Sunday, April 3, 2011

Darkmoon Fair Gold Making Guides

The Darkmoon Faire

The week of the Darkmoon Faire is a great time to make gold.  Both fledgling and veteran players have some opportunities to make gold once the fair rolls into town.  The Darkmoon Faire is only available for one week out of each month.  The Darkmoon Faire location alternates between 3 sites:  Mulgore (outside Thunder Bluff), Goldshire, and Shattarath (In Terrokkar Forest). 

The Darkmoon Faire will be returning this Monday, so if you are bored or ar looking for something new to try, why not try to make some gold with the Darkmoon Faire?  There are many ways to profit from the Darkmoon Faire.

Guides To Gold Making At The Fair

Flipping Flik's Faire Frogs - This is a handy guide to making gold off of the little green goblin Flik.  Flik runs around the fair and sells 2 different kinds of fair frog companion pets.  Both of these fair frogs can sell for tons over what you pay for them, especially if you sell them while the fair is not around Azeroth.

Selling Jubling Pets - Profitting from Dark Iron Ale Mugs just takes a little bit of barking and teaching your customers how to obtain the Jubling companion pet from the Darkmoon Faire.  This may be more profitable after Patch 4.1 is released and we see the spike in demand for companion pets.

The Dense Stone Shuffle - Did you know you can shuffle Dense Stones into Dense Grinding Stones to use as Darkmoon Fair turn-ins for Tickets?  You can trade those tickets in for various Darkmoon Faire prizes in hopes of getting a rare blue item or a rare crafting profession recipe.  This is an easy market to enter as you're usually going to see a nice return on your investment.  Just don't pay too much for your Dense Stones (I like to pay 2g or less per stack of Dense Stone.)

Lhara - This great Darkmoon Faire vendor sells goods for dirt cheap.  Be prepared to see someone already camping her.

Darkmoon Faire Decks - Scribes can use their Inscription Profession to craft Darkmoon Fair Cards and turn them into Darkmoon Faire Decks to either sell or turn into the Darkmoon Faire to get the corrosponding trinkets.  During the fair is a great time to sell any materials required to craft these cards as the prices always spike during Faire week.

Wes and I talked about all of these strategies in detail on Episode #5 of Auction House Junkies, if you would like to learn even more about the Darkmoon Fair.

Anyone have any other gold making methods for the Darkmoon Faire?


  1. Funny story. I just vendored about 8 stacks of dense stone to make room for pyrite ore. lol. Didn't realize the faire was coming up so quick.

    Oh that and is now live! (Same site just easier to get to now.)

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  3. Great guide Cold! to add to it; I have made good money selling the "Dark Iron Ale Mugs" in stacks of 2 on the AH for between 15-20 gold per stack during the week that the DMF is around.

    I will be doing my own guide for DMF next month at my blog at, stop by if you get a chance!!

  4. @r9sid9nt9vil

    Yup, I cover the Dark Ion Ale Mugs in the post about selling Jublings.

    And there's always spiking prices of Primal Life, Eternal Life, and Volatile Life during DMF week.

    Come back and drop a link in these comments once you get your post done on the DMF.


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