Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Swapping Engineering Specializations For Profit

Photo courtesy of Faid of Nerf Faids

Engineering Specialization

There are 2 choices when it comes to picking your Engineering Specialization, Goblin or Gnomish Engineering.  Goblin Engineering focuses on bombs and rockets, while Gnomish Engineering focus on crafting trinkets and devices.  Which one you choose is up to personal preference and there isn't much to gain from choosing one specialty over the other.  Each profession does have some specialization specific recipes, most notably the ability to craft 1 of the 2 new Engineering Profession crafted companion pets.

Engineering Crafted Companion Pets

Each type of engineer has a new Cataclysm recipe for crafting a companion pet.

Goblin Engineers can craft the Personal World Destroyer companion pet.
Gnomish Engineers can craft the De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion pet.

Why limit yourself to profiting on crafting only one of these vanity pets?  You can actually learn both recipes and craft both the goblin and the gnomish companion pets.

Swapping Engineering Specs

In Bootlegger Outpost in Northern Tanaris resides an npc named Narain Soothfancy.  Inside her hut is a book titled "Soothsaying For Dummies".  Is is this book that you open to be able to swap to the other engineering specialty for a fee of 150g.  Once we changed your Engineering specialization, you can go to a goblin or gnomish Engineering trainer and learn the recipes of the other specialization.  Visit Narain's hut again to swap back to the original specialization if you like, but it will cost you another 150g.  To most of us 150g is petty change and is well worth the ability to craft and produce both of the great selling companion pets available to only us Engineers.  Remember you need to be the correct spec in order to use the spec-required items like the transporters.


  1. OK, so I'm a goblin engineer now, and I'd like to change to gnomish engineering for a while, then back to goblin engineering again.

    After all these are done, will I "forget" the goblin-specific recipes and have to re-learn them?

    (I know about the limitation that I can't use the items of the other spec, but that doesn't matter for me at the moment.)

  2. Interesting, I hadn't given much thought to swapping the specializations.

    One reason I went with Goblin for my engineering is the quick port to Area 52. Not having access to a high level mage, this is the best way for me to support the Netherspire vanity pets for my pet business.

  3. I THINK, once you learn recipies for any profession you KNOW them for LIFE... like you have a hidden receipe book... for instance drop, ENGY, go tailor... learn all receipes, drop tailor, go engy, and as you level engy you book will populate itself with all the receipes you already know.

    guess roll a level 1 to levle 5 and play with the it that way...

    If no one can confirm it here one way or the other...

  4. The above pic shows knowing both goblin and gnome pet recipes at once. You dont lost recipes.

  5. Thats awesome. Im pretty new to the gold game but with TSM in full production I spend a bit of time crafting posting and relisting fully automated :) The World destroyer sells really well on my server 800G ish and I have been making lots now its time for both! THANKS!

    Question, is there a good way to keep track and "Stock" other non crafted pets similar to the crafting module of TSM. I want to be in full swing on the pet game before 4.1 when the new achievement is in effect. Basically how do you track and manage inventory on the vendor pet market? Is it a manual thing or is there a way to do it better? Same could be applied to cooking as well. THANKS AGAIN COLD!

  6. Wait a minute.....just to be clear here, do you need to be the right spec to make the pets? Or do once you know the recipes you can make them anytime???

  7. @Xsinthis
    The new pets require speciality to learn the pets, but you can craft both in either spec.

    Vendor pet market I track by mailing 12 at a time to my pet posting alt. When I have 1 left in the mail its time to buy mroe and mail them to this same posting alt.

  8. I <3 you cold, I would never have though about this!

  9. @Megaleafs: I personally use Inventorium and have groups set up for each of the vendor locations (e.g., "Pets - Exodar moths", "Pets - Netherspire", etc.). Makes it super easy to see at a glance what is low, and when I hit up the vendor, I get a popup to restock what I'm missing in a single click. Can't get easier!

  10. Would you have to "re-level" your engineering? or would you stay at 525 after the switch?

  11. You keep your skill level and your recipes.

  12. I just tried swaping according to your guide and it did NOT let me keep the goblin stuff after swaping to gnome again.

  13. yes. As of 4.1 I can no longer craft the De-weaponized mechanical companion as a goblin engineer. I am now crafting a stockpile of World destroyers and then I will switch to gnomish for the companions.

    150g for switching spec is still profitable considering each pet sold still makes me around 500g.

  14. Hey Cold, as you know I loved being able to make both these pets. Just wanted to say though that it's no longer possible! I'm currently Goblin spec and tried to make the little robo-rabbit and since 4.1 it now requires Gnomish just to craft the item!

    Oh, I totally just read the comments above this. <_< But, you know, I'll trhow the post up anyways. :3 Yeah, 4.1 broke it basically.

  15. Does not work any more, pages are torn from the book....

    1. yup, older patch broke this as previously mentioned


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