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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How To Be An Evil Goblin

Guaranteed to get you flamed, hate-mailed, reported, and cursed.  Use at your own risk.  So I present the devious ways to make gold in WoW.

1)  SINGLE ARROWS - We all know about the posting 1 arrow or 1 bullet for the price of a full stack.
2)  MISSPELLED ALT - Ever been sending in-game mail to another of your alts and accidentally mailed it to the wrong character?  Ever got lucky and got the error- you cannot send mail to opposing factions?  Well it happens to us all, so lets be evil and take advantage of others mistakes.  Got a major AH competitor named Greedy.  Well make a bank alt named Gredy and see if anything shows up in your mail that was meant for him.  Stick to altering the names to letter keys that are next to each other on the keyboard and can be easily juxtaposed.  a-s, g-h, m-n, t-y  are probably the most common.

3)  SNEAK ONE IN - Similar to the single ammo concept, but more devious.  Find something that is purchased in large quantities, like Netherweave Cloth that also has a large amount listed on the Auction House.
Look through the price listings of stacks and find where the prices break within the list.  Then post a stack of 2 NW Cloth for the exact same price as the higher priced stack of the price break.  Anyone quickly grabbing up mats could risk getting caught snagging that 2 stack for the price of a 20 stack.  Example:

20x NW Cloth 5g
20x NW Cloth 5g
20x NW Cloth 5g
 (Price Break)      <--------Post a 2 stack for 5g50s
20x NW Cloth 5g.50s
20x NW Cloth 5g.50s
20x NW Cloth 5g.50s

Now don't do this over and over in the same spot.  Throw up your sneaky break fillers in all the different price breaks through the whole list.  Now laugh as multiples get bought for crazy prices per item sold.

4)  FALSE PRICE MANIPULATION - Post a rare item over and over and over for 30 days at an insanely high price that is extremely overvalued.  Re-list this same item every day for 30-60 days.  Then one day suddenly drop it down to a still extremely overinflated price that also is a good cut lower than your insane pricing.  This can trick add-on users into getting fooled that there is an item posted for much lower than it is worth, because for 30-60 days you have been falsely elevating its value and now it appears to be on-sale and may get snatched right up by an add-on user.  This works best for rare items that are very rarely listed on the auction house.  (Like a Firefly non-combat pet.)

5) KILL EM ALL - If you see a player two boxing on the neutral auction house or someone is beating you to all the deals.  Just log onto your Bloodsail Admiral and kill off the auctioneers in the town.  Then head over to another auction house and grab his stuff he posted to transfer or buy your cross faction items in peace.  Love decimating the entire town of Booty Bay!

6)  COD PLEASE - Many players have no idea what I am talking about when I ask if they will COD the item the are selling in trade chat to me.  After I explain what it is and how to do it some still get it wrong.  When you go to open your mailbox, not only will you have the items you requested be sent COD, but more times than you would imagine, these idiots will send you the items and send you the gold, instead of COD mailing it with a COD charge to retrieve the items!  So always ask if they will COD to you first.

7)  SPECIAL DELIVERY - Wrap some lame items in gift wrap and send them to random people COD and see how many take the bait.  This may be a ban-able offense.  Do it at your own risk.

8)  LOOTED LOOTS - Take looted items that are also containers, like Clam Shells, Heavy Junk Boxes, etc, and turn off the auto-loot feature in your characters UI.   Now loot all the goodies and leave the junk behind.  Example:  Searching all your Big-Mouth Clams for Golden Pearls, but leaving in all the clam meat.  Then sell the Big-Mouth Clams on the AH instead of the Clam Meat.  People hoping to get a pearl out of the clam will buy it up, not knowing you already took out all the goodies.  (has been hotfixed - no longer possible)

Leave some comments here if you have other ideas on the same topic or leave some notes, if you get any of these things working for you.  Enjoy you greedy evil little bastards.


  1. I sprouted a majestic waxed mustache just reading this list!

  2. The single ammo is probably my favorite one.

  3. You're pure evil :P

    Love 7 & 8 best though, did you ever do 7 yourself?

  4. #'s 1/3/5/6 Are the ones I personally have done. I have had #7 attempted against me, but I caught it. Back in Vanilla, there was a time that this was being warned to watch out for since it was widely rampant on some servers.

  5. Hi! I just saw this blog post, and realised that I have done a variant of number 4 myself:
    Buy cheap item, post for insanely high prices then "kindly" lower the price to a still-inflated price.


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