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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Zygor & MFC Mastery On Sale Now

2 Special Savings Just For You!

There has never been a better time to get into the Mysterious Fortune Card Barking & Selling Business.

Sales have exploded lately for me and many other MFC barkers.

Through the rest of February you can get a nice 25% discount off the regular purchase price of Cold's Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery gold making guide.

A 25 % savings gets you a MFC Guide for only $8.25!

Here's where you can grab your MFC Mastery Guide at a discount:

For the 25% savings enter code: heartbreak

"Cold is with out a doubt the most knowledgeable person out there when it comes to selling Mysterious Fortune Cards. He was the first to identify the market and he is always seemingly "one step ahead" of everyone else when it comes to selling these cards. Time and again he has come up with new and innovative ways to sell them in massive numbers. Whenever I want to increase my sales numbers for these cards I look to Cold. You should too."
-Bangkok Bill


Until 11:59pm on February 16th, you can also get all the highly acclaimed World of Warcraft Zygor guides (excludes Dungeon Guide Pre-orders) at a DEEP DISCOUNT - 40% OFF!

Zygor has long been the best leveling guide out there!

Here's where you can grab your Zygor copies at a discount.

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