Monday, April 11, 2011

Cross Faction Trading (Arbitrage) | Cold's WoW Gold Blogging Carnival -April Edition

Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival

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What are your favorite items to transfer to the other faction for sales?

Here this month we have a nice collections of tips for helping to take your WoW gold making to another level.  If you are new to the auction house game or are just curious about getting started be sure to listen to your elders. We have gone before you and can teach you many things. Also remember to check out the Gold Guide over at 20k Leveling - another great resource to get you up and running and making tons of gold in no time. Be sure to check out for the podcast on making gold hosted by myself and Wes of Capped By Cata.


Faction Specific Vendor Pets by Sponsor of Sponsored By Sponsor

"Buying pets from the other factions vendors, and transferring them to your current faction to profit at the auction house, can be very lucrative!"

Making Gold Selling Alliance Cooking Recipes To The Horde by Fluxdada of Power Word: Gold

"We will be buying Alliance-specific cooking recipes from Kendor Kabonka [Master of Cooking Recipes] and selling them to the horde via the neutral or horde auction house.  These recipes have very low vendor cost. Alliance players at any level can take advantage of this with little or no capital."

Horde's Crap May Be Alliances Gold by Kuja of Kuja's Gold Mine

"Neutral auction house is a gold mine, especially for low level players if you sell the right items there. I will now let you know how I turned 0 copper into thousands of gold on my fresh level 1 toon after a deadly trip to Booty Bay. All I had to do was invest some gold that I obtained from selling copper first."

Cross Faction Trade Flipping Darkmoon Faire Cards by Argo of Epic Penny Pouch

"I am going to tell you about my latest idea for cross-faction flipping. Attention: it is highly risky and can cause you big losses! But we all know that the more money we get the more risk we are willing to take. At least it is true about me."

The Cross Faction Mount Trade by Wes of Capped By Cata

"However, I didn't realize it, but I had been doing some Cross-Faction trading, but on a much grander scale. My favorite item to Cross Faction trade? Mounts! Trading Card Mounts, or even mounts that came from the Lich King. I love to move them from one side to the other. It's a little more expensive then some of you may be use to, however if you have the capital, it can be a very lucrative transaction."

 by Adam of Exploiting My Server

"I feel that most all of our posts for this particular carnival will be pretty much saying the same thing.  Pets–that’s the money maker!  Other than that I don’t even know that there is a whole lot of  other things being sold on a regular day to day basis on the Neutral Auction House"

Flipping Items Cross Faction by Alto of Alto's Goldish Advice

"I was hesitant on posting this information as it has been months since I have done any cross faction trading, but I figured I would help a brother out with a few things I used to do (since Cata, I barely have time to take on my own AH let alone dealing with two!)."


  1. Thanks again for allowing me to participate in your carnival!

    Where's the tilt-a-whirl by the way? Do I have to buy tickets?

  2. Ok, at the risk of exposing ignorance and sloth (I did spend a few minutes looking for an answer, honest):

    Q: If I have one account, can I get stuff from Alliance to Horde AH without help from a friend?

  3. My favorite item is the ones that other people transfer. :)

  4. @WoWMidas

    You Must Either Have a 2nd Account Or The Help Of A Friend.

    You cannot buy out items on the nuetral auction house that are listed by another character on the same account.

  5. @Cold

    Relief...that's what I thought, thanks.


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