Tuesday, April 12, 2011

6 Uses For Cheap Obsidium and Elementium Ore

Obsidium and Elementium Ores

Just last week we were informed of the data-mined information from MMO-Champion showing the prices dropping to 75 silver for cut uncommon gems.  The World of Warcraft blogging community has been writing heavily about this potential change.  Many players have started to process their ore and sell their gems.  Others are starting to dump their obsidium and elementium ores due to the sheer volume of their stockpiles.  Jewelcrafters that normally would buy up all the ore that they could find under the floor prices have stopped buying.  Players simply have a ton of stock of ores that they need to move through without buying anymore that they may get stuck with after the potential change goes live.  Less ore is selling, so the auction house is flooded with ore from bots that are still out farming elementium ore and obsidium ore.  The prices are dropping far.  What does that mean for you?  This is a buyers market.

Options for Obsidium Ore and Elementium Ore

With prices dropping lower than they previously have been, you can safely buy up both ores and process them to make a nice profit.  Here are a few options that you can use to make a profit off of the low priced ores.

  1. Continue The Obsidium Shuffle - The obsidium shuffle still works.  You currently can still vendor your cut uncommon gems to a vendor for the full price of 9g each.  You can still buy out this cheap ore and process it like always.  Just stay away from buying more than you can use.
  2. Smelt Obsidium Ore to Obsidium Bars - The prices of ore and bars should be directly related and rise and drop together.  The truth is that they don't on all servers.  Although these markets are directly related, the prices don't directly follow one another.  You might be able to make a profit converting the ores into bars and selling them as just obsidium bars.
  3. Convert Obsidium Bars to Folded Obsidium - Similarly, the price of folded obsidium is often higher that the cost of 2 bars (or 4 ores), which is all it takes for a Blacksmith to create Folded Obsidium.  These are used in Blacksmithing recipes to craft weapons and armor.
  4. Smelt Elementium Ore to Elementium Bars - See #2 above.  Elementium works the same as obsidium.
  5. Convert Elementium Bars to Hardened Elementium Bars - Each Hardened Elementium Bar requires 10 Elementium Bars and 4 Volatile Earth to create 1 bar.  Miners can combined these materials and smelt a product that can sell for much higher than the parts.  1 stack (20) of Elementium will smelt into the 10 bars needed, so to see if this will be profitable for you, just check the prices on the auction house.  If 1 stack of Elementium Ore + 4 Volatile Earth costs less than the market price of 1 Hardened Elementium Bar, then there is profit to be made with your miner.  These bars are required by blacksmiths and are used as currency to purchase high end recipes from the Blacksmithing Metal Traders in Twilight Highlands.
  6. Cogwheel Exchange - If you have an Engineer, you can make some cheap Obsidium Bolts to swap with the Engineering Vendor in Twilight Highlands as well.  The Obsidium Bolts can be converted to engineering cogwheels.
If these are new markets that you are going to try out, then be sure to test the waters lightly before jumping in and investing a lot of gold.  Start small and see if there is profit to be made on your Warcraft server.


  1. Your post got me thinking about it, the following option could be interesting :

    7. Craft Stormforged Shoulders and disenchant them into Heavenly Shards.

  2. I don't know what obsidium is on your server Dr., but on mine in no way would that be profitable.


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