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MoP Reputation Guide For Crafters

MoP Reputation Grinding Guide For Crafters

Mists of Pandaria brought us back to the world of grinding for our profession crafters' recipes, similar to how it was during Vanilla WoW or more recently, how we ground for our Firelands Dailies awarded recipes.  Being locked behind reputation grinds helps to keep some competition out of the specific markets, but it can be quite a chore to unlock all of the gated recipes across your army of crafting alts.  This grind is even worse if you tend to support your crafting professions with the matching gathering profession (Ex: Blacksmith/Miner, Skinner/Leatherworker), like I prefer. 

As I've just completed the reputation grinds on my main and my first level 90 alt, I've got a long road ahead of me to unlock each and every gated recipe.  So I've compiled this reputation grinding guide for quickly indentifying which alt crafter needs to get leveled and start grinding even more reputations.  The Grand Commendations addition in Patch 5.1 has been amazing at helping me comple faction grinds on my alternate crafters.  Those that are level 90 and grinding faction rep obviously benefit, but even the level 85 alts that have just started leveling get the boost from quest awarded reputations, which adds up to a nice bonus by the time I reach level 90.  It really is a nice headstart that gets those first few levels of reputation awards unlocked that much faster.

Professions & What They Need To Unlock

Blacksmithing - The Klaxxi
Enchanting - Golden Lotus -> August Celestials & Shado-Pan
Tailoring - Golden Lotus -> August Celestials
Leatherworking - Golden Lotus
Jewelcrafting - Order of the Cloud Serpent
Cooking - The Anglers & The Tillers
Engineering, Inscription, & Alchemy - None

What Factions Award Profession Recipes

The Lorewalkers - Can unlock the Lorewalker's Lodestone & the Lorewalker's Map, although the required currency is better spent with Brann Bronzebeard, if you are still chasing the Vial of Sands Recipe or unlocking Archaelogy pets and mounts.
The Klaxxi - Blacksmithing recipes are awarded via Klaxxi reputation, including the Living Steel Belt Buckle, Living Steel Weapon Chain, Ghost Iron Shield Spike, and other gear crafting recipes.
Golden Lotus - Golden Lotus is the precursor required to unlock both the Shado-Pan and the August Celestials daily quest hubs.  Also awards Some Tailoring and Leatherworking patterns (Spellthreads and gear included).
Shado-Pan - Awards Enchanting Recipes.
The August Celestials - Tailoring craftable recipe for the Royal Satchel Bag and more Enchanting Recipes.
Order of the Cloud Serpent - Here's where you get the Jewelcrafting Mount recipes.
The Anglers - 2 Cooking Recipes
The Tillers -  2 Cooking Recipes and Increased Farm Size

Hopefully this helps you to plan ahead and streamline your leveling and grinding process.  For example, If you have a Blacksmith, you are better off wrapping up the tail end of your leveling to 90 process by completing the chains in Townlong Steppes and the Dread Wastes that lead to getting a headstart unlocking the rather long pre-quest chain for unlocking the Klaxxi reputation daily quests. 

Plan ahead wisely and you will save yourself a lot of time and hassle.

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  1. Thanks for this quick guide. I find it kinda weird that there are no rewards for the Alchemists / Engineers / Scribes. Even if it was a recipe or two.

  2. finally i find all this info in one place! TY!


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