Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flipping Winterspring Cub Vanity Pets

Winterspring Cub
The Winterspring Cub

Patch 4.1 has brought us another non-bound companion pet that can be sold for a nice profit.  The Winterspring Cub is a cute little frostsaber cub that will costs you 50 gold from the vendor, but can be sold on the auction house for a lot more.  Most players have no clue where to get this new companion pet, the Winterspring Cub.  So all you need to do to expand your pet shop business is to buy a few from the vendor in Winterspring and post them on the auction house in World of Warcraft.  I myself am the only seller on my server - Horde side - that is selling these pets.  I pay 50 gold for them just like anyone else, but I am selling them on the Horde auction house for 420 gold each.  Yes, they are selling for that much!

Winterspring Cub is sold by Michelle De Rum, a neutral vendor located inside the Everlook Inn in Everlook, Winterspring.  The Winterspring Cub will cost you 50g per companion pet.  Be carefull trying to sell too many at once, because with a 50 gold purchase price, the auction fees can add up, if they don't sell.

The npc vendor Michelle De Rum is actually a tribute to an amazing WoW screenshot artist and pet collector name DDrum, whose first name happens to be Michelle.  Check out her awesome screenshot gallery of biscuit-fed (and enlarged) companion pets with matching screenshot backgrounds.

Speaking of selling companion pets, be sure to check out the new gold guide by The Gold Queen.

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  1. people on my server (horde side) are selling these for 50g each...already :(

  2. I flipped 3 of these day of patch for 2k each, they are down to 59g now but I'm happy with the profits I made while it lasted

  3. OOOPs.. if you are horde and flipping, gotta do it with a gobby... goblin discount applies... 40G to purchase

    (maniacle goblin laughter fades into the distance)


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