Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Guild Challenges & Random Invite Guild Reflections

Make More Gold With Guild Challenges

The Passive Income Random Invite Guild - Looking Back

The original plan for the all random invite guild was to be as hands off as possible.  Outside of performing the random invites while already performing my auction house duties, I didn't no much at all to promote ways for the guild to make extra income.  I was trying to see just how much passive gold I could make with a completely hands off approach.  I didn't really promote any ways to have the guild earning me extra gold.

I made a modest 17k gold from my random invite guild as it leveled to guild level 25.  The 17k gold was a nice bonus, but the real motivation and main benefit was the accumulation of all the guild perks.  These days there are some guild perks, like Bountiful Bags, that a serious gold maker needs to obtain to remain competitive with other sellers.  My true goal was to level my own pre-existing guild to level 25 on the work of the random invitees.  The passive income experiment, was just a bonus to see how much extra gold I could make at the same time.  Now what if I wanted to try to get as much income out of the guild as possible while it leveled. What would I do different?

Getting More Gold Out Of Your Guild

One of the first things I would change to promote more earning of gold by guild members for the guild bank, would be to promote the guild challenges.  The guild challenges were added in WoW Patch 4.1 and are awesome for your guild in both the gold and guild experience departments.  In order to get gold from the guild challenges, your guild must be at least guild level 5 and the challenge participants must be at least honored reputation with the guild.  Each completed guild challenge awards a nice chunk of gold and an amazing chunk of guild experience.  So promoting guild challenges helps with earning gold into the guild bank as well as helping the guild to level up faster.   Faster guild leveling means the unlocking of more guild perks earlier, which can lead to more savings and even more earnings. 

The nice thing is you can complete 7 guild dungeon challenges, 1 raid guild challenge, and 3 battleground guild challenges per week.  That gold and experience will add up quickly.  The best part is that any level characters can participate as long as they are the relevant levels for the challenges.  So a lowbie dungeon farming 3 man guild team can really rack up the gold and guild experience for you.  All I did in my guild was put up a message of the day asking members to form a guild challenge dungeon run if they were bored.  With some planning and promotion, this could have been a nice focus for making extra gold with the guild.  As the guild hits maximum guild level, there is no need for extra guild experience, so the guild challenges provide more gold per completion (similar to how questing at max leveling awards extra gold).  It's actually double the gold reward for guild challenges when your guild hits maximum guild level!

Guild Challenge Awards At Guild Levels 5 - 24
  • Dungeon Runs (7/wk) : 125 gold per & 300,000 guild xp
  • Raid Runs (1/wk) : 500 gold per & 3 million guild xp
  • Battleground Runs (3/wk) : 250 gold per & 1.5 million guild xp
Guild Challenge Gold Awards At Guild Level 25
  • Dungeon Runs (7/wk) : 250 gold per
  • Raid Runs (1/wk) : 1000 gold per
  • Battleground Runs (3/wk) : 500 gold per
Looking back at this idea, but also wanting to keep a hands off approach, I could have appointed a guild challenge promoter.  There were many players within the random invite guild that were active on a weekly and often daily basis.  The guild had some main characters within the members.  I could have hired someone to actively promote and manage guild runs or to promote guild grouping for completing guild challenges.  Since the guild challenges pay decent gold each, I could agree to hire a guild member that organizes the runs and then split the earned amount with that promoter.  The active promoter should be able to increase the earnings from guild challenges each week by increasing the frequency at which they are completed.  My guild did 17 guild challenges during the leveling process.  An active guild challenge promoter should be able to increase that completion rate by much more, which would make the gold splitting a profitable venture.   

So think about the options of hiring a guild challenge coordinator to ramp up you guild challenge completion and gold earning potential for your own guild.

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  1. The guildies participating don't need to be honored with the guild - they just need to be of appropriate level for the dungeon you are running for the challenge.

  2. @jon

    To get xp from the guild challenge you need to be level appropriate, but to earn the gold reward the participants must be at least honored with the guild and at least guild level 5.

    In order to get the gold from the challenge at least 3/5 of the party must be honored or higher with your guild.

  3. No cold they do not need to be honored.

    1. They did at the time of writing this post & the original comment.

      This requirement has since BEEN NERFED to no longer require honored status to get credit for the guild challenges.

      Here's a battlenet link to the original requirement, with the lines crossing out the nerfed changes:


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