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WoW TCG Mount Loot Codes

WoW TCG Mount Loot Codes

With the Mists of Pandaria expansion just around the corner, the demand for the WoW Trading Card Game Pet Codes and the WoW Trading Card Game Mount Codes have skyrocketed.  While the pets are going account wide through the new battle pets system, player mounts are also going to become useable account wide.  This is wonderful news when you consider that those hefty priced WoW TCG mounts are going to be able to be used on all of your characters.  Instead of paying $700 for a Swift Spectral Tiger for your main character, each and every character of yours will be able to flaunt that super rare and highly desired mount for all of Azeroth to see.

The prices of the WoW TCG mounts have steadily been on the rise.  The demand is continuing to increase as more and more players learn of the account wide mounts conversion coming in Mists of Pandaria.  Hover over the links below and you will see that some of the prices are already crazy.  Amazon is currently sold out of the most expensive WoW TCG mount card, the Swift Spectral Tiger.  I can't even fathom spending that kind of real life cash on an in game item myself.  If you are looking to obtain some of the WoW TCG mounts, don't hesitate because the prices are climbing and I'm sure they will jump even higher once Mists of Pandaria launches and more players return to the game. 

Current WoW Trading Card Game Mounts

Riding Turtle Saltwater Snapjaw Heroes of Azeroth
Spectral Tiger Spectral Tiger Fires of Outland
Swift Spectral Tiger Swift Spectral Tiger Fires of Outland 
Savage Raptor Savage Raptor War of the Elements 
Swift Shorestrider Wasteland TallstriderThrone of the Tides
X-51 Nether-Rocket X-51 Nether Rocket Servants of the Betrayer
X-51 Nether-Rocket
X-51 Nether Rocket X-tremeServants of the Betrayer 
Blazing Hippogryph Flaming Hippogryph Wrathgate 
Corupted Hippogryph Corrupted HippogryphCrown of the Heavens 
White Riding Camel White Camel Tomb of the Forgotten
Big Battle Bear The Red Bearon Drums of War
Wooly White Rhino Wooly White Rhino Icecrown 
Magic Rooster El Pollo Grande Fields of Honor 
Mottled Drake Mottled Drake Worldbreaker 
Amani Dragonhawk Amani Dragonhawk Twilight of the Dragons 
Ghostly ChargerGhastly Charger SkullBetrayal of the Guardian
FeldrakeFeldrakeWar of the Ancients

Are You Willing To Gamble?

When hunting for WoW TCG mounts you have 2 options.  You can purchase the mount cards themselves (US/Oceanic and EU realms only) or you can purchase the WoW TCG Booster Packs or Booster Boxes.  Cryptozoic has taken over the production of all the WoW TCG sets and currently many of the older booster packs are on sale, some for as low as $2 per pack!  So it's a great time to clean up on some cheaper WoW TCG booster packs and boxes.  The table above links to the associated booster packs that can contain the specific mounts.

Landro's Gift Box

There is also the gamble of the Landro's Gift Box loot card.  This code will award you with a gift box that when opened will reveal a random TCG item.  The Landro's Gift Box will contain one of the following:
  1. Papa Hummel's Old Fashioned Pet Biscuits (50 Stack)
  2. Sandbox Tiger (50 Stack)
  3. Path of Cenarius (50 Stack)
  4. Riding Turtle
  5. Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger
  6. Reins of the Spectral Tiger
  7. Big Battle Bear
  8. X-51 Nether Rocket
  9. X-51 Nether Rocket X-treme
Remember the Landro's Gift Box is a gamble, you are not guaranteed to get one of the mounts.  You may be hoping for a Spectral Tiger and get only Pet Biscuits, but if you get lucky, you can get a super expensive mount for a fraction of the cost.

Archives Boosters

The Archives Booster Packs and Archives Booster Boxes are another great way to get some of those classic favorites as this set is a "Best of" from the previous WoW TCG expansions.  This gives you a chance to get some of the most sought after pets and mounts and these packs are dirt cheap! 

Archives Boosters can contain:
  1. Spectral Tiger
  2. X-51 Nether Rocket
  3. Riding Turtle
  4. Big Battle Bear
Have fun and gamble safely! 

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Don't forget to check eBay for loot codes as well.

NOTE:  Timewalkers: Reign of Fire Expansion

The Reign of Fire expansion for the WoW trading card game has released on July 23rd, 2013.  The Reign of Fire expansion contains no new loot cards, instead this new expansions includes every loot card every previously released!  And they have upped the drop rates of the loot cards, so you have even better chances to pull loot codes out of the boosters!

Find out more about: The Reign of Fire WoW TCG boosters.

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