Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Grand Commendations For Faster Reputation Gain

WoW Patch 5.1 Introduced Grand Commendations

In my opinion, Grand Commendations are the best additions to World of Warcraft that came with Patch 5.1.  The Grand Commendations are heaven sent for players like me that grind reputations on multiple characters.  They will make my life so much easier in the long run.  While the process of gating recipes behind reputation gains is great for limiting your market competition, it is also a real bear when you have multiple profession crafters to grind the same reputations over an over just to unlock recipes.  I will unlock all of the recipes eventually, but that time has been drastically decreased since the addition of the new Grand Commendations.

Grand Commendations

I touched on the "token" that was coming in my post warning to save your reputation turn-ins, like the Onyx Eggs, Gui-Lai Key, Hozen Peace Pipes, etc.  Those of you that heeded my advice will able to turn those same reputation gaining items in for double the reputation award after Patch 5.1.

The new changes to the way we earn reputation are unlocked once you purchase and use the Grand Commendation token from the appropriate Mists of Pandaria faction Quartermaster.  Each of the MoP faction Quartermasters now sell their faction specific Grand Commendation, which is available for purchase after attaining Revered status with that faction.  Once purchased and used, every character on your account will earn reputation with that single faction at double the rate.  This includes reputation gains from Revered to Exhalted as well. 

This doubling of reputation gain occurs on kills, quests, and reputation turn-ins and the +100% increase stacks (additively, not cumalatively) with other reputation gaining buffs like the now gone Celebratory Package buff, the Spirit of Sharing buff from Pilgrim's Bounty, and the Patch 5.1 added Darkmoon Carousel riding buff.  Also this reputation gain increase is per account not just on your server, which is also a bonus for players with alts on multiple servers. 

Note: The Tillers faction has a Grand Commendation, but it only effects the general Tillers Reputation and does not grant bonus rep for the individual Farmers.


There is currently no way to tell if you have previously purchased a Grand Commendation for any of the factions, short of doing something that awards reputation and checking the game log.  I highly recommend that you create a master checklist of all MoP factions.  Then as soon as the first character on your account reaches Revered status with a faction, you purchase and use the Grand Commendation.  Then mark that faction off of your master list, so you don't get confused about which Commendation rep bonuses have been unlocked and which are still needing to be purchased.  this will help prevent wasting another 38g on a Grand Commendation that you have already used.

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