Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The New AH Function

Let's just say as a player that refuses to use any addons, I am just loving the batch posting option that is basic UI for the auction house now. Let's me post a ton faster, which means more play time. Yay!


  1. Why on earth would you refuse to use addons??

  2. i agree with Anonymous...

  3. Preference, anon one.

    My gatherers/profession alts don't use addons. Why? It bogs down the process. I don't need x-perl, DBM, Omen, Recount, Auctioneer, and whatever other addons I have, if I'm just sitting around crafting or mining nodes. I've spent enough time in Sholazar that I sure as hell don't need Gatherer to do it. So I keep my UI clean, simple, and it runs faster because of it.

    As for actually PLAYING without addons? It's just simpler. Can't do basic math on the AH? Then you're doing it wrong. Can't keybind your rotation on the normal UI? You're putting too much thought into it. Paying any attention to Recount when you're not hitting an enrage timer? GTFO my raid. Need Clique and Grid to heal a 5-man? Learn the fight better and anticipate when you're going to need big heals or group heals.

    Does it mean that I play differently? Sure. Do I play worse? Not at all. Do YOU? Same answers. Because it all comes down to opinions, and we all know that opinions aren't facts.

    Besides. You don't have to remember to update addons you don't have. ;)

  4. Exactly Xmolder. The game doesnt need to be played with add-ons. Plus I don't like downloading add-on files, b/c I know my account is much more secure without them.


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