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Top 10 Craziest Amazon Affiliate Sales From 2012 - Gifts For Gamers Special Year End Edition

Gifts for Gamers Special Edition
My Craziest Amazon Affiliate Sales From 2012

This week on Gifts For Gamers, we take a look into the Amazon Affiliate Sales from throughout the entire year.  I've pulled out a handful of some of the oddest and craziest things that I've sold online through my Amazon Affiliate links.  I've sold items through my blogs, mainly here at Cold's Gold Factory, but also through creating sales lenses on Squidoo.  Let's take a look back through some of the oddities that I've sold via Amazon links that have made me snicker, ponder, or wonder throughout the 2012 year.

Thank you to everyone that has purchased items through my Amazon Affiliate Links through the year!  Entering Amazon via one of my links, helps to keep sites like this providing content and ideas free of charge.

PS:  As an Amazon Affiliate, I can only see what items I've sold via my Amazon Links and I cannot see who has bought what, so your purchases will always remain anonymous to even me.

Crazy & Odd Amazon Sales From 2012

  1. Mountain Men's 10 Kitten T-Shirt - We've had a lot of laughs on The Eviscerated Podcast and Twitter lately, all over this Men's shirt that someone bought.  10 Kittens, 4 Butterflies, Lavender Tie Dye - What more could a man want on a shirt? ROFL This shirt has been selling so well, I've created an entire guide to crazy and cuddly cat & kitten tees.
  2. Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitzer - Everyone could benefit from keeping some hand sanitizer in their purse or car, but be sure to share it, especially if the recipient may have just been naughty.  Goes well with Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Liquid Hand Soap!
  3. Pension & Employee Benefit Law, 5th Edition - Amazon sells textbooks for much cheaper than your local university bookstore, but I still choked when I saw the price of this Law book!  Amazon offers up to 30% off new textbooks, 70% off textbook rentals, and 90% off used textbooks.  They even offer bonuses for selling your books back to Amazon.  Students can find out more on the textbook program by visiting the Amazon Textbook Store.
  4. Ear Plugs with Vintage Cats In A Carriage Picture - I never would imagined this picture being on these 3/4" gauge ear plugs, but who doesn't like cats?
  5. Westminster Butt Face Towel - Never dry your face with the wrong end ever again, with this towel designating areas for both ends.  What good is this towel without the matching 2 Sided Butt / Face Bar of Soap though?
  6. Fred Bones Chillers Ice Cube Tray - When regular ice just won't do, you can always have your ice shaped like Skull & Crossbones.  Maybe the buyer was having a pirate themed party!
  7. Men's 54" Bacon Meat Tie - Everyone enjoys crazy neck ties, but how awesome is this 54" tie that looks like raw bacon strips?  Bacon = Happiness.
  8. Anti-Monkey Butt Sweat Absorber & Friction Fighting Powder - I'm not sure who bought this, bought if you listen to Auction House Junkies, then you probably know of one guy who can benefit from this stuff!  Scratch-scratch-scratch!
  9. Black and Decker NSW18 Cordless Sweeper & Black and Decker NST2118 Electric GrassHog Trimmer - These are 2 of the last things I would have expected to have sold on a gaming blog!
  10. Intro To S&M Kit: Furry Metal Handcuffs, Satin Blindfold, Black Whip - Someone's being naughty!  With the mainstream success of the Fifty Shades of Grey book trilogy, it's no suprise to see my readers dabbling into the world of kink.  The Adult Toys Store at Amazon is definately a cheaper place to find sexual enhancers, as opposed to buying in the brick and mortar stores.
One thing to take from these crazy purchases is that as an Amazon Affiliate, you get credit for everything that is purchased after someone enters the Amazon site via an affiliate link.  You get credit on everything purchased, not just the items that you directly promote and link to.  It's fun to see what items end up being purchased via direct links (like in my Gifts For Gamers articles) and what items end up being added to the cart in the same purchase.  You really never know what you are going to end up selling!

I hope you enjoyed this Special Edition of Gifts For Gamers.  I will be back to promoting direct gaming related products, games, and clothing in next weeks article.  Until then:

Happy New Year!


Happy Shopping!


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How To Get Rare Gems From Your Sunsong Ranch Farm

Getting Rare Gems From The Farm

Yes, you can actually harvest raw Rare Gems from your Farm on Sunsong Ranch.  I've been getting Rare Gems on my farm, even though hardly anyone knows it is possible.  I can officially confirm that you can get Rare Gems from your farm.  Here's how to grow for rare gems.

What You Will Need To Get Rare Gems On Your Farm:
  • Level 90 Character, Revered with Tiller's Union
  • Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick
  • Snakeroot Seeds
I've written about the Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick before, as it is one of the very useful Top Rare Treasure Items that can be found around Pandaria.  The Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick is a tough one to get, so be sure to check out that earlier post. 

The Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick will give you a chance to get Pandaria Gems out of ore nodes in the Pandaria zones, but when used on Snakeroot Seeds (purchaseable at Revered) on your farm, you get a chance to get the rare raw Pandaria Gems.  Getting a rare gem is one of the possibilities when you harvest the ore from the Snakeroot Seeds on your farm, while carrying the Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick in your character's bags.  I've been getting 1-2 Rare gems each day when planting a full 16 Snakeroot Seeds.  The rare gems are in addition to the normal Ghost Iron, Kyparite, and Black & White Trillium Ores.

This was another of the many undocumented stealth changes that came in WoW Patch 5.1.  In addition, the proc rate for the Ancient Pandaren Mining pick has also been increased as prior to Patch 5.1 I got barely any gems from mining ore nodes with the Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick, but post Patch 5.1, I get them much more often.  I get 1-2 free gems just from gathering Ore while doing 1-2 Daily quests hubs per day.

Note:  The Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick is Bind-on-Account, so if you growe Snakeroot Seeds on multiple characters' Farms, then be sure to send the Pick over to the other alts via the mailbox so you get more chances at Free Rare Gems!

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WoW Patch 5.2 Brings New Farm Changes

New Changes Coming To The Player Farms In Patch 5.2

I spend a lot of time on my Sunsong Ranch farms on my various characters, so I am always interested in the newest changes and improvements coming to our individual character farms.  We've seen a few upgrades and changes already and not all of them have been that great, or even worth a damn at all.  Yes, I'm looking at you, worthless portal shards.  Let's look into what is on the way for our Sunsong Ranches.

While the Patch 5.2 PTR isn't up just yet, we do have a glimpse at the Patch 5.2 PTR Patch Notes, which can be found at this source.

Upcoming Changes To Our Farms:

1)  Buy The Farm
"Players that have grown attached to working the land at Sunsong Ranch can now purchase the land from Farmer Yoon.  Once the farm is owned by a player, it becomes a rest point like an inn, where the player can bind and instantly log out.  Work orders will pour into the farm from factions across Pandaria, and completing a work order will earn a reputation boost with the issuing faction."
When I read this I see 2 main changes, A)  We can buy our farm and turn it into an inn.  B)  More ways to raise faction reputation gains.

EDIT: PATCH 5.2 UPDATE:  No longer purchasable.  You can get the farm by completing a quest chain. Must be Exhalted with the Tillers Union and have unlocked all 16 farm plots to start the quest chain.

A) Make your farm an inn.  Really?  This is almost as useless as the Portal Shards addition in Patch 5.1!  Do we really need the farm to be an inn, when the farm is 2 buildings away from an actual inn?  And converting your farm to an inn is going to cost you gold, but for what benefit?  You can log out instantly instead of it taking 20 seconds to log you out, or you can save 30 seconds it takes to ride two doors down to the inn that is free to use.  This is not needed at all.  Unless it is a precursor to getting individual player housing, it is not worth wasting gold on when you have an inn practically right next door!

B)  Work Orders For Rep?  Sounds good, oh wait, does it?  Any other way to increase the rate at which you can grind out the various factions is a nice addition for those of us with multiple alts.  Problem is, by the time this gets implemented into the live game, many of us will already have completed the faction grinds on the reputations that our alt crafters need.  Once I'm done with all of my profession reputation grinds, I will be wanting them to STOP making it easier for competition to catch up to me.  The Grand Commendations have been a nice boost, but this will help to earn reputations faster for those factions that you have yet to unlock a Grand Commendation.

2)  Faster Planting
"Seed bags have been added that allow planting of crops 4 plots at a time."
Finally a way to plant more than one seed at a time!  This is a nice addition that will make managing the daily crop cycle across multiple alts much easier.  Let's hope it applies to all seed types and not just the vegetable seeds.

3)  More Special Crop Production
"The yield from special crops has been improved to make farming them competitive with gathering these items out in the world."
Another welcomed addition!  Getting more crops per plant is always a nice benefit, especially on the special crops, which tend to mainly be used for farming either Herbs & Golden Lotuses or Motes of Harmony.  Although with the crappy proc rate on Potions of Luck and the nerf to limit them to 1 20 minute use per hour, I've actually switched to growing Snakeroot Seeds (Ores) on a couple of my characters.  While the harvest isn't horrible it could be increased to rival the output of some of the other crops.  I do enjoy getting Black & White Trillium Ores from my farm though. 

Pro-Tip Secret about Snakeroot (that I discovered myself) is that you can get Rare Gems out of them too if you are carrying the Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick.  It seems as if the proc rate for the Pick has been increased since Patch 5.1, and I've now been able to get rare gems from my Snakeroot plants on the farm, but don't tell everyone!

4)  Master Plow 2.0 aka Virmen Spanker
"Running the Master Plow across underground Vermin willcause them to pop out of the ground at 30% health and stunned."
Yes, finally something to help with rodents, but still lacking overall.  While I am all for running over Vermin to do 70% instant damage and stun them, what the hell about all these damn disco light loving birds!?!  Of course this will help to decrease the time it takes to complete a full plant and harvest crop cycle, but like I said, this doesn't help with all the damn birds!

5)  Less Wild Crops
"Wild Crops will now occur less often."
I'll believe it when I see it, lol.

Hopefully these changes make it through the PTR with the addition of even better tweaks and changes, like something that helps with the bird attacks.  Hell, the scarecrow could come to life and assist you or the lame vanity scarecrow could become a pet defender for your farm.  Something else to assist with vermin and birds would be nice.  Or Blizzard could add the slave to the farm that Rez always talks about wanting on The Eviscerated Gaming Podcasts.

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The Ultimate Zombie Lovers Gift Guide

The Ultimate Zombie Lovers Gift Guide
GIFTS FOR GAMERS - A weekly column at Cold's Gold Factory that focuses on bringing you some of the coolest gifts for gamers of all types. Remember to check back here for ideas for Gamer Birthday Gifts, Stocking Stuffers for Gamers, and Gamer Christmas Ideas.

Zombie Apocalypse

Gifts For Gamers
The Zombie Apocalypse craze has taken the world by storm lately and there are a ton of zombie lovers within the gaming community as well.  This week we take a look at some of the top gifts for zombie lovers and lovers of the zombie horror genre.  Whether you are looking to survive the Zombie Apocolypse or just want some cute plush zombies to cuddle at night, there is something for the zombie lover in all of us.  Enjoy!
Remember: Just hover over the product links for an image of the product.

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Zombie Books, Guides, & Handbooks
Zombie Goods For Around The House & Garage
Zombie Love For The Automobile
Zombie Clothing & Accessories
Games Inspired By The Zombie Craze
Zombie Apocalypse Survival Gear
Loveable Cuddly Zombies
More Zombies For the Kiddies And Zombie Lovers
Zombie Warning Sign
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MoP Reputation Guide For Crafters

MoP Reputation Grinding Guide For Crafters

Mists of Pandaria brought us back to the world of grinding for our profession crafters' recipes, similar to how it was during Vanilla WoW or more recently, how we ground for our Firelands Dailies awarded recipes.  Being locked behind reputation grinds helps to keep some competition out of the specific markets, but it can be quite a chore to unlock all of the gated recipes across your army of crafting alts.  This grind is even worse if you tend to support your crafting professions with the matching gathering profession (Ex: Blacksmith/Miner, Skinner/Leatherworker), like I prefer. 

As I've just completed the reputation grinds on my main and my first level 90 alt, I've got a long road ahead of me to unlock each and every gated recipe.  So I've compiled this reputation grinding guide for quickly indentifying which alt crafter needs to get leveled and start grinding even more reputations.  The Grand Commendations addition in Patch 5.1 has been amazing at helping me comple faction grinds on my alternate crafters.  Those that are level 90 and grinding faction rep obviously benefit, but even the level 85 alts that have just started leveling get the boost from quest awarded reputations, which adds up to a nice bonus by the time I reach level 90.  It really is a nice headstart that gets those first few levels of reputation awards unlocked that much faster.

Professions & What They Need To Unlock

Blacksmithing - The Klaxxi
Enchanting - Golden Lotus -> August Celestials & Shado-Pan
Tailoring - Golden Lotus -> August Celestials
Leatherworking - Golden Lotus
Jewelcrafting - Order of the Cloud Serpent
Cooking - The Anglers & The Tillers
Engineering, Inscription, & Alchemy - None

What Factions Award Profession Recipes

The Lorewalkers - Can unlock the Lorewalker's Lodestone & the Lorewalker's Map, although the required currency is better spent with Brann Bronzebeard, if you are still chasing the Vial of Sands Recipe or unlocking Archaelogy pets and mounts.
The Klaxxi - Blacksmithing recipes are awarded via Klaxxi reputation, including the Living Steel Belt Buckle, Living Steel Weapon Chain, Ghost Iron Shield Spike, and other gear crafting recipes.
Golden Lotus - Golden Lotus is the precursor required to unlock both the Shado-Pan and the August Celestials daily quest hubs.  Also awards Some Tailoring and Leatherworking patterns (Spellthreads and gear included).
Shado-Pan - Awards Enchanting Recipes.
The August Celestials - Tailoring craftable recipe for the Royal Satchel Bag and more Enchanting Recipes.
Order of the Cloud Serpent - Here's where you get the Jewelcrafting Mount recipes.
The Anglers - 2 Cooking Recipes
The Tillers -  2 Cooking Recipes and Increased Farm Size

Hopefully this helps you to plan ahead and streamline your leveling and grinding process.  For example, If you have a Blacksmith, you are better off wrapping up the tail end of your leveling to 90 process by completing the chains in Townlong Steppes and the Dread Wastes that lead to getting a headstart unlocking the rather long pre-quest chain for unlocking the Klaxxi reputation daily quests. 

Plan ahead wisely and you will save yourself a lot of time and hassle.

You can also check out Nev's post on the similar topic:  Level 90! Now What?

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Imperial Silk Now Awards Pets Post Patch 5.1

Tailoring Pets From Silkworm Cocoon Daily

Imperial Silk's Silkworm Cocoon

The daily Tailoring cooldown, Imperial Silk, got a nice buff when we got Warcraft's Patch 5.1.  Prior to Patch 5.1, Imperial Silk was crafted and placed directly into your Tailor's bags.  After the launch of WoW Patch 5.1, Blizzard has changed the process up a bit.

Enter...The Silkworm Cocoon

The Silkworm Cocoon

The Silkworm Cocoon is a new intermediate step added into the creation of the Tailoring daily item, Imperial Silk.  Instead of just having the Imperial Silk added directly to your bag, you now get a Silkworm Cocoon.  Opening the Silkworm Cocoon you will find your single piece of Imperial Silk, but on the rare case you may also find a companion pet! 

That is correct!  When you craft your daily Imperial Silk, you also have a chance to be awarded one of two companion pets.  The 2 pets that can come from within the Silkworm Cocoon are:
  1. Imperial Silkworm (~17% chance)
  2. Imperial Moth (~2% chance)
The Imperial Silkworm is a green colored uncommon pet, while the Imperial Moth is a blue colored Rare pet.  Both of these pets are not bound to you and can be sold on the auction house.  The Silkworm Cocoon is the only source for these 2 pets, so Tailors have a unique gold making item with these 2 pets.

So make sure you don't forget to park that Tailoring alt in the Silken Fields and crank out those Silkworm Cocoons each day!

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Top Gaming Keyboards & Keypads

GIFTS FOR GAMERS - A weekly column at Cold's Gold Factory that focuses on bringing you some of the coolest gifts for gamers of all types. Remember to check back here for ideas for Gamer Birthday Gifts, Stocking Stuffers for Gamers, and Gamer Christmas Ideas.

Razer Tron Gaming Keyboard
Razer TRON Gaming Keyboard

Gifts For Gamers
Upgrade To A Gaming Keyboard

For Gamers, there are 4 vital computer components that can be upgraded to increase your performance and versatility for your gaming sessions.  These 4 pc components are:
  1. Graphics Card
  2. More RAM
  3. Gaming Mouse or Left Handed Gaming Mouse
  4. Gaming Keyboard
Today let's take a look at some of the best and most popular gaming keyboards available.  I've compiled this list of the Top Gaming Keyboards based off of my own personal researching while looking for my own keyboard upgrades.  Just hover the links for images of these great keyboards, then follow the links to compare all of the specifics.

Gaming Keyboards 2012
 Gaming Keypad Keyboard Add-Ons

These Gaming Keypads make an excellent gift for any gamer you know or are great additions to your own personal gaming rig.  These gaming keypads are programmable and allow you to turn mundain tasks into no brainer simple tasks.  I know plenty of WoW gold makers who use their Nostromo Keypad to automate their milling and prospecting tasks.

 I hope this week's Gifts for Gamers post on Gaming Keyboards was helpful.  I am looking into getting either a Merc Stealth or a Nostromo Orbweaver myself once I have some extra cash.  Which ones look good to you?

Top Selling Keyboards

If you own one of these Gaming Keyboards on the list, drop a comment and let us know which one you have.

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Portal Shards? To Plant Or Not To Plant?

Portal Shards - To Plant Or Not?

One of the newest items added within WoW Patch 5.1 has been the addition of the ability to till and farm Portal Shards on your Sunsong Ranch.  These new Portal Shards take up a slot on your farm, thus preventing you from planting and growing an item that will be worth selling or using for cooking quests and dailies.  Are they really worth it?

HELL NO!  Portal Shards are the biggest pieces of shit introduced into WoW since...ever!

Why Portal Shards Suck Ass:

I can't think of a single reason anyone (with a brain) would waste a farm slot on a Portal Shard, other than the first one you get for free from the vendor's quest because you just tried it out to see what it did.  The portal shards are absolute garbage that actually cost you more than the 2-3 gold the seeds cost.  Understanding opportunity cost, shows us that it not only costs the price of the seed, but also the profit of the item you could have grown in that farm slot instead. 
Example:  A portal shard costs you 2 gold.  If Witchberries sell for 10 gold each, then growing a portal shard just cost you roughly 52 gold because you could have grown a witchberries plant instead.  Just using Witchberries as an example - something else may be a more profitable option on your server.
 That's just 1 sacrifice of wasting a Sunsong Ranch farm slot on growing a Portal Shard.  There are plenty more reasons not to grow Portal Shards.
  1. Farm Only - Portal Shards can only be used from within your phased personal Sunsong Ranch Farm.  WTF?  That means you cannot carry them around with you and expect to use them while out adventuring. 
  2. Random Portals - When grown on your farm, you get a random portal that leads to a specific major faction city.  Not only does this suck ass in general, you also have multiple bag slots wasted on the various different types of Portal Shards that only go to the single cities.
  3. Not Even Needed - With Hearthstones at 15 minute cooldowns, is there even a need to Portal off of your Sunsong Ranch, especially when there is a flightmaster within Halfhill that is only a single flight away from the Vale of Eternal Blossoms capital cities that house all of the portals?
  4. Using a portal off of your Farm saves what 10 seconds as opposed to hearthing to the capital city where your Hearth should be set anyway?
Since the Unstable Portal Shard Seeds can only be purchased at Revered reputation status with the Tiller's Union, you will already be level 90 and have access to your capital city within the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.   Within your capital city is a portal room with a portal to each major city for your faction.  Be smart and set your hearthstone to there.  If you are not level 90, then you can't grow Portal Shards and your alts that are camped at their own individual Sunsong Ranch won't have access to them anyways.

Overall these Portal Shards are nothing but absolute garbage with no reason ever to be planted.  I've seen images of farmers growing a full set of 16 Portal Shards and I've just got to laugh and ask myself if people really are that dumb or just that lazy?

Anyone actually have a legit reason for using these stupid things?


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Carnival Topic Extension For Next Month

Carnival Topic Extension

December is always the hardest month to get participation in the Gold Blogging Carnival due to everyone's limited time thanks to the holidays.  For this reason I am extending the same Blogging Carnival topic for the January 11th carnival release.

So the carnival on the Best & Worst of MoP so far will release on January 11th, 2013.  This gives he bloggers extra time to get their blog posts written and live.

See ya next month!


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Best & Worst Auction Markets In MoP So Far

This entry is part of the monthly entries into the Gold Blogging Carnivals here at Cold's Gold Factory.

Best And Worst Auction House Markets

For the current blogging carnival I asked the writers to discuss their best and worst auction house markets thus far into the Mists of Pandaria expansion.  The auction house is a living beast that is continually evolving and changing with the addition or deletion of new or old auctioneers.  This expansion has to be the most hectic for me from a competition standpoint.  When coupled with less play time, I found myself leaning more towards the easier to maintain markets with high profits per item sold.  I also tend to prefer markets that are more easily watched on the Remote Auction House due to my limited playtime this expansion. 

These days I prefer to work in markets that are:
  1. Low Competition
  2. High Profit Per Sale
  3. Easily Maintained (Few Cancel / Repost Cycles)
  4. Steady Sales
  5. Remote Auction House Friendly
My Best Market

With these criteria, the absolute best market of mine so far in Mists of Pandaria without a doubt is the Tinker's Gear Cogwheel Market!  The addition of the Ghost Iron Dragonling Trinket and the new Tinker's Gear cogwheels has been a heaven send for my style of gold making.  I can turn a lowly 2 Ghost Iron Bars into 350-450 gold over and over and over with only 1-2 other Engineers posting as competition.  The Ghost Iron Dragonling Trinket is a joke to compete in because of all of the leveling idiots that place next to no value on the trinkets because they craft them while leveling. 

Suprisingly, very few other Engineers are even playing in the Cogwheel markets, which is very shocking given the amazingly high profit per sale.  And the sales continue to roll in because the Trinket is just too nice to pass up at the stupid low prices that players on my server sell it for.  So I let the other fools sell their Ghost Iron Trinkets for next to no profit, while I make a killing off of the Cogwheel Gems they also require for the same Trinket.  Turning 16 Ghost Iron Bars into 2-3K gold on a daily basis is super easy auctioneering!

My Worst Market

The Kobold Invasion is alive and kicking and it seems like every dirty little moronic Kobold is on my server and playing the "I'll undercut you to nothing all day long" game within the now hated Glyph market.  When it comes to Glyphs, I still have about 99% of the Glyphs that I had pre-crafted for the MoP Glyph rush that never happened.  Sure I can list 1000 Glyphs and sell 1 or 2 overnight if I get lucky, but the entire Glyph market is absolute garbage at this point.  It's just not worth any effort at all to buy herbs, mill them, convert them to inks, craft Glyphs, and then pulling 99.9% of them back out of the mail every fucking day.  Just collecting and reposting expired auction mail takes almost an hour for glyphs alone.  No thanks. 

I'm hating Glyphs so bad these days that I'm actually thinking of letting the 2000 or so I already have crafted rot in the mailbox until they get deleted.  Good Riddance!  These dumbass Kobolds can work their fingers raw milling and crafting to sell for less than a gold profit per Glyph, if they even get a profit.  Because at sale prices of 2 gold for a crafted Glyph, I know they aren't making any profit at all, yet they keep on selling and driving properly priced Glyphs into the ground. 

Goodbye Glyph Market!  It's been a great run, but you are no longer profitable and no longer fun either.  Enjoy your new Kobold masters.

How about you guys?  What are your best and worst auction house markets this far into MoP?


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Gifts For Star Wars Fans

GIFTS FOR GAMERS - A weekly column at Cold's Gold Factory that focuses on bringing you some of the coolest gifts for gamers of all types. Remember to check back here for ideas for Gamer Birthday Gifts, Stocking Stuffers for Gamers, and Gamer Christmas Ideas.

Gifts For Gamers
Gifts For Star Wars Fan

Star Wars Pink Floyd Dark Side Moon
One thing that is common among many gamers of all types, is a deep rooted enjoyment of the Star Wars franchise.  Some of us are traditionalists who loathe the newest Star Wars trilogy ("How Jar-Jar Binks Can Ruin A Franchise" for 500, Alex.), while others enjoy all of the Lucas Arts Star Wars franchise, both old and new.  Regardless of whether one is a new school or old school Star Wars fan, there are plenty of Gift Ideas for Star Wars Fans that will surely bring a smile to the face of the recipient.  Let's take a look through some of the cool Star Wars Gifts that I've found.

Gifts For Fans Of Star Wars

These Star Wars items will make great gifts for the Star Wars fan in your life.
  1. High Quality Lightsabers - What true Star Wars fan doesn't long for their very own personal light saber.  Not the costume accessory or junk toy versions that break after a few lightsaber skirmishes.  A True Star Wars fan wants a top notch, high quality lightsaber like these awesome Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers.  The Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers are high quality, Official Replicas that have glowing blades with light effects, officially liscensed sound effects that are activated via the lightsaber's motion sensors!  Available in multiple styles and colors:
  2. Manuals for Students Of The Force - Here are a pair of really great gifts for Star Wars fans.  These manuals are available for both the Light and Dark sides of the Force.  These are truly epic gifts that will rock any Star Wars fan's Christmas or Birthday!  These are so sweet, you just have to check out all of the cool stuff that is included with each boxed set.
  3. Star Wars Reference Guides - With so many characters, planets, creatures, worlds, and lore there is just too much to remember.  These reference guides will enthrall and entertain even the most knowledgeable of Star Wars lovers.
  4. Star Wars Calendars - Give a gift that will make them smile every day with a monthly or daily 2013 calendar.
  5. Star Wars Clothing & Accessories - If you are looking for T-shirts, Hoodies, Pendants, and other Star Wars swag, then be sure to check out the high quality products over in the Jinx Star Wars Shop.  Jinx has some of the best Star Wars gamer clothing around!  Amazon also has an absolute ton of Star Wars Clothing.
  6. Autographed Star Wars Posters & Photos - There are a bunch of Authentic Autographed posters from Star Wars cast members.  Why not grab them an autographed framed poster of their favorite Star Wars heroeor villian?  Here are a few of my favorites, but you can find more Autographed Star Wars posters and photos here.
  7. Star Wars Magazine Subscriptions - Another gift that will continue to please all year long as the issues come in the mail each month.
  8. Other Random Cool Star Wars Swag - These gift ideas don't fit into a single category, but they were too cool to be left off of the list.  Some of these may make great stocking stuffers as well.
I hope you've found these Star Wars gift ideas both informative and entertaining. 

Happy Shopping and May The Force Be With You. 

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Grand Commendations For Faster Reputation Gain

WoW Patch 5.1 Introduced Grand Commendations

In my opinion, Grand Commendations are the best additions to World of Warcraft that came with Patch 5.1.  The Grand Commendations are heaven sent for players like me that grind reputations on multiple characters.  They will make my life so much easier in the long run.  While the process of gating recipes behind reputation gains is great for limiting your market competition, it is also a real bear when you have multiple profession crafters to grind the same reputations over an over just to unlock recipes.  I will unlock all of the recipes eventually, but that time has been drastically decreased since the addition of the new Grand Commendations.

Grand Commendations

I touched on the "token" that was coming in my post warning to save your reputation turn-ins, like the Onyx Eggs, Gui-Lai Key, Hozen Peace Pipes, etc.  Those of you that heeded my advice will able to turn those same reputation gaining items in for double the reputation award after Patch 5.1.

The new changes to the way we earn reputation are unlocked once you purchase and use the Grand Commendation token from the appropriate Mists of Pandaria faction Quartermaster.  Each of the MoP faction Quartermasters now sell their faction specific Grand Commendation, which is available for purchase after attaining Revered status with that faction.  Once purchased and used, every character on your account will earn reputation with that single faction at double the rate.  This includes reputation gains from Revered to Exhalted as well. 

This doubling of reputation gain occurs on kills, quests, and reputation turn-ins and the +100% increase stacks (additively, not cumalatively) with other reputation gaining buffs like the now gone Celebratory Package buff, the Spirit of Sharing buff from Pilgrim's Bounty, and the Patch 5.1 added Darkmoon Carousel riding buff.  Also this reputation gain increase is per account not just on your server, which is also a bonus for players with alts on multiple servers. 

Note: The Tillers faction has a Grand Commendation, but it only effects the general Tillers Reputation and does not grant bonus rep for the individual Farmers.


There is currently no way to tell if you have previously purchased a Grand Commendation for any of the factions, short of doing something that awards reputation and checking the game log.  I highly recommend that you create a master checklist of all MoP factions.  Then as soon as the first character on your account reaches Revered status with a faction, you purchase and use the Grand Commendation.  Then mark that faction off of your master list, so you don't get confused about which Commendation rep bonuses have been unlocked and which are still needing to be purchased.  this will help prevent wasting another 38g on a Grand Commendation that you have already used.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Birthday #3 Coming Soon | CGF Birthday Giveaways!

Another Cold's Gold Factory Birthday Celebration

Cold's Birthday Contests
Happy Birthday Celebration

On December 22nd, Cold's Gold Factory will turn 3 years old.  So it's time for another major giveaway to celebrate the 3 years of World of Warcraft blogging and the many more to come.  Looking back over the years it's been one hell of a ride.  I've had my ups and downs, good times and bad, but overall starting the blog was one of the best things I've ever done.  I've met a lot of really great and really cool people through the blog, the podcasts, and twitter.  This month, I give back to all my readers with another great giveaway.

The Cold's Gold Factory Birthday Giveaways!

Basic Rules
  • Entries End at Midnight Eastern Time on New Years Eve, - Dec 31st, 2012.
  • Winners will be listed in a post on Wednesday, January 2nd.
  • All Winners will be randomly selected from the various categories.
  • Yes, you can enter and win in multiple categories.
Categories & Prizes
  • CGF Newsletter Subscribers
    • Nightsaber Cub WoW TCG Loot Card (US & EU Eligible)
  • Twitter Followers
    • Bloat the Bubblefish (Purple Puffer) WoW TCG Loot Card (US & EU)
  • Facebook Fans
    • Viscious Grell / Gregarious Grell WoW TCG Loot Card (US & EU)
  • People Who Share This Post
    • Celestial Steed Mount Code (Prize 1) (US only)
    • Lil' K.T. Pet Code (Prize 2 - Two Winners) (US only)
  • Grand Prize
    • $25 Gift Card To & an El Pollo Grande (Magic Rooster) in Game Mount. (If Winner is On a US Server)
    • You will have to come make a character on my server and get him to level 20 to learn the mount (because it's the in-game version), but hell its a $150 mount for free.  Once you learn it, you have access on all your characters thanks to account wide mounts.
    • OR
    • $25 UK/EU Equivalent Gift Card To & an Amani Dragonhawk in Game Mount.  (If Winner is On a EU Server)
    • You will have to make a character on my server and get him to level 60 to learn it, since its a flying mount.  Make a Deathknight and get him 5 more levels and the flying mount is yours on all your characters.
Magical Rooster Mount
Magical Rooster Mount - "El Pollo Grande"

Amani Dragonhawk WoW TCG Loot
Amani Dragonhawk WoW TCG Mount

How To Enter Each Individual Giveaway
  • CGF Newsletter Subscribers
    • Simply join the Cold's Gold Factory Newsletter.  You can sign up via the contact for on the right side of the blog or through the popup when entering the site.
  • Twitter Followers
    • Follow my account on Twitter, @SSmith0911
  • Facebook Fans of CGF
    • Like the CGF Facebook Page.  The link is in the Top Right column.
  • People Who Share This Post
    • Sharing this Birthday Giveaway Post earns you an entry.  You can get multiple entries for sharing across multiple sites.  When sharing use hashtag #CGFGiveaway so I can track your shares.  You can get an entry for each share, so share on all 5 and get 5 entries.
    • Eligible sites to share to for an extra entry include:
      • Twitter
      • Facebook
      • Google Plus
      • Pintrest
      • StumbleUpon
  • Grand Prize
    • Every entry in the other categories earns you a Grand Prize entry also.
    • Earn an additional entry by finding your favorite post here at Cold's Gold Factory and sharing the link to it on any of the above sites with the hashtags #CGFGiveaway and #MyFavPost
So there are free WoW TCG Pet Codes, Blizzard Pet and Mount Store Codes, A Magical Rooster Mount and a $25 Gift Card all your's for the taking.  All you have to do is get started sharing this post and your favorite blog post here at Cold's Gold Factory.

NOTE:  Anybody already following me on Twitter, already subscribed to the newsletter, or who has already liked the Facebook page is already entered to win in those categories.

Good luck!



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