Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Random Invite Guild Hits Level 25

WoW Guild Level 25
DING! - Random Guild Level 25

The All Random Invite Guild Experiment

The random invite guild has just achieved the goal I set out to attain within the World of Warcraft Cataclysm experiment.  I didn't get my guild of all random invites rolling until a month or two into the Cataclysm expansion.  The premise for this experiment was simple.  Could I level a guild to the maximum Guild Level 25 from only random invites and just how viable would it be to have a guild earning a passive income?  The notion of earning a passive income with a guild was a new possibility with the addition of the Cataclysm introduced guild leveling and guild perks systems.  So I started on my quest to build a guild full of random invitees and see just how successful it would become.

Taking time to be direct within the guild information was one of the main objectives that helped me fulfill my goal without misleading any of the guild members.  The guild charter showed that the guild was never intended to be an end game guild.  The basic understanding was that the guild was there as a symbiotic relationship.  The guild provides the great guild perks for it's members while they level and in return, the guild earns a small commission through the passive income guild perks.  I also would receive the benefit of having others level the guild for me without performing any real guild master duties.  The guild was pitched as a home to park your alts or to use just for free guild perks.  It was also pitched as the perfect guild for non-social players and soloers who wanted guild perks, but wanted to avoid the drama associated with most guilds. 

The Controversy

The experiment did not come without it's own share of controversy.  I was questioned for this type of experiment, notably all from other bloggers, commentors, and forum dwellers.  Not a single complaint from a single member in the random invite guild.  Sure some players would gripe about getting a random invite, but once in they were cool.  We are now Guild Level 25 and I still have yet to hear a complaint about my guild system from anyone who was or is in the guild itself.  NOT A SINGLE COMPLAINT IN A YEAR. I have actually been thanked by many players for offering a guild up for solo-ers and non-socials to have a place to get guild perks too without the drama.  Yet, the ignorant outsiders looking in have called me:
  • an amoral bastard
  • rude
  • a blood sucking leech
  • a dirty rat
  • dodgy
  • desperate
Questions arose over keeping the guild perk earned gold, but most attacks came from me offering up the 7th guild tab as an exchange tab for member use.  This allowed me to not only collect the Cash Flow perk earned gold, but to also find needed materials on occasion hiding within that 7th guild tab.  Sometimes I would hunt an item on the auction house only to find it bare.  On occasion I would be lucky enough to find the item deposited into the designated guild exchange tab.  In this area, guild members could deposit unwanted items or take items for their own use.  The downside to this exchange tab was the constant maintenance to clear out the garbage just to make space for new items.  It was the earlier guild members that had requested that a guild bank tab be unlocked for guild exchange use.  I would keep it clear of garbage items by doing occasional maintenance on the tabs contents.

The Results

Let's take a look at the final numbers.

Total Liquid Gold In Guild Bank: 11,765 gold.
Total Guild Gold Spent On Self Repairs: 5,223 gold.
(only I have access for repairs)
Total Gold Earned From Guild: 16,988 gold.

Current Guild Roster: 960 Members
Level 85s: 88
Total Guild Challenges Completed: 17

So I made almost 17k from the passive income guild perks and members forming their own guild dungeon groups for guild challenges. I haven't paid out of pocket for repairs since the random invite guild hit guild level 5.  The random invite guild has been a rather easy undertaking and would have been even easier had I started earlier in the expansion or prior to Cataclysm's launch.  An interesting finding has been the number of max level players that stick with the guild once hitting level 85.  I guess they don't want to lose their guild perks and start grinding guild reputation over again.  I am going to keep the members in the guild and continue to let them earn gold for me, as opposed to kicking them all now that the guild is maxed.  Why not let them earn for me into the Mists of Pandaria expansion.  This is a symbiotic relationship worth keeping.

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  1. what random guildinvite addon still work pls ?

    lot of them got broken in the 4.2 patch

  2. Not sure anymore myself, as the one I was using was broken with WoW Patch 4.3 also. I haven't invited players since them, but didn't really need to either.

    Anyone got a macro that still works?

  3. supper guild invite is a addon i use in my random invite guild the only dinffernce is it scanns slower and also u have to click for each invite it is also found on but my random invite guild is lvl 23 yesterday but it earns 3k gold per week threw cash flow but i do promote guild challanges

  4. Try TBAssimilator, works as of patch 4.3

  5. I don't see the problem with this at all it is a win win, since restarting on a new server I have been in a non-social guild just for the perks and it works out fine for me I have no issue with grinding guild rep so I can get heirlooms cheaper (as Blizz still won't BoA actually mean BoA) or the passive income my dailies and stuff must bring to the GM.

    Of course I'm the same dude who logged into his old guild on his original server after the patch and took control because it had died a death. A level 15 or guild with 9k gold in the bank and 5 tabs. Just a shame the server is dead especially as I have 8 level 85s there and retired. Still here is hoping for some short of realm merge when MoP gets here or something.


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