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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Saronite Droppings

Markets have definately changed on my server. Now multiple people have been dumping tons of saronite ore, maybe we have real bot miners on the server now. Anyhow, I am absolutely loving the hundreds of stacks of saronite ore I have been buying for under 12.5g per stack. Tonight I bought out 3 buyers for a few hundred stacks total at 9.5g, 9.7g, and 9.8g per stack of ore. This is great for making money afk, by just buyinging, bagging, and smelting it for 25g per stack of bars (takes 2 stacks of ore to make a stack of bars). Or you can shuffle it into gems or enchanting mats, or use it in crafting belt buckles, etc. At prices like this you can't help but buy them all up.

Ever realize you and another player are buying at the same time as you get the hated "This item no longer exists" message from the Auction House? I got into a fury of clicks for the stacks before my competing buyer got them. Then I tried to lay a trap for him, posting stacks of 2 ore for the same price we were buying out the full stacks for, but he didn't take the bait. Lol, oh well! Maybe he was using a snatch program. Screw Add-ons.


  1. The "buyout war" is the #1 reason that I keep Auctionator active on my banker. If I notice that there are more than 5-10 stacks of the item I want to buy... I simply tab over to the Auctionator window and research for the item.

    It says "35 stacks of saronite @ 9.75g". You click the buy button and you are met with a pop-up window, and a space to input how many stacks you would like to buy. Input 35, and it will auto-buy all 35 stacks with only the rare "continue" pop-up for large stack counts.

    BEST addon for buying out bulk itmes that you don't have on a snatch list.

  2. "Maybe he was using a snatch program. Screw Add-ons." Several months ago, I did a write-up on how and why to set up Auctioneer's Snatch list at
    Even if you dislike add-ons, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. I'm going to try Auctionator as mentioned above, but since I already know how to use, and like using, the Auctioneer SearchUI, Snatch list, and Batch Buy All features, it'll have to be really good to take over.

    Liking the blog, I just got back into the game and writing about it(due to losing ~30k gold to the mail system). Thanks for the posts.

  3. I honestly use both Auctioneer and Auctionator on my AH toon both as the same time. They don't really conflict with one another except when you're trying to alt click to sell something then you'll have to literally click on the sell tab the first time but that's it.


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