Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why Make Gold? Re: One-Copper

Coffelord posed the question in episode 2 of the podcast, "Why do you make gold in World of Warcraft?

1) Alts, alts, and more alts - Having 10 characters that are all crafters with maxed professions, dual specs, and epic flight along with coldweather flight ain't cheap.

2) Collections - I enjoy collecting recipes and being able to craft almost anything craftable within the game. This also is not cheap.

3) Control - Controlling markets is fun. As is getting hate mail and /ignored. LOL!

4) Intellectual Stimulation - The complexities of markets that ebb and flow with so many different options and variables of what to do within each and every market and the ability to understand these markets as well as the correlating sub-markets is very intriguing to me. I rather enjoy coming up with new ways to exploit and profit to support my Factory of Alts.

If you have not checked out the one-copper podcast, give it a try. they are 2 episodes strong and improving. Seth and Coffelord would appreciate the feedback. Stop by and tell em Cold sent ya.


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