Monday, April 25, 2011

Embersilk Farming In Deepholme In Cataclysm

Embersilk Cloth Farming in Deepholme

Leveling My Enchanter / Tailor

I am making a push to level 84 on my tailor who is also my enchanter.  Right now she stands at character level 83.75 and I soon will be able to visit the Twilight Highlands vendors for both Enchanting and Tailoring.  There will be a wave of sales in the Enchanting market as players will be replacing gear with the release of new content.  I need to hit level 84 before Patch 4.1.

Major patches always bring in a larger number of players and sales across many markets will peak during at least the first week.  So this is why I have been pushing hard for level 84.  I want to take advantage of the gear replacement, re-enchanting, re-gemming craze to the fullest.  By getting my enchanter to the Level 84 where she can buy the high end patterns, prior to the Patch 4.1, is a must in order to accomplish this. 

Embersilk Farming in SW Deepholme

In Southwestern Deepholme is a nice spot to grind and farm Embersilk Cloth.  There is a great battle taking place  between the dwarves and troggs.  These Earthen Chapions and War Constructs will fight on your side attacking the enemy Stone Trogg Beserkers and Stone Trogg Geomancers.  You can get a lot of experience, if you come here while leveling at level 82, once Deepholme unlocks.  Since the dwarfs will acts as tanks, this location is very nice for herding and farming the mobs together and finishing them off with AoE spell damage.  you can even run around and loot all of the Embersilk Cloth during the battle. 

So I have been using my warlock tailor and have been gathering hefty amounts of Embersilk Cloth to also level with tailoring skill at the same time.  Instead of just mindlessly following the quests for gear that will be replaced from anything that drops in a dungeon, I have been farming the hell out of these Stone Troggs all up and down the SW perimeter of Deepholme.  Bolting up what I collect, looting, spamming DoTs on mobs everywhere, while continuing to be in combat.    The more damage you do to these mobs, the more experience you will earn for the kills.  As long as you do some damage, you will be able to loot them.  It really is a great spot to level and farm Embersilk Cloth at the same time.  And it is also a great spot to pickpocket as well.  Bring along a potion of treasure finding for a nice bonus.

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Anyone else pushing their profession crafting character to level 84 before Patch 4.1?


  1. Done, the enchanter is now making tons of scrolls w/ maelstroms... it fun in the high end markets seeing the BIG numbers in your mailbox and such...

    Side note, over 100 Maelstroms put onto scrolls... 15 enchants use 1-6 crystals each. and i made 3 each of every scroll except the weapons chants... Prolly going to lose my tail on this one if the MC market really crashes bad. i think the initial drop will be a good time to stock up, lots of JP to spend at first, will flood the market, then it will rebound...

  2. Here's a great tip for you that comes from my wife. She discovered how great SW Deepholme was for farming quite a while back, but she enhanced the drops by taking a Potion of Treasure Finding. The small treasure boxes she gets have even more silk, greens, blues, and even enchant recipe she sold for 7k. Most days, the average haul is worth about 2k per hour. As a hunter, I take a potion and head there to level any pets that need a boost to 85 and make gold at the same time.
    Happy hunting,

  3. 2012 - Cata 4.3. Killed troll after troll after troll. Many did not have Embersilk at all, and zero Treasure Boxes.

  4. @ Anon

    I was just there last week and got plenty. You can't be in the right spot.

  5. It has been so heavily advertized that you are lucky to get anything speedily. I find Tol Barad best these days with a treasure potion clean up on approx 500 cloth an hr as a tailor I find the dust i need for embersilk bags is not a huge drop but I can make spirit mend robes which I d/e to get the dust. Can make about 6 bags and sell at 525 each so 3150 gold in just over an hr includin gcrafting is pretty good return on time invested.


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