Friday, April 29, 2011

Enchant Shield - Vitality | New BiS Shield Enchant

Enchant Shield Vitality

One of the Undocumented Patch 4.1 Changes To Enchanting has been revealed on live World of Warcraft servers.  Previously I mentioned how the + mana per second and + health per second enchants were being changed. 

Well there is a new Best in Slot enchant for level 19 sword and board flag runners.  The Enchant Shield - Vitality has changed to now provide +10 Stamina and +10 Spirit, which is better than the previous +7 Stamina - Greater Stamina enchant and the +7 Spirit - Greater Spirit enchant combined.  The materials for the Enchant Shield - Vitality enchantment do require 1 Greater Eternal Essense and 4 Illusion Dust, but those can be obtained through the shuffling of Runecloth Headbands or Enchanted Thorium Blades.

If you have low level twinks on your server, then be sure to make a few of these and keep the auction house stocked.  I am the only one selling these on my server and I am selling them for 75 gold each.  Nice thing is that there were a lot of these on the acution house mispriced by auto posters.  I bought them for 2 gold each and am flipping for a nice profit on the auction house now as the crafting cost is much higher than 2 gold! 

So be sure to check your WoW server's auction house first and grab up what you can before everyone realizes this massive increase in value. 

Have you found any other odd ball changes that have been bringing you sales?


  1. Thanks for the tip!

    I checked this out on TUJ and on my server anyway there weren't any for sale. But recent sales activity showed them at under 10g. Maybe this is something worth buying up and selling later as more twinks discover the change. Looking at the other markets section of TUJ, it appears as though the scroll is selling on most servers for far less than material costs. At least on my server, GEE and Illusion Dust is very expensive usually.

  2. They sold for 1g on my server before the change, and they still sell for 1g.

  3. Give it a bit folks. Might even want to bark these. Unless someone intentionally wants to bury this market (why?) the prices should go up as demand goes up. They have been selling cheap because people who don't know any better use it to level enchanting.

    I bought 5 that were in the ah at 10g, barked them and flipped them at 65g almost immediately.

  4. I just bought 4 at 49s each. Listed 'em at 75g, we'll see what happens! Thanks for the tip, I was able to give this a try in a totally no-risk way.

  5. Because this is a leveling recipe, the scrolls are essentially a commodity. If you know how to reset the price of a commodity, this is a great flip. I would not advise making any yet, however.


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