Monday, January 30, 2012

The Lunar Festival Cross Faction Pet Exchange

Lunar Festival Brings New BoE Pets

New Lunar Festival Pets

We have been seeing some fresh changes to the World of Warcraft in game holidays, which have included some nice additions.  Currently, the Lunar Festival is underway throughout all of Azeroth.  The most notable change to this year's Lunar Festival has been the addition of two new companion pets, the Lunar Lantern and the Festival Lantern. 
  • Lunar Lantern - Costs 50 Coins of Ancestry - Alliance
  • Festival Lantern - Costs 50 Coins of Ancestry - Horde
Each of these new companion pets from the Lunar Festival require 50 Coins of Ancestry to purchase from the Lunar Festival vendors.  Each character is only able to purchase one of the pets, as they are restricted by faction.  The Lunar Lantern is only purchasable by Alliance players; the Festival Lantern is only sold to Horde characters.  Both of these pets are Bind on Equip and can be traded, mailed, or sold on the auction house. 

Lunar Festival Cross Faction Pet Exchange

Due to the limiting nature of vendors that only sell specific pets to each of WoW's player factions, these new companion pets make great targets for cross faction exchanges, much like the Enchanting crafted lamps & lanterns.  Just because a Lunar Lantern is only sold to Alliance players, doesn't mean that your Horde character can't have one too.  It is just going to be either harder or more expensive to obtain the Alliance Lantern on a Horde character.  The required time commitment just to obtain the 50 Coins of Ancestry to purchase these pets is also another benefit in raising the value of these items.  If you don't value your time much, you could earn the coins and then buy these pets on multiple characters just to have more to sell on the auction house. A wiser way to profit on these new pets is to transfer them across factions to sell for a nice profitable mark-up.

Using my own server's prices as an example, you can see the large potential profit margins from performing some cross faction arbitrage. 
  • Festival Lantern (Horde) is selling for 8.3k Horde side, but 25k Alliance side.
  • Lunar Lantern (Alliance) is selling for 4k on the Alliance auction house, but 12k on the Horde side.
So simply buying the lanterns on one faction and moving them over to sell on the other faction's auction house should result in some nice profits.  Try to find the pets as the auction house is slightly flooded and the prices are dropping.  The lower you can snatch the pets up for, the more wiggle room you have when setting your prices up for profitting.  The prices of the pets should come down as the holiday nears its end in a week or so, but should rise once the holiday is over and the pets won't be available again until next year's Lunar Festival.  Then the Mists of Pandarian expansion will add the battle pets system and the demand for all pets will explode.  BoE holiday pets like the Sinister Squashling, Lunar & Festival Lanterns, and Winter's Veil pets should all be great items for hedging against the impending new expansion inflation as well.

So make sure you are selling your pets on the auction house that will give you the most profits per sale.  Don't just settle for selling your pets on the same faction that can already buy them anyway.  Move them to the other half of your server for more efficient golden profits.

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