Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Saronite Droppings

Markets have definately changed on my server. Now multiple people have been dumping tons of saronite ore, maybe we have real bot miners on the server now. Anyhow, I am absolutely loving the hundreds of stacks of saronite ore I have been buying for under 12.5g per stack. Tonight I bought out 3 buyers for a few hundred stacks total at 9.5g, 9.7g, and 9.8g per stack of ore. This is great for making money afk, by just buyinging, bagging, and smelting it for 25g per stack of bars (takes 2 stacks of ore to make a stack of bars). Or you can shuffle it into gems or enchanting mats, or use it in crafting belt buckles, etc. At prices like this you can't help but buy them all up.

Ever realize you and another player are buying at the same time as you get the hated "This item no longer exists" message from the Auction House? I got into a fury of clicks for the stacks before my competing buyer got them. Then I tried to lay a trap for him, posting stacks of 2 ore for the same price we were buying out the full stacks for, but he didn't take the bait. Lol, oh well! Maybe he was using a snatch program. Screw Add-ons.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Current Trends

Todays market nears expansions end and the best items selling are items for alts, be it alts levelling or alts raising their crafting skills. If you are getting lost in all the crashing markets, with the price plummets, look for a new area to focus on : Supplier of All Alts Needs.

Netherweave bag market -all time high average now.
Rare gems for socket bonus vs epic gems.
Crafting bottlenecks.
Quest required player craftables as people focus on Loremaster.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Expansion End Market

Time to take advantage of the crashing markets. Many items can be found on the AH getting dumped for cheap. Been buying Saronite ores for under 11g a stack. Smelting it will even get me a profit at that rate. Look at what items are crashing and figure a way to use them to your advantage. Thorium Ore has been selling for 12g per stack or less. So how can i use that to my advantage? Been turning it into GEEs for a nice profit. Don't forget the vendorable items that can get you a profit in this current market.

Monday, April 12, 2010

EASY FLIP: Black Vitriol

I would not use a snatch list for these, but you can buy any you see at a low cost and mark up to 5g easy. With all of the people grinding alchemy to get the transmutes, these do move off the AH for 5g each since it is needed to make the philosopher's stone, which is required to transmute. Suprisingly, they are selling out same day or night.

This is an easy item to watch for anyone, but especially great for those poor AH noobs just learning the art of the flip, since it has a huge profit margin.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stock up for Children's Week

Children’s Week is less than a month away. It's always best to plan ahead and get your materials ahead of the demand spike that happens around holidays for certian items. Start stocking mats for Delicious Chocolate Cake now, other wise you may get stuck without the stock to truely take advantage of this great money making week coming in the near future.

This is the 2nd best money making holiday, especially if you are a cook that has done the cooking daily quests and earned your Delicious Chocolate Cake recipe. The cakes sell for 25-35g each and the materials are not hard to gather. I cannot make enough of these to keep any in stock longer than a few hours.

Small Egg and Mageroyal can also be farmed and sold here, although the eggs don’t sell as well as during Winter Veil, since only select high level cooks will buy them. The Flask of Port can sell also because it can be tricky or time consuming to find and buy off the limited vendors that sell it. Tasty Cupcake sells during this week also. The easy money makers here are the desserts required for the Sweet Treats Achievement, which is needed for the Meta-achievement. Red Velvet Cupcake, Dalaran Doughnut, and Dalaran Brownie all can be purchased in Dalaran and sold on the auction house for a huge mark up profit.

 You wouldn't believe the numbers of people that don’t have the expansion yet and can’t even get there to buy them themselves. Like always, you want to be one of the first to post these as posting earlier will make you more gold. The same dessert vendor in Dalaran also sells the Lovely Cake which can be cut into the Lovely Cake Slice needed for the achievement. Be careful with these because they are expensive. Only buy what you know you can sell. Tigule and Furor’s Strawberry Ice Cream is used for not only the achievement, but for one of the orphan quests as well, so although it sells for a lot cheaper, it is a quick mover.