Friday, January 20, 2012

My Scribe's Favorite WoW Gold Making Spot

Troll Area In New Orgrimmar

February Entry For Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival

The Cold's Gold Factory Blogging Carnival chosen topic for the month of February has been decided.  I've asked everyone to reveal one of their secret or favorite crafting / business / auctioneering / farming hot spots within the World of Warcraft universe.  Today I will explain one of the prime locations for one of my main gold makers in WoW, my scribe.  By now, most WoW Horde WoW players know that the Tauren area in Orgrimmar is a nice spot for conduction auction house business for making gold in WoW.  That area is ideal for any crafters that need use of a forge, anvil, or tailoring materials.  If you are a crafter of another profession, there may be a better suited location for you to conduct your business.  Hopefully, this month's carnival entries will shed some light on some nice efficient areas for operating your gold making alts.  Every ideal alt needs to find their own ideal crafting location.

The Ogrimmar Troll Area - A Horde Scribe's Ideal Location

As a Scribe that makes a lot of gold off of the Inscription profession, I am in need of an efficient area for conducting my auction house gold making business.  The best area I have found for a Horde Scribe is the Troll area in Northwestern Orgrimmar in The Valley Of Spirits.  The perfect location would be a spot that I could access my Inscription vendor, a mailbox, my guild and personal banks, and the auction house without having to move one bit.  Sadly, this perfect area does not exist.  However in the troll area, I can have access to 3 of the 5 without moving, with the other 2 close by.  Let's dig a little deeper.

The Bank & Auction House Hut

The main area of operation in the Troll area in Orgrimmar is the Auction House and Banking Combo Hut.  Located at the top of a troll tribal hut is the Auction House auctioneer.  This troll area auctioneer is housed in the same building as the banks.  This means that you can have access to your bank or guild bank and the auction house at the same time.  This is a plus for any gold makers that tends to use their bank or guild bank for storage.  Being able to store glyphs in my guild bank as a scribe, has been a great time saver in itself.

The Mail Box

Next we need a close mail box location and the Org Troll area has just that.  From within the Troll area bank / auction hut you can look down below (remember you are on the 2nd story of the hut) and see a mail box just a few yards away on the Troll side of the tunnel that leads from The Valley Of Wisdom into The Valley of Spirits.  So it is just a quick jump down, which is super fast and easy with any flying mount.  This is about the typical distance for a mailbox to auctioneer run, but this mailbox very rarely sees any activity.  That is a good thing, because less activity means less lag and less chance of some idiot blocking your access to the mailbox.

The Inscription Vendor

Last but not least, we come to the Inscription vendor.  As a scribe, I purchase a ton of crafting materials off of the Inscription supplies vendors.  Selling Glyphs and Mysterious Fortune Cards means I blow through a TON of parchiment paper.  Having access to a nearby vendor is also a must for any ideal crafting location.  Lucky enough, the Inscription supplies vendor is in the next hut over (to the South).  The Inscription vendor is also located on the top floor of the neighboring hut.  This means a quick mount up and 3 second flight will having you hopping from the vendor hut and the auctioneer / bank hut in no time.

With the Auction House and Banks housed in 1 hut, the Inscription supply vendor in the Troll hut next door, and the bank a short distance on the ground below, you have most everything a Scribe would need all layed out in a nice triangular formation.  This is where Primerib does all of his business, including barking MFCs while I work on glyphs and other Inscription markets.


If you have a secret spot you would like to share, don't forget that anyone can participate in the blogging carnivals.  Check out the 2012 February carnival topic post for the information on posting, as well as a couple of great sites that are willing to host your entries.

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  1. Well with all the love i have for you and your cat i still have to say F you man.
    Damn you took out my favorite place (the troll auction house) so i guess i will have no other place to call my own and apply for the February carnival.

    P.S. Hoping for next month's topic to be something more, more ... what's the word i'm looking for, something that is going to be more of a what then a where because i suck at talking about places. If i were to talk about a place i'd have to say my only place is next to the mailbox infront of an auctioneer :)

  2. Troll area has also been my favourite spot for some time now! My friends always know where to find me when I say I'm in Orgrimmar.

  3. I didn't even know there was an AH and bank in this area. Silly me! Now my scribe has a new home - thank you.


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