WoW TCG Codes

Portal Stone Makes Your Hearth Stone A Portal
WoW TCG Loot Card For The Portal Stone

WoW Trading Card Game Loot Codes

There are plenty of cool options for customizing your character within the World of Warcraft online experience.  When Transmogrification just isn't enough, you can further customize your characters in WoW with the loot codes from the WoW TCG Trading Card Game Loot Codes.  The WoW TCG Game features special rare cards than have a code that can be entered into the official loot card redemption site at Blizzard.

The best part about the WoW TCG Mounts and Pets is that since WoW Patch 5.0.4, mounts and pets are account bound.  So any WoW TCG Pet Or Mount will be useable on all of your characters on every server.

Check out more detailed information on each of the types of WoW TCG Loot Codes For Warcraft:

Guide To Buying WoW TCG Booster Packs For Chances At Loot Cards

Guide To WoW TCG Pet Codes - Spectral Kitten, Nightsaber Cub, Bananas

Guide To WoW TCG Mount Codes - Spectral Tiger, El Pollo Grande, Amana Dragonhawk, etc.

Guide To WoW TCG Vanity Item Loot Codes - Flag of Ownership, D.I.S.C.O. Ball, Fishing Chair, etc.

Timewalkers: War of the Ancients Expansion - Feldrake, Eye of the Legion, Demon Hunter's Aspect.

Timewalkers: Reign Of Fire - The expansion contains all previous loot cards ever created and now have increased drop rates on all rarities of WoW loot cards!  Twice the odds of getting the rare mounts and all the old favorites are back including Spectral Tigers!

Check For WoW Tcg Loot Codes on Ebay

Sources of Companion Pets Turned Into Rare Battle Pets - All WoW TCG Pets made the list.  So all WoW TCG Battle Pets will be the stronger rare battle pets.  The rare battle pets have higher attributes, level faster, and will be more powerful at maximum level.

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