Monday, September 19, 2011

Cataclysm Patch 4.3 Epic Gems - Pyrite Ore Is Fool's Gold After All

"I Pity The Fools That Stockpiled Pyrite Ore For Epic Gems!"

Cataclysm Patch 4.3 Epic Gems Will Come From Raid Bosses Only

Yup. That's correct.  Ghostcrawler (Greg Street) has finally spilled the beans on where Epic Gems will be coming from.  It is confirned that Epic Gems will be added in WoW Patch 4.3, which is also the last major content patch for the World of Warcraft Cataclysm expansion.  Epic gems are going to be coming from the new Deathwing raid content and will drop from normal and heroic mode bosses only (and not at all for the new easy difficulty raid option that is coming too).

These raid bosses will offer a rare drop "geode" for killing a raid boss in the new Patch 4.3 Deathwing raid content.  If the "geode" drops from a rare boss, each raid member will get their own "geode", which can then be opened to see what gems are inside.  There can be an epic gem or a rare gem.  This reminds me of the individual holiday boss loot bags (Like the Keg-Shaped Chest from killing Coren Direbrew, the Brewfest Boss), where you get your container and open it to see what you got.  Everyone gets one and everyone gets their own RNG roll when they open their "geode" container.  This helps eliminate the loot getting divided up in groups as everyone will get their "geode" and a chance at getting an epic gem.

Cata Epic Gems Unanswered Questions

That is a quick summary of what we currently know based on the various Blizzard staff interviews and Patch 4.3 information releases.  There are still some things that are unanswered that pertain to Epic Gems.  Hopefully we will see a Patch 4.3 PTR soon and learn more information on the fate of Epic Gems and Gem Cut Patterns.  These are the main questions that still need to be answered.
  1. Will Epic Gems inside the "geodes" be raw Epic Gems or cut Epic Gems?
  2. Will these Epic Gems be soulbound (BoP) or tradeable (BoE)?
  3. Will there be Jewelcrafting recipes for cutting these Epic Gems?
  4. What will the currency be that is used to purchase these Epic Gem recipe cuts?
In the notes there was a mention of new crafting recipes coming in WoW Patch 4.3, but there wasn't a specific reference to what professions would be getting new recipes.  Maybe there will be new recipes for Epic Gem Cuts or maybe new recipes for multiple professions.  We just have to wait and see to find out when more information is available.

Jewelcrafting in Patch 4.3 is not going to be the big gold earning profession that we all assumed it would be once Epic Gems were added into Cataclysm.  Even if Blizzard adds Epic Gem Cuts into the game and the Epic Gems from "geodes" are tradeable, they will still be rare and not a widely distributed commodity.  Only raiders will be able to obtain them.  As Jewelcrafters we may be stuck working mainly just for tips on cutting Epic Gems and we all know what a nightmare that fee pricing / tipping model that can be.

Pyrite Ore Is Fool's Gold

Pyrite Ore is also dubbed "Fool's Gold" in the real world.  You didn't invest too heavily into Pyrite Ore hoping to get rich when Epic Gems became available from Prospecting did you?  Pyrite Ore as a source of Epic Gems was nothing but pure speculation.  Today that speculative bubble burst and ruined the risky plans of many who choose to stock up on Pyrite Ore.  Today the prices are already crashing down and stacks are already under 100g for full stacks of Pyrite Ore on my server.  I feel bad for the foolish players that stocked up too much on speculation.  As in anything, it is a lesson to be learned.  Speculation is all about High-Risk taking in hopes of a High-Payout Reward should that speculation become true.  As with any major stockpile on speculation, you simply must have an escape route in case things don't work out as planned. 

If you didn't stock up of Pyrite Ore, then you can take advantage of the incoming Pyrite Ore crash.  Truegold Transmuting, Ebonsteel Belt Buckles, and Pyrium Bars are 3 outs you can take to unload your Pyrite Ore without losing too much gold.  You can also prospect and sell the rare gems you get, but be careful.  Volatile Earth and the current gems markets should both see prices continuing to drop as players churn through their massive stockpiles of Pyrite Ore.  I would hold onto Chimera's Eyes at this point until we know more.  If there is a new Prismatic Gem, it is possible that the "geode" would contain 1 piece that needs a Chimera's Eye added to it to become a full Prismatic Tear type gem (that is if the "geode" drops uncut epic gems).  I will work up another post to show ways to unload Chimera's Eyes for those of you that need tips on moving any that you may have stocked up on hoping for a new Prismatic Tear Epic Gem.

As of now, we just have to wait it out and look for more answers to our unanswered questions about Epic Gems in WoW Cataclysm Patch 4.3. 

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  1. Prospect to sell rare cuts and craft>DE greens will still be profitable from Pyrite, since people will need alot of new enchant and blue gems for their new gear, either from the new dungeons or the new raid.

    Blue gems will be the standard

  2. I don't think there will be a new prismatic gem. And even if they would introduce one there wouldn't be a huge demand like the nightmare tear back in wotlk. Back then the gem was selling well because raider(dd/healer) could avoid using the blue gems for meta activation. In cata you don't need blue gems for the meta so the red gem for a dd is always better then a prismatic even a rare.

    However I would still hold on to the chimeras eyes because the demand will go up with the new gear

  3. "I feel bad for the foolish players that stocked up too much on speculation. As in anything, it is a lesson to be learned."

    I laugh at you for writing this, people who stocked up like myself (1200 stacks) is not bothered we had the gold to risk and it happened, if not you are the foolish people who didn't stock up as next expansion there are no pyrite ore farmers therefore the prices will go up. So who will be laughing then.

    Choose your words wisely next time before you start to call people foolish.

  4. @Jonny17291

    Fool's Gold = Foolish

    Good luck unloading your 1200 stacks of Fool's Gold.

    With high risk comes high reward. If your speculation comes true, you look like a genius. If it doesn't, you look like a fool.

    Most people stockpiled for Epic Gems, not for saving to sell at a profit in the next expansion. If that's your motive (I know its just your OUT - not your motive), then you are even more a fool as the current pricing on the Pyrite Ore is Way lower than just a week ago and it will continue to crash as more players unload their stock. If you are buying it to flip as our in 5.0 then now is the time to buy, not previously.

  5. Well even if they dont sell now after a year or so them stacks will sell for up to 200g a stack when pandera comes out after a few months. I made close to 100k gold after WotLK came out with tbc ores and close to 700k gold from Wotlk over the last year and a half. with no work what so ever. Just by sticking 4-6 stacks of each ore on the AH every day or 2. So yes sort term profits are poor if not non-existent but long term a very large profit if playing long term.

  6. might as well drop JC now, complete waste of time. Thanks Blizz for screwing over JCs. Worthless profession now.

  7. LOL at Anon. I made 40k in Jewelcrafting since the patch came out yesterday. people need to gem new equipment....

  8. I stocked up and it paid off. I was selling stacks of pyrite for 550g

  9. You dont need to sell pyrite, If you are JC. I bought and prospected infinite stacks of elementium, and bought pyrite from spare gold, up to 2000 stacks, when pyrite was 60-100g on Kilrogg. I filled 2 guildbanks and all banktabs on 2 char. Players still use rare gems insted of epics, so rare gems, metas, - pyrite - are still great business. Blizzard made epic JC totaly useless, but i have 300k in pocket, vial of the sand on 2 chars, sea pony on 2 chars, chopper, mammoth, 397 BiS stuffs, epic gems in 397s slot, 6000 mysterious fortune card just for fun, guild achie about 1500 feast, etc... Did you sell bold inferno ruby for 640g, when etched shadow spinel is 500?
    Is pyrite ore the fools gold? I call it Blizzards owngoal!

  10. Depends on your server if I'm honest. Some rare gems are selling for 20g on mine and cut inferno are only selling for 150g. Metas sell for 200g....

  11. When Epic gems were prospected from the rarest ore of WotLK (Titanium), how does it make us fools when Blizzard suddenly decides NOT to in Cataclysm?

    I am not a WoW hater, but Blizzard fucked up here. They clearly tried to screw over the people who did stockpile pyrite (not that there was anything wrong with it anyway), and they ended up screwing over everyone, as now we all have to deal with absurd epic gem prices (most are still over 1000g on my server), and pyrite being redundant and useless for the most part.

    But hey, at least we can now make funny jokes about Pyrite being Fool's Gold, right?


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