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Patch 4.3 Stockpiling To Make Gold In WoW

Patch 4.3 Stockpiling To Make Gold In WoW

WoW Patch 4.3 - Plan Ahead
Patch 4.3 In A Nutshell

World of Warcraft Patch 4.3 will be here in no time as it's expected to go live in early December.  With any major patch comes opportunities to make gold in WoW.  Patch 4.3 will be the final major content patch in the Cataclysm expansion era so this will be the last big chance for making a ton of gold quickly.  Patch 4.3 is bringing in major content upgrades.  The Looking-For-Raid Tool, a new raid, and new dungeons that drop high item level gear will all contribute to a massive spike in demand for item enhancements. 

Craftable PvP gear will also see a nice surge as the PvP patterns get buffed yet again.  We still have no word on where the Alchemy Transmute patterns for Epic Gems will be obtained, but we do know that the Tome of Burning Jewels and the Epic Gems recipe cuts will be available in major cities.  Holiday pets are going from soulbound to BoE; the first one we should see moving hands is the BoE Sinister Squashling.  Inscription is getting 1 new glyph and it is learned from Minor Inscription Research.  Heavenly Shards are going to be more easily acquired thanks to the new Maelstrom Shatter also coming in Patch 4.3.  We also will be seeing the new Darkmoon Faire after Patch 4.3, but not until the January Faire.  Dream of Chaos is being changed to only require 4 Chaos Orbs and Chaos Orbs will be tradeable / sellable after Patch 4.3.  Alchemy Transmutation specialization quests are being updated and will be much more expensive as they will require crafting Cataclysm crafted profession items.

Preparing For Patch 4.3

In Patch 4.3 there are a few ways to make gold in WoW that are going away or changing.  Prior to the big Patch, you should be unloading all of your current Bloodthirsty PvP crafted gear.  The recipes we already have will be getting upgraded, but the already crafted gear will not.  For this reason, you want to dump all the gear you currently have crafted and don't craft anymore unless you know you can sell it prior to the change.  Again, don't craft the new pieces until after Patch 4.3.  Get your materials together and be ready to craft on patch day.

The new Glyph of Shadow will be discovered through Minor Inscription Research, so have your materials ready on your scribe to do 1 day of research.  Also having Lion's Ink (required by the new glyph) ready to craft the new glyph, will save you paying the higher prices that should appear on the AH. 

Patch 4.3 is killing off the old Darkmoon Faire Prize Ticket redemption system and replacing it with an all new system and a new currency.  So use all of your tickets before the fair and if you like to make Dense Grinding Stones for cheap tickets, get on it!  This will be the last chance to use the prizes as a chance at rare recipes and low level blue gear.  I also recommend picking up any of the moderately priced rare recipes that can come from the DMF Prizes.  After the new Faire system is implemented, those rare patterns will be even more rare.  I've already snatched up a few myself.  Hopefully, you have already been liquidating your supplies of DMF cards and trinkets as they are on the decline and will drop even further.

Stuff To Stockpile For Patch 4.3

All of your normal item enhancement materials across the board should see an increase in prices as the demand skyrockets for a couple of weeks after the patch.  Anything used to craft the PvP gear will be good to stockpile so you can craft your sets using the materials from pre-patch prices.

Due to all of the gear upgrades coming from the new content as well as the PvP gear change, I would stock up and plan to sell a lot of high end enchants, all leg armors, All PvP gear (craft post-patch), Flintlocke's Woodchuckers,  Ebonsteel Belt Buckles, Gems (rares should sell best still until we find out more on raw epic gem drop sources), companion pets (always a big seller when more players return for patches), and Mysterious Fortune Cards (patch time brings returning players, so it's another great time to bark for a ton of sales).

I have also been stockpiling cheap Heartblossom in hopes it is required in the red epic gem transmutes.  If not, I can always use it for Glyphs, Dusts, and Mysterious Fortune Cards.

Stocking up these items and you can't go wrong. 
  • Maelstrom Crystals (for enchants and shattering into shards).
  • Embersilk Cloth, Savage Leather, Elementium Ores / Bars, Volatiles.
  • Scopes, Buckles, Enchants, and Gems.
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  1. I'd imagine that epic gem xmute will require, among other things, rare gems, so don't cut all your gems. Perhaps, and this is just a thought, they will also require CHAOS orbs. That is, if Bliz really wants these gems to be as rare as they say they are. Just a thought. I'll be stocking up on gems (I have 300+ of most, around 400 inferno, but I'm starting to sell them now that they are 140-180g/ea and some purples are 80g+) and gear for PvP sets. Belt buckles/glyphs are dead. Enchants will again be killer. TBH I'd stock up on shards, even with the shatter. A crap ton are needed for enchants, even the 100+ I have will be used quickly.

  2. Yeah, I'm grabbing some shards and crystals too just to pre-craft some scrolls to save time.

    Chaos orbs added to gems would make the markets crazy.


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