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Top Gaming Keyboards & Keypads

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Razer Tron Gaming Keyboard
Razer TRON Gaming Keyboard

Gifts For Gamers
Upgrade To A Gaming Keyboard

For Gamers, there are 4 vital computer components that can be upgraded to increase your performance and versatility for your gaming sessions.  These 4 pc components are:
  1. Graphics Card
  2. More RAM
  3. Gaming Mouse or Left Handed Gaming Mouse
  4. Gaming Keyboard
Today let's take a look at some of the best and most popular gaming keyboards available.  I've compiled this list of the Top Gaming Keyboards based off of my own personal researching while looking for my own keyboard upgrades.  Just hover the links for images of these great keyboards, then follow the links to compare all of the specifics.

Gaming Keyboards 2012
 Gaming Keypad Keyboard Add-Ons

These Gaming Keypads make an excellent gift for any gamer you know or are great additions to your own personal gaming rig.  These gaming keypads are programmable and allow you to turn mundain tasks into no brainer simple tasks.  I know plenty of WoW gold makers who use their Nostromo Keypad to automate their milling and prospecting tasks.

 I hope this week's Gifts for Gamers post on Gaming Keyboards was helpful.  I am looking into getting either a Merc Stealth or a Nostromo Orbweaver myself once I have some extra cash.  Which ones look good to you?

Top Selling Keyboards

If you own one of these Gaming Keyboards on the list, drop a comment and let us know which one you have.

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  1. A big +1 for the Nostromo gamepads. I've been using one since the end of BC and have never looked back. Back then, the gamepads were made/branded by Belkin and I believe the gamingp portin of Belkin's line has been sold to Razer.

    The Razer version allows you to automate key presses or even set up your own macros; which is a godsend!

    I love it because I can map all my character movement to the Dpad; which frees up 3 fingers for ability keys.

    Lore from Tankspot also uses one, and has a YT vid about how he uses it (the vid is rather dated).

  2. The Steelseries Merc is a great keyboard. I have been using this for about 3 years and really love the layout for the left hand feels very natural when playing. It has a choice of 3 back light colors which make it good for night gaming.
    The keyboard has different profiles available for different games.

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