Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Future Heirlooms

Cata will introduce BoA items to new slots from guild craftables. I would start getting the rep and recipe drops to make BiS chants the new heirlooms.
Hands: +15 Agi, +16 SP, +10 Haste, +7 Str
Wrist: +15 SP, +9 Str, +9 Sta, +9 Spi
Feet: +7 Agi, +7 Sta, Minor Speed


  1. +15 Agi to gloves will be a HUGE MONEY MAKER, as it takes Exhaulted with Keepers of Time to get. Don't you remember all the "LF Chanter for +15 Agi to gloves" shouts we always saw when twinks were big?

    +16 Spellpower to Gloves is a BOP AQ Boss Drop so may not be a lot of sellers with this enchant either.

    +15 Healing Power to Wrist takes Revered with Argent Dawn.

    Get these 3 Chants now before cataclysm and let the gold roll in once the new Heirlooms are released.

  2. Both spell power enchant on wrist require a ilvl 35 item.

  3. Ok found the good one. Sorry for the noise

  4. Just a little question, since SP in going to be removed in Cata (except on weapons I believe) doesn't that make the +16 SP to gloves and +15 SP to wrist useless?

  5. Hopefully those chants will be converted to Intellect, just like the healing ones were converted to SP.

    Given MMO Champion has screenies of some new heirlooms being cloak and helm, I am waiting with anticipation to see if they announce more for Cataclysm for the hands, wrist or feet slots.

    Otherwise maybe the next expac will feature heirlooms for these slots. I also hope they don't nerf these enchants to not work on heirloom gear.


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