Monday, April 26, 2010

Current Trends

Todays market nears expansions end and the best items selling are items for alts, be it alts levelling or alts raising their crafting skills. If you are getting lost in all the crashing markets, with the price plummets, look for a new area to focus on : Supplier of All Alts Needs.

Netherweave bag market -all time high average now.
Rare gems for socket bonus vs epic gems.
Crafting bottlenecks.
Quest required player craftables as people focus on Loremaster.


  1. Look to see how you can get into supplying all of these alts and the mains that are shooting for quest and acheviement completions prior to cataclysm. To be a good businessman, you must adapt to current market trends.

  2. I would be hestitate on selling now in stead, take the time to farm these mats and keep a clsoe eye on prices. For example if your Ally, how many worgen druids and rogues are you going to see? A LOT. This means light leather will be in huge demand, actually all leather, especially the sleeper medium and heavy leather!

    Remember if you are a crafter and want to make items, make the no BoA items first, dont waste the mats on chests and shoulders - except for nightscape shoulders since that pattern is rare to begin with.

    I am predicting a large in crease in leather wearers, last expansion was plate heavy. Worgen / Goblin rogues will dominate the re rolls be pre paired.

    Also most people wont take these toons past 25 so thick and rugged leather might not sell as fast. Even though rugged leather is still a gold mine.

    Except north rend materials to take a dip in price of course, outland ones should increase.

    Work on farming stock piles up now so that you are not worried about flipping in a expansion market. Also, it saves you on the fodder thats out there now.


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