Friday, December 28, 2012

How To Get Rare Gems From Your Sunsong Ranch Farm

Getting Rare Gems From The Farm

Yes, you can actually harvest raw Rare Gems from your Farm on Sunsong Ranch.  I've been getting Rare Gems on my farm, even though hardly anyone knows it is possible.  I can officially confirm that you can get Rare Gems from your farm.  Here's how to grow for rare gems.

What You Will Need To Get Rare Gems On Your Farm:
  • Level 90 Character, Revered with Tiller's Union
  • Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick
  • Snakeroot Seeds
I've written about the Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick before, as it is one of the very useful Top Rare Treasure Items that can be found around Pandaria.  The Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick is a tough one to get, so be sure to check out that earlier post. 

The Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick will give you a chance to get Pandaria Gems out of ore nodes in the Pandaria zones, but when used on Snakeroot Seeds (purchaseable at Revered) on your farm, you get a chance to get the rare raw Pandaria Gems.  Getting a rare gem is one of the possibilities when you harvest the ore from the Snakeroot Seeds on your farm, while carrying the Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick in your character's bags.  I've been getting 1-2 Rare gems each day when planting a full 16 Snakeroot Seeds.  The rare gems are in addition to the normal Ghost Iron, Kyparite, and Black & White Trillium Ores.

This was another of the many undocumented stealth changes that came in WoW Patch 5.1.  In addition, the proc rate for the Ancient Pandaren Mining pick has also been increased as prior to Patch 5.1 I got barely any gems from mining ore nodes with the Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick, but post Patch 5.1, I get them much more often.  I get 1-2 free gems just from gathering Ore while doing 1-2 Daily quests hubs per day.

Note:  The Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick is Bind-on-Account, so if you growe Snakeroot Seeds on multiple characters' Farms, then be sure to send the Pick over to the other alts via the mailbox so you get more chances at Free Rare Gems!

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