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Reader Submission: Multiple Markets, Chimera's Eyes, & How To Make More Gold

Reader Submission / Assistance With Gold Making

Here is an email I received from a reader at Cold's Gold Factory and an avid listener of The Auction House Junkies Podcast.  Read along and follow my responses at the end of this post.  Got questions or ideas you would like covered?  Send em in!
I heard of your site from your podcast, Auction House Junkies. I’m a goldmaking addict. I’ll log in some nights and just play at the Auction House for hours and not even venture out into WoW. I currently have just over 1 million gold liquid. Much more in commodities. I just enjoy it immensely. Your suggestions for diversification amongst the professions and jumping in and out of markets at key times have been very helpful. I thoroughly enjoy listening to the podcasts both while I’m gaming and in my car driving to and from work. I have yet to find a podcast to match yours. I do listen to the others you recommend. I just wish there were more of them.

I enjoy your suggestions for upcoming patch changes and how to take advantage of the market during that time period. I have taken your advice and been investing Chimera’s Eyes, buying up any for what I consider cheap. One of the biggest contributions you have made to my goldmaking has been the Undermine Journal. That site is AWESOME! I have my profile set up observing the different commodity prices all the time. I haven’t downloaded the addon yet. Do you use the addon?

I have an engineer btw. :P But, I haven’t used that profession in my goldmaking, yet. I’ll make more of an effort.

I would be interested to know what other markets I could try out. I’m sure there’s portions of markets I’m not using that I am unaware of. These are the crafting professions I have at 525 and what aspects of each I use in my goldmaking:
  • Jewelcrafting (Rare gems. Waiting for Epic gems. Very saturated on my server.)
  • 3 Alchemists – I have 1 of each: Potion Master, Elixir Master, Transmute Master (All potions, flasks, & elixirs)
  • Tailoring (Netherweave Bags, Frostweave Bags, Cloth Lvl 80 gear, Embersilk Bags)
  • Leatherworking (I don’t do anything in this market)
  • 2 Inscriptionists (Mysterious Fortune Cards, Glyphs, occasional Darkmoon Card)
  • Blacksmithing (I don’t do anything in this market)
  • Engineering (I don’t do anything in this market)
  • 2 Enchanters (Do Obsidium shuffle and sell Enchanting mats. Don’t do much in the scroll market, but I’ve kind of wanted to.)
I also have several gatherers (Skinners, Miners, Herbalists). But, I’m not that into farming. Would rather sit at the AH and make gold.
Anyways, keep doing what you do!


Ixaon (pronounced Zion) on Cenarius

Thanks for the email submission, Ryan.  I appreciate the kind words about my site and our podcast.  Look out for a new episode of Auction House Junkies soon.  Wes (of CappedByCata.com) and I are planning on recording this weekend as my computer is back and working better than ever.  Thanks again to all the generous and helpful readers and listeners that assisted with either donating funds or purchasing guides to help me raise the funds to get the computer fixed.

Chimera's Eyes may not be used in creating a new Prismatic Gem after all.  We've just found out that Epic Gems will only drop from raid bosses.  We still don't know if those gems that will be dropping are going to be pre-cut or are going to be required to be cut my Jewelcrafters.  So it is possible that Chimera's Eyes could be used in a recipe, if the epic gems are not soulbound and drop in their raw forms.  I was buying up Chimera's Eyes as well and only at cheap prices as I suggested.  Now we may have to find another route to unload those Chimera's Eyes, but that's a post for another day. 

Looking over your markets and professions that you use for making gold in WoW, I will give the following ideas for expanding into other markets.
  • Jewelcrafter - Look into buying Dragon's Eyes and selling Nightmare's Tears and other WotLK rare and epic gems.  Try Delicate Copper Wires too.
  • Tailoring - Rich Purple Silk Shirts (very rare pattern) are great. I'm still the only provider and have raised my prices to 35 gold per rare crafted shirt and sales are still coming in.  Add the pattern to your Undermine Journal watch list and snatch it up for cheap.  Highly recommended!
  • Leatherworking - Are Leg Armors and Leather PvP sets dead on your server?  Have you looked into Mammoth Mining Bags?  Barbaric Bracers and Deviate Scale Belts (if you go the pattern before it became obsolete) are also major sellers.
  • Enchanting - Start hunting for mispriced lvl 82+ blues to Disenchant and sell as Heavenly Shards.  you gotta start selling scrolls as many of the Enchants will earn you more sold as a scroll than if you just sold the Enchanting materials raw.  Try some of the Twink / BoA enchants to get started safely and then expand into rare and high end enchants.  Anytime there is a massive influx of new gear Enchants can make sales in the same ballpark as Gem sales.  Also check out some cheap ways to craft and disenchant to create Infinite Dust (The WotLK dust).  I am Shuffling Saronite Ore from my pre-Cataclysm guild bank stockpiles into Infinite Dust, which I am selling singles and stacks at 10 gold per Infinite Dust.  As already mentioned, the wave of alts and levelers are buying it up in droves.  I had to spend a whole Sunday (this last weekend) Shuffling Saronite Ores into Infinite Dust just to keep my stock up with the massive wave of Infinite Dust sales. 
  • Blacksmithing - You are leaving a lot of money on the table by not utilizing your Blacksmith more.  Enchanting Rods are still a huge seller, especially now with many players leveling alts and new professions.  PvP Plate mail and Tanking gear are also solid options.  I also use my BS/ Miner to make a hefty profit selling Hardened Elementium Bars when Elementium Ore dips stupidly cheap.
  • Engineering - It isn't as hard to make gold with Engineering as many players make it out to be (they probably exagerate the difficulty to scare competitor's away).  All of the Engineering crafted pets are good to start crafting.  The new Gun from the Firelands unlocked recipe is a nice way to bring in a big chunk of gold at once and use up some of those extra Chaos Orbs.  The new scopes are still selling well along with Ethers, Fused Wirings, Bolts, Khorium Power Cores, Adamantite Frames and other odd ball items.
  • Alchemy - Never forget about transmuting Arcanite Bars.  Materials are cheap and I am currently selling a lot of Arcanite Bars at 75 gold for a single Arcanite Bar and they are selling 5-10 times a night in the overnight market.

So I hope those ideas help either jog your memory of a forgotten market or help you find a new market to make gold in WoW.  Thanks again for the reader submission!

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  1. Making more gold is very interesting, thanks for this post I enjoyed reading this!

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  2. I'd swap the Potion and Elixir alchemists to Transmute and do daily Living Elements, Volatile Life into Water or Air. I do this on my 3 alchemists. Then when you've saved up a ton of herbs, you can pay to swap one back to Potion or Elixir Master and do a bulk run of potions or elixirs. I don't even bother with this tho' Just give the mats to a guildie with a tip that's already a Potion Master alchemist.


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