Wednesday, December 30, 2009

DMF:Greatness - not so great lately.

I would usually move these awesome Dark Moon Faire Trinkets for 6.5k each for both +90 STR and +90 AGI. I've been trying to sell a couple now since the DMF arrived earlier this month. They are not selling at all. I have even cut my buyout cost down to 5k and still no buyers. This is undercutting others who are trying to sell the same cards, but no one is buying at the moment. Have most of the people who want this trinket already bought or made it? Maybe once the Christmas Noobs level up, they will be looking to get these trinkets, lol.

The AH market has been brutal on my server lately as it is swarmed with undercutters. So i guess I will continue on with my stockpiling phase until the bullish market returns.

Anyone else having problems unloading DMF: Greatness or Nobles Decks?

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  1. I had about 4 Greatness cards in stock right before the patch came out. No problem selling them, or the Death cards I keep stocked. They don't sell quite as fast but they were selling. Most people don't realize these trinkets are still some of the best you can get, not the top dogs anymore but usually in the top 5 or 6. Also the top trinkets are not easily obtainable and these are. The few people who actually look at gear and ability and not just gear score/item level will still buy these.


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