Friday, April 15, 2011

Join the Blogroll & Podcast Links

Spring Cleaning

I have deleted 12 or more blogs from my blogroll that had not posted in a week or longer.  Some hadn't posted in 3 months.  I like to keep links only to blogs that are current and are providing fresh content at least once per week.  Blogging is a revolving door.  Many start, but few continue on past a few months before giving up after they realize how much hard work it is to post quality content on a consistent basis.

New Additions

Anyone who has a new site that writes frequently (at least once a week) can contact me to be added to the blogroll. 

I have also added a Podcast List after the blogroll.  Anyone with a WoW related podcast who links to the Auction House Junkies homepage at can contact me to be added to the Podcast List. 

Consortium Contest

The Consortium Forums are hosting a new contest.  If you are interested, follow this link for the details and prizes.


More gold tips and gold guides coming soon.

Thanks for coming to my site and reading my blog. And thanks for all of the positive feedback I receive for the blog as well as the podcast.  I think I have some of the best readers and comments across the whole World of Warcraft gold blogging community.

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