling means the unlocking of more guild perks earlier, which can lead to more savings and even more earnings. 

The nice thing is you can complete 7 guild dungeon challenges, 1 raid guild challenge, and 3 battleground guild challenges per week.  That gold and experience will add up quickly.  The best part is that any level characters can participate as long as they are the relevant levels for the challenges.  So a lowbie dungeon farming 3 man guild team can really rack up the gold and guild experience for you.  All I did in my guild was put up a message of the day asking members to form a guild challenge dungeon run if they were bored.  With some planning and promotion, this could have been a nice focus for making extra gold with the guild.  As the guild hits maximum guild level, there is no need for extra guild experience, so the guild challenges provide more gold per completion (similar to how questing at max leveling awards extra gold).  It's actually double the gold reward for guild challenges when your guild hits maximum guild level!

Guild Challenge Awards At Guild Levels 5 - 24
  • Dungeon Runs (7/wk) : 125 gold per & 300,000 guild xp
  • Raid Runs (1/wk) : 500 gold per & 3 million guild xp
  • Battleground Runs (3/wk) : 250 gold per & 1.5 million guild xp
Guild Challenge Gold Awards At Guild Level 25
  • Dungeon Runs (7/wk) : 250 gold per
  • Raid Runs (1/wk) : 1000 gold per
  • Battleground Runs (3/wk) : 500 gold per
Looking back at this idea, but also wanting to keep a hands off approach, I could have appointed a guild challenge promoter.  There were many players within the random invite guild that were active on a weekly and often daily basis.  The guild had some main characters within the members.  I could have hired someone to actively promote and manage guild runs or to promote guild grouping for completing guild challenges.  Since the guild challenges pay decent gold each, I could agree to hire a guild member that organizes the runs and then split the earned amount with that promoter.  The active promoter should be able to increase the earnings from guild challenges each week by increasing the frequency at which they are completed.  My guild did 17 guild challenges during the leveling process.  An active guild challenge promoter should be able to increase that completion rate by much more, which would make the gold splitting a profitable venture.   

So think about the options of hiring a guild challenge coordinator to ramp up you guild challenge completion and gold earning potential for your own guild.

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