Thursday, April 14, 2011

Disenchanting For Profit | Illusion Dust and GEEs

Illusion Dust and Greater Eternal Essences

As I have written about previously, on many servers there is a shortage of Greater Eternal Essences and Illusion Dust.  Both of these Enchanting materials sell very well and for high amounts of gold on my server.  Previously I have done guides on crafting and disenchanting Enchanted Thorium Blades as well as shuffling surplus Runecloth to create Greater Eternal Essences and Illusion Dust.  Today I guide you into another option for turning a golden profit selling these high demand Enchanting materials. 

Disenchanting For Profit

A great option for Enchanters to make gold is through the use of their Disenchanting ability.  I've guided you through crafting Runecloth Headbands and Enchanted Thorium Blades for the sole purpose of disenchanting to get the materials to sell on the auction house.  However, you can also look no further than your local auction house for items to also disenchant.  Here's an easy way to make some gold as an Enchanter.  When you mouse over items not only can you see the market value of items, but you should also be able to see what that item can disenchant into and the chances of each of the possible results.  All you need to do to find items worth disenchanting is to mouse over the various items in the level range that can produce what you are looking for and if the price is right, buy them out.

    Step By Step Guide
  1. Open the auction house interface using any of the common core add-ons like Auctioneer.
  2. In the auction house search categories choose the armor tab.
  3. Set the character level range to 51 - 60.  (The item level is 56-65, but the character level is 51-60 for item that disenchant into GEEs and Illusion Dust.)
  4. Hit search.
  5. Mouse over the items along the left side of the results until you find something that will disenchant into what you are looking for.
  6. Look at the price and determine if it is low enough to be profitable.
  7. If so, buy it out and continue looking for more.
  8. Once finished, collect the items from the mailbox.
  9. Disenchant the items and post the resulting materials onto the auction house for a nice gold profit.
NOTE:  It is important to choose the correct items because there are Outlands dropped items that are at the higher end of the level range that will only disenchant into Outlands Enchanting material.  Be sure to check that you are buying items from Azeroth drops.

You Can Haz Golds Too

This tactic can work for any enchanting material that you are looking for on the auction house.  Often times you can buy the items and disenchant for the materials you need at a a fraction of the price of buying the materials straight from the auction house.  I paid 6 gold for the item in the picture above.  GEES are going for 35-45 gold each and Illusion Dust is 9-15 gold each.  Even if disenchanting produced a Large Brilliant Shard, those sell for over 6g each.  So of course I bought the item pictured and sold the resulted enchanting materials for a nice profit of gold.

This is an easy market to enter.  As long as you have a high enough level enchanting skill to disenchant the items, you can pick and choose what you buy to maximize your chances at turning a nice profit too.


  1. Also remember if your guild is lvl 23+ you will get 15% more from DEing

  2. Dust costs 10-25g, GEE - 10-30g, LBS... I didn't see any yesterday=)
    My realm is Разувий-RU
    P.S. Stack of Runecloth costs over 20g, and I'm too lazy to farm anything for sell=)

  3. If you are using Auctioneer suite, you just need to pay attention to the tooltip it displays. See down near the bottom, where it actually recommends "Disenchant this item"? Duh.

    Just keep in mind that that recommendation is only as good as the data the program is working with. You will want to be sure you have at least several weeks worth of daily scans and a fresh scan "in the box" when using Auctioneer (and such other mods) to evaluate your items and strategies.

    @ Cold: great site ! Thanks for the good info.

  4. I don't know if anybody does this but I DE Wizardweave Turbans. The mats are 4 Dream Dust and 1 Star Ruby more then the Runecloth Headband but you get twice the mats back from the Turban. I watch the Star Ruby market so I don't pay too much but dream dust is almost always cheap.

  5. Good post Cold. I was working on a guest post for Alto's (guess I'll shelf it for a bit). Just to expand upon your idea (all info is server specific) I focus on the Greater Nether Essence market touching a bit on the Greater Eternal Essence. I have established some ground rules.
    1. I will never pay more than 3g for an item
    2. if the item expired in less than 12 hours I BID on the item I do not buy out.
    There are tonnes of items on the AH all the item. You do not need a specific item so save your gold. If you don't get an item so what there are literally 100's more to bid on.
    I DE in groups of 20-25 items at a time. I sell the GNE in stacks of 10 and net about 160g so I on average make 85-100g per session. Not great gph but whatever. In an attempt to mitigate loss I do NOT sell my dream dust (going for 2g per 20 atm) I save it to craft enchanted thorium to DE blades later. Great post btw


  6. If you have the auctioner suite combined with enchantrix you can search the AH specificly for stuff to DE with a profit :-)

    On my server GEE goes from 50-80g PER, and the Illusion dust is now at 19g PER, I buy the armor/weapons as low as 2g a piece...

    Leveled up JC and Enchanting after listening to the podcast, but now DE mats gets me alot more for alot less work. On my server the obsidium shuffle doesnt exist anymore, but we do have the elementium shuffle :-)


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