Saturday, April 16, 2011

LF Mysterious Fortune Card Testimonials | Reader Giveaway

Mysterious Fortune Card Master

As some of you know, I have often been referred to as the "Grandfather of Mysterious Fortune Cards" or the "Fortune Card Guru".  My posts on Mysterious Fortune Cards, Mysterious Fortune Card Barking, Barking Add-Ons, and Dealing With Your Mysterious Fortune Card Competition have been some of the most popular and wide spread posts I have ever released.  So it is only natural that I work up a complete guide to selling fortune cards. 

I am proud to announce that I have aleady begun the initial stages of developing this e-book on Mastering Mysterious Fortune Cards.  This will be a very inexpensive supplemental guide that will go over every aspect of the Mysterious Fortune Card market and in much greater detail than all of my previous Mysterious Fortune Card posts combined, even better my MFC breakdown on episode #1 of Auction House Junkies.  It truly will be an amazing guide that will teach players how to get rich off of a single profession, Inscription, via the wheeling and dealing in this amazingly profitable market.

Call For MFC Testimonials

So what I am asking of my readers is this.  I would like to add some testimonials from my wonderful readers.  Testimonials from other players that have used my tactics for selling Mysterious Fortune Cards.  I have helped a lot of your through my posts here at Cold's Gold Factory, the Auction House Junkies Podcast, and have tailored some assistance to specific players via email and twitter - @SSmith0911.

So I have helped you out, now I am asking you to return the favor and help me out as well.  Please leave some comments on this post as testimonials of how my Mysterious Fortune Cards strategies, guides, hints, and tips have helped you out.  Any testimonials left may be used in the guide and / or the sales page for the coming guide.  I hope to have the Mysterious Fortune Card gold making guide finished by the end of the month.

Reader Giveaway

One person who leaves an excellent testimonial will have their testimonial included in the guide and that reader will be awarded a free copy of the Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery guide once it is completed.  And even if you are already making nice profits in gold, the new MFC guide will still be useful for you as I am adding new strategies that I haven't even discussed on the site.  So stay tuned and please leave some helpful comments that I can use. 

Thanks in advance!



  1. The first time I heard about the MFC business was in the first Auction House Junkies Podcast. Without his advice, I would never have thought about these cards or even bark about them.
    2 weeks later my liquid gold has skyrocketed: 200k thanks to Cold and his MFC strategies.

  2. I never would've thought it possible to make so much money from something so simple. Cold's Mysterious Fortune Card tips and tricks have made me hundreds of thousands of gold with little to no effort. Thanks for everything Cold.

  3. Your MFC trading tips helped me to improve my own barking strategies and to make even more profit, spending less time in front of my PC. In some weeks, I managed to get over 150k of gold, only with inscription. Thank you Cold.

  4. I may be new to gold making but I know for a fact that Cold's Mysterious Fortune Card method of gold making is, by miles, the best one that I've tried. It's so ridiculously easy to make thousands of gold in a matter of hours. Using the methods expertly outlined in Cold's blog, I made over 4000g in sales in 90 minutes on my first (very cautious) attempt! I was floored by the volume and speed of the sales. My chat was flooded with yellow text announcing that buyers had been found. People hit big winners right off to bat, linked them in Trade Chat and sales exploded!!! I even had people whispering me to buy stacks of cards direct. It was insane!!! I see now that making upwards of 20k in a single evening is by no means out of reach. No tricks, gimmicks or anything questionable. If you want to make a killing, steam roll your under cutters and make a ton of gold without farming, then you've come to the right place. Thanks again!!!

  5. Cold is with out a doubt the most knowledgeable person out there when it comes to selling Mysterious Fortune Cards. He was the first to identify the market and he is always seemingly "one step ahead" of everyone else when it comes to selling these cards. Time and again he has come up with new and innovative ways to sell them in massive numbers. Whenever I want to increase my sales numbers for these cards I look to Cold. You should too.


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